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Device: LG Electronics VI 5225
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LG Electronics VI 5225 user manual
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TABLE OF CONTENTS VI5225 Ear Piece Indicator Flashes for incoming calls or messages External Caller-ID Display Navigation Key Scrolls through menus and displays the next or previous Messaging message, entry or item SM 2 Sprint PCS Vision Left Soft Key Volume Up/Down 2 Web Right Soft Key Programmable Hotkey 2 Messaging Web Downloads 3 Sound Settings TALK Key 3 Display Settings END/PWR Key Powers the phone on 4 Other Settings or off, ends a call or returns you to the main menu 5 The Planner 5 Ca

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VI5225 CONNECTIVITY FEATURES Downloads SM DOWNLOADING SPRINT PCS VISION CONTENT Games The new PCS phone by LG Model VI-5225 can store up to 1 megabyte of content from Sprint PCS SM Ringers Vision . Screen Savers Downloading New Content from Sprint PCS Vision (Games, Ringers, Screen Savers, etc.) Applications 1. From the Downloads (6) menu, select the desired content classification (Games, Ringers, Screen Other Savers, Applications or Other) and press OK. Options 2. Highlight Get New from the cla

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VI5225 CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES Settings CHANGING THE SOUND SETTINGS 1 Sounds Selecting a Ringer 2 Display 1. From the Settings (7) menu, select Sounds (1). 3 PCS Vision 2. Select Ringers (1). 4 Roaming 3. Select either Voice Calls (1) or Messages (2). 5 Location 6 Messaging 4. For Voice Calls, select Caller ID (1), No Caller ID (2) or Roaming (3). For Messages, select either Voicemail (1) or Page/Text (2). 5. Choose from the list of available default ringers and press OK. 6. You may switch t

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VI5225 Changing the Clock Display Clock 1. From the Settings (7) menu, select Display (2). 1 Normal 2. Select Clock (7). 2 Analog 3. Select Normal (1), Analog (2), Digital (3) or Dual (4). The Dual function displays the local time and 3 Digital date and the time & date for the any of the more than 50 cities across the globe, selectable in the World Clock found in the Tools (4) menu. 4 Dual 4. Press Left Soft Key to Save. OTHER NOTABLE SETTINGS Save Setting Your Roaming Preference 1. From th

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VI5225 PERSONAL INFORMATION TOOLS Planner THE PLANNER 1 Schedule The Planner menu allows you to view the calendar, schedule an event, program your handset’s alarm clock, 2 Alarm Clock and view and compose memos on the notepad. 3 Notepad Scheduling an Event 1. From the Planner (8) menu, select Schedule (1). 2. Highlight the event date using your Navigation Key and press Left Soft Key for Add. 3. You may set the appropriate start and end times, title, alarm & ringer and a reoccurrence (if any)

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VI5225 UNIQUE CALL OPTIONS The Actions menu may be accessed during a call by pressing Right Soft Key for Options. e Monitor 1. Scroll to Monitor On and press OK to amplify the phone’s audio for hands-free listening. While the Sprint: O:37 Monitor function is enabled, the microphone will be muted. Robert Alan Warning! Due to higher volume levels, do not place the phone near your ear while the Monitor function 555-3654 is enabled. 1 3 Way call Write Memo 2 Search 1. Scroll to Write Memo and pr

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L i f e ’ s G o o d VI5225 3 PCS Vision 1 Call History 4 Tools 8 Planner 1 Outgoing Calls 1 EZ Tips 1 Schedule 1 Enable PCS Vision 2 Incoming Calls 2 Calculator 1 Add 2 Net Guard 3 Missed Calls 3 World Clock 2 Options 3 Update Vision Profile 4 Erase Calls 1 Set DST 2 Alarm Clock 4 Roaming 1 Outgoing Calls 1 Alarm 1 5 Web 1 Set Mode 2 Incoming Calls 2 Alarm 2 6 Downloads 2 Call Guard 3 Missed Calls 3 Alarm 3 1 Games 5 Location 4 All Calls 4 Quick Alarm 1 Get New 1 On 3 Notepad 2 Phone Book 2 Ring

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