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Motorola Devour 68000202479-A user manual
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v591683.eps 1/19/2010 10:36:05 AM v591683.eps 1/19/2010 10:36:05 AM
User Guide

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Congratulations More information On your phone—Touch > Help Center. TM MOTOROLA DEVOUR with TM You can also flick your home screen right to see MOTOBLUR Getting Started and Tips & Tricks widgets. Touch them MOTOROLA DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR syncs for helpful advice. contacts, posts, feeds, messages, email, photos and On your computer—Go to much more—from all your social networking sites—and automatically serves it up just the way you want it. After you creat

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Your phone 3.5mm Headset Jack Power Key For most applications, the screen Press to put adjusts for you when the display to you open or turn the phone. sleep, or hold to turn off. Volume Keys Battery & microSD Card Compartment Voice (under battery Command cover) Key Notification LED On=Charged. Flashing=New notification. Home Key Micro USB Camera Key Connector Charge or Back Key connect to PC. Space Delete Return SYM Optical Menu Key Shift Navigation Key

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Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Contents Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Let’s go . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Safety, Regulatory & Legal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Touchscreen & keys . . . . . .

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5 place strap over 6 charge up Let’s go battery, replace cover let’s get you up and running Assemble & charge 1 remove cover 2 slide red latch to left, 3H insert battery Caution: Please read the battery use and safety text in the important legal and safety information packaged with your phone. Tip: To save battery life, see “Battery tips” on page 25. 3 push battery 4 insert microSD (may Set up & go completely in already be done) Create or log into a MOTOBLUR account to get your contacts

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

4 Add your accounts to Touch an account 1 Press and hold Power MOTOBLUR. type, then enter the to turn on. user name or email 2 Select a language. and password that 3 Register or log in. Myspace Facebook Google you set up on that account. Note: If prompted, touch Activate to activate your Twitter Email Corporate Sync phone. Tip: For more, or to add accounts To create a MOTOBLUR Photobucket Picasa anytime, go to “Add account, enter your name, accounts” on a current email address

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

card installed—you can load it up with photos, videos, Touchscreen & keys and music from your computer using “Manage files a few essentials with a USB connection” on page 51. Note: Do not remove your memory card while your Touch tips phone is using it or writing files on it. Here are some tips on how to navigate around your phone. Security Touch Your contacts are backed-up on MOTOBLUR, so don’t worry. Even if you lose your phone, MOTOBLUR can To choose an icon or option, help you find it or

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Drag Optical navigation key To scroll through a list or Move your finger lightly Contacts move slowly, drag across over the Optical Alex Pico the touchscreen. Try it: In Navigation Key to Dan Smith the home screen, touch navigate your phone’s Contacts, then drag Kate Shunney display and to highlight B your Contacts list up or options. Press the key to Keith Zang Touch lightly & move finger up, down. select an option. down, right, & left to scroll. Luke Carmody Tip: When you drag or flick

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Touch Menu to open menu options, or Back to Adjust volume go back. Touch and hold Menu to open the Press the volume keys to touchscreen keypad. change the ring volume (in the home screen), or the Sleep & wake up earpiece volume (during a Volume To save your battery, prevent accidental call). Keys touches, or when you want to wipe smudges off your touchscreen, put the Rotate the screen touchscreen to sleep by pressing In many apps, the touchscreen can rotate to stay Power . To wake up t

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Home screen Use & change your home screen quick access to the things you need most On your home screen, shortcuts are icons that you touch to open your favorite apps, Web bookmarks, Quick start: Home screen contacts, mail labels, or music playlists. Widgets show you news, weather, messages, and other updates. The home screen gives you all your latest information in one place. It’s what you see when you turn on the Flick the home screen left or right to open other panels phone or touch Home

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Search Google™ sync alarm set To search, use a Search widget (if you have one on active your home screen), or touch Menu > Search . Tip: To see today’s date, touch and hold the status 10:47 indicators. Google Voice Search Text Search Phone status & notifications At the top of the screen, December 9, 2009 2:55 PM Clear icons on the left notify you Verizon Wireless about new messages or Notifications New voicemail events (flick the bar down 07:21 Dial 1-800-555-5555 for details). Icons on the

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App menu Social networking my life, your life Quick start: App menu The app (application) menu Your MOTOBLUR account shows you all of your The first time you turned on your phone, you applications. To open it from the registered for a MOTOBLUR account that manages home screen, touch . To your messages, contacts, and more (“Set up & go” on close it, touch again. page 4). You can log into this account from a computer to upload contacts, reset your password, get help, or Note: Your app menu

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When you sign into social networking accounts, you’ll Update your status see your friends and contacts in your Contacts list, and After you add a social networking account, you can your status and updates can appear in Social Status update and see your current status in a Social Status and Happenings widgets. widget on your home screen. Twitter and MySpace messages will always appear To update your status, just touch your Social Status as “read” on your phone, but your phone notifies you

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Edit & delete accounts Calls Find it: Menu > Settings > Accounts it’s good to talk Touch and hold an account, then touch Open account Quick start: Calls to edit it, or touch Delete account to remove it (along with its contacts and messages). Dialing options TM Note: You can’t delete your MOTOBLUR or Google Find it: Dialer accounts. They are locked when you set them up. Recent Speed Dial List Calls List Touch to open, 10:47 Touch to open, then touch then touch an to add or edit. Dia

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

In-call options Tip: To enter the international dialing code, touch and hold . To add a pause or wait after numbers, touch Active call ( 00:12 ) Call Timer Menu . Alex Pico To answer a call, drag Answer to Press Power/Lock button to ignore Mobile (555) 555-2505 the right (when your phone is Slide to Answer Mute unlocked, Answer is just a touch Touch to mute or unmute the button). call. Dial Pad End calls Touch to open a dial pad, to enter numbers during a call. Touch End call. Mute Spea

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

� To use the speakerphone, touch Speaker. � To speed dial, call the contact, or view the contact, touch and hold an entry. � To use a Bluetooth® device, touch Menu > Use Bluetooth. Conference calls To start a conference call, call the first number. After Mute they answer, touch Menu > New call and call the To mute the current call, touch Mute. next number. When the next number answers, touch Join calls. Enter numbers during a call To enter numbers during a call, Mute Speaker Your phone num

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Note: Your mobile device can use AGPS satellite Contacts signals to help emergency services find you (see the contacts like you’ve never had before important legal and safety information packaged with your phone). Quick start: Contacts Find it: Contacts Group Contacts Touch Menu to choose which group to Alex Pico show (like All, Favorites, or Facebook). Dan Smith Create Contacts Contacts List Touch to view contact Kate Shunney information. Touch & hold to call, send a text Keit

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

You can touch History, Info, or Happenings at the Call, text, or email contacts bottom of the screen to see more. Find it: Contacts For Call, Send Text Message, Email, View contact, or Edit or delete contacts other options, touch and hold the contact. Find it: Contacts Touch the contact, then touch Menu > Edit or View & use contacts TM TM Delete. You can set a ringer, address, and other details With a MOTOROLA DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR , that will be saved on your phone and your MOTOBLUR you’ll

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Where are contacts saved? Your phone saves new Create contacts contacts in its memory, and also updates your Find it: Contacts >Menu > Add contact MOTOBLUR account. So, if you get another Open your phone to type the name and details. MOTOBLUR phone, you can just log into MOTOBLUR to download your contacts and update your accounts: Touch + to add In Contacts, touch Menu > Settings to choose another entry. Touch Mobile to which accounts are updated with new contacts. choose a different Touc

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