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User manual for the device LG Electronics VX4700

Device: LG Electronics VX4700
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Date of adding : 2014-09-12 13:58:42
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LG Electronics VX4700 user manual
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VX4700 PTT Key Volume Up/Down Speaker Ear Piece Phone Speaker Phone Key External Caller-ID Display Driving Mode/Voice Navigation Key Command/Voice Scrolls through Memo Key menus and displays the next or previous message, entry Charging Port or item (Charging time: Confirmation up to 3.5 hours) Key Left Soft Key Right Soft Key Schedule Speaker Phone Key Mobile Web ® Get It Now Send Key Messages Clear Key END/PWR Key Powers the phone on Voice Mail or off, ends a call or returns you to the ma

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

VX470 0 PUSH TO TALK FEATURES USING PUSH TO TALK Alerting... Making a PTT (Alert) Call Rob 1. From the main screen, press the PTT Key. 858-555-4581 2. Use the Navigation Key to highlight a name from the contacts list and push Left Soft Key for Alert. 3. Press and release the PTT Key to alert. The receiver will hear the incoming alert tone and the sender will hear the outgoing alert tone. 4. If the other party answers, the listening screen is shown and the other party gains floor control. The rec

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

VX470 0 CONNECTIVITY FEATURES ® DOWNLOADING GET IT NOW CONTENT ® The new VX4700 by LG can store downloaded content from Get It Now , a technology and service that allows you to download and use applications, games, ringtones and more on your phone. ® Downloading New Content From Get It Now ® 1. From main screen, press the Get It Now icon (right) on the Navigation Key. 2. Press OK and select the shopping cart icon. ® 3. Select a category from the Get It Now catalog and press OK. ACCESSING THE WE

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

VX470 0 OTHER NOTABLE SETTINGS Manner Mode Use Manner Mode in a public place to disable the ringer and activate Vibrate Mode. 1. From the main screen, activate Manner Mode by pressing the Manner Mode Key (for 3 seconds) - the phone will vibrate when activated. -Manner Mode- 2. When set, “–Manner Mode– activated” will appear on the screen. activated 3. To release Manner Mode, press the key until “–Normal Mode– activated” is displayed. * * Alert Options PERSONAL INFORMATION TOOL

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VX470 0 6. Auto View 3. Auto NAM Contacts (1) Tools (8) 7. Entry Mode 4. Serving System 1. List Contacts 1. Schedule 8. Quick-Text 4. Security 2. New Number 2. Alarm Clock 9. Auto Play 1. Lock Phone 3. New E-mail 1. Alarm 1 7. Erase All 2. Restrict Calls 4. Groups 2. Alarm 2 1. Inbox 3. Emergency #s 5. Speed Dials 3. Alarm 3 2. Outbox 4. Change Lock 6. My VCard 4. Quick Alarm 3. Saved 5. Erase Contacts 3. Voice Memo Recent Calls (2) 4. All 6. Reset Default 4. My Shortcut 1. Dialed Calls 5. Call

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