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LG Electronics LX325 user manual
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User Manual


Ver. 0.1
- 1 -

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LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT 1. WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS: LG offers you a limited warranty that the enclosed subscriber unit and its enclosed accessories will be free from defects in material and workmanship, according to the following terms and conditions: (1) The limited warranty for the product extends for ONE (1) year beginning on the data of purchase of the product. (2) The limited warranty extends on to the original purchaser of the product and is not assignable or transferable to

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SUBJECT The LX325 phone has been designed to operate on the latest digital mobile communication technology, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). This CDMA digital technology has greatly enhanced voice clarity and can provide a variety of advanced features. Currently, CDMA mobile communication technology has been commercially used in Cellular(DCN) and Personal Communication Service (PCS). The difference between them is the operating frequency spectrum. Cellular uses 800MHz and PCS uses 1

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Introduction Highlights Congratulations! Your new mobile phone will change your way of communicating and is a compact, lightweight personal communication system with added features for the person on the go. Our advanced digital mobile communication technology allows you to do the followings ?? Large, easy-to-read, 5-Line, backlight LCD with status icons. ?? Paging, messaging, voice mail and caller ID. ?? 18 key keypads ?? Long battery standby and talk times. ?? Menu-driven interfac

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and Order FCC 96-326 adopted an updated safety standard for human exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy emitted by FCC regulated transmitters. Those guidelines are consistent with the safety standard previously set by both U.S. and international standards bodies. The design of this phone complies with the FCC guidelines and these international standards. CAUTION Use only the supplied or and approved antenna. Use of unauthorized antennas, modifications could impair call

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Caution For Battery Use ?? Do not disassemble. ?? Do not short-circuit. ?? Do not exposure to high temperature : 60 (140 ) ?? Do not incinerate. Caring for Battery Use ?? Must be recycled or disposed of properly Caution For Adapter (Charger) Use ?? Using the wrong battery charger could cause damage to your phone and void your warranty may burst causing injury to person and damage. ?? The charger or adapter is intended for indoor use only. ?? The charger or adapter is intended for

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Contents Limited Warrenty Statement Subjects Introduction Highlights Important Information Check Accessories Safety Instructions Getting Started Unlocking Your Phone View of Phone Installing and Removing the BatteryTurning Your Phone On and Off Main Menu Power Save Mode Menu Navigation Entering Characters Using the Keypad(T9) Display Icons Antenna Signal Strength Battery Capacity Using the AC Adapter Using Your Phone Placing a Call TM Roami

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Getting the Most From Sprint PCS Service New Massage Alerts Retrieving Page/Text Messages Page/Text Message Storage Roaming on to Other Service Providers (Call History- not functioning) Page/Text Messages Erasing Page/Text Messages Sounds Adjusting the Volume Selecting Ring Types for Voice Calls Tone Length Display Menu Security Locking Your Phone Unlocking Your Phone Changing the Lock Code Answering Your Phone with the Hands-Free Car Kit Safety Guidelines TIA Safety Informati

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Getting Started Unlocking Your Phone If you received your Sprint PCS LX325 in the mail, you may need to unlock it before making calls. 1. Press the END/PWR Switch for 2 3 secs. 2. Highlight Unlock and press . 3 3.. Enter your four-digit lock code. For security purposes, the code will not be visible as you type. 3. Note: If you can’t recall your lock code, try using the last four digits of your Social Security number, the last four digits of your Sprint PCS Phone

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Installing and Removing the Battery To install the battery, insert the bottom of the battery into the opening on the back of the phone. Then, push the battery down until the latch clicks. To remove the battery, press down on the latch and remove the battery from the phone. Turning Your Phone On and Off To turn your phone on, move the On/Off Switch (near the antenna) to the ON position. Your phone performs a short self-test before letting you know it is operational. If your pho

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Menu Navigation The Mouse Key lets you scroll circularly through menus quickly and easily. Incoming Log Up Left Right Down As you navigate through a menu, the options are highlighted (Highlighted Test Example ) . Select an option by highlighting it and pressing . The scroll bar at the right of the menu keeps track of your position in the menu at all times. For example, if you want to view your last incoming call: 1. From the Main Menu, highlight Call Logs

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Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Display Icons Display icons are the symbols your phone uses to communicate important information. They are as follows: ICON DESCRIPTION Signal Strength (full strength) In Use No Service May result from one of the following : ?? Searching for service ?? no service ?? maintenance required Roaming (occurs in a non-Sprint PCS area) Analog Service Available T New page/text or Browser messages V New voicemail Battery Ch

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Signal Strength The quality of each call you make or receive depends on the signal strength on your area. The number of bars in the Signal Strength icon informs you of the current strength. The more bars, the stronger the signal. Battery Capacity Your Sprint PCS LX325 is equipped with a Lithium Ion (LiIon) battery. It allows you to recharge your battery before it is fully drained. The battery provides approximately 150 minuets of continuous digital talk time or approximately 150 ho

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Using Your Phone Placing a Call When the phone is turned on, check the Signal Strength icon to see of you are in a Sprint PCS Service Area or authorized PCS CDMA provider’ s service area. 1. Open the Flip. 2. Enter the phone number, highlight Call and press . Tip! When dialing long distance, it is not necessary to dial a “1” before the area code. 3. When you are finished with your call, highlight and press . End Call If the phone is in Active Flip

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If you need customer service for any reason while using your phone outside the Sprint PCS Nationwide Network, just dial 611 from your Sprint PCS Phone. However, because you’re outside the Sprint PCS Network, you may reach the local service provider’s customer service instead of Sprint PCs Customer Care. To be sure that you reach Sprint PCS Customer Care, dial 1-888-211-4PCS. Correcting Dialing Mistakes To delete one digit at a time, press . To delete all digits, press and hole

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Pauses” ) ?? Exit – Returns to the Main Menu. ?? A Phone Book Entry – Displays the Phone Book entry. To dial the entry’s speed-dealing number, press and hold . To dial an alternate number, highlight it and press and hold . Tip! To speed dial a Phone Book entry from the Main Menu, press and hold the entry’ s number. If the entry number is two digits, enter the first digit, then press and hole the second digit. (This feature will not work when the Roam Confirm option is enab

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?? The phone rings or vibrates ?? The LED flashes green ?? The backlight illuminates ?? The screen displays an incoming call message ?? The phone number of the caller is displayed of the phone number is available ?? The caller’ s name is displayed if the phone number is in your Phone Book The following options are also displayed. To select an option, highlight it and press [SEND]. ?? Answer – answers the call. ?? Silent Ringer – Mutes the ringer. Note: You can also mut

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Displaying Your Sprint PCS Phone Number(phone book – not functioning) To display your phone number: 1. From the Main Menu, highlight Phone Book and press [SEND]. 2. Highlight My Phone # and press [SEND]. Setting the Ring Volume to Vibrate To set the phone to Vibrate Mode, press the down Volume Control key until Ring Volume Vibrate is displayed. The phone will vibrate and – Vibrate On- is displayed above the Main Menu. To set the phone to Vibrate Mode using the Main Menu,

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