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Device: Motorola MOTO Q 6802935J48
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Motorola MOTO Q 6802935J48 user manual
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Quick Start Guide

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welcome Technology promised to make things easier... but then it gave you more to do—phone calls, e-mails, music, photos, videos, the Internet, and more. It’s time to take back control. It’s time to meet the MOTO Q™ 9h. My Phone, My Way Use your photos for wallpaper, use your songs for your ringtones, use new programs that you load onto your phone... you get the idea. Anytime Entertainment Load video and music files to make a media library that goes anywhere. Work Remotely Check e-mail and

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1 e-mail & messages e-mail & messages set up e-mail You can use your MOTO Q 9h to access most e-mail providers. E-mail service depends on your e-mail service provider. If you have problems setting up e-mail or synchronizing, please visit or call the Motorola Customer Support Center at 852-25063888 set up your personal e-mail If you have MSN or Hotmail, you can just press Start > Windows Live > Sign in to Windows Live (not available on all networks). Enter your

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

e-mail & messages enter your password and press Next for each screen. If your phone cannot find your settings, ask your e-mail provider for your settings and enter them in the following screens. 4 Press Finish to download e-mail now. If your e-mail account is not configured for POP or IMAP access, ask your e-mail provider how to change your configuration. If your e-mail provider does not provide IMAP or POP access on your account, you may use the Web browser to access your e-mail. set up

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e-mail & messages 4 Choose if you want to synchronize Contacts, Calendar, Email, and Tasks, then press Finish. 5 Press Sync to synchronize with the Exchange server. Tip: To change how often your phone checks for e-mail, press Start > ActiveSync, then press Menu > Schedule. To conserve battery life, choose a longer interval. read e-mail When you receive a message your phone plays an alert and shows Test Message with a message indicator (such as C). Find it: On the home screen, press Start >

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e-mail & messages Shortcut: Here are some shortcut keys you can press when you have an inbox open. Press and hold them when you have a message open: key function key function 0 list shortcuts 6 forward 1 reply all 7 delete 2 reply 8 download 3 mark 9 send/receive read/unread 5 move send e-mail After you’ve set up your e-mail, press Start > Messaging > (e-mail account), then press Menu > New. You can create and send an e-mail just like on your computer. Tip: To add a picture, voice note, or f

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e-mail & messages text entry Press b to switch entry modes. For indicator descriptions, see the following section. Text Messages To: 0/160 Send Menu Flashing cursor indicates Press Menu to open the insertion point. sub-menu.

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e-mail & messages entry modes i Enters the letter shown on a key (such as Q). Ã Enters the small symbol or number on the next key pressed (such as !), then returns to the previous text entry mode. Ä Enters the small symbols and numbers on the keys until you pressb again. • To delete characters, pressD.  To start a new line, pressj.  To enter capital letters, pressk. Press it once for just the next letter, or twice for all letters.  To choose from a list of symbols, press then press S do

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e-mail & messages load contacts To load the contacts from your last phone, just insert your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. Your MOTO Q 9h reads any contacts your last phone stored on the SIM. If there aren’t any contacts on your SIM, check your old phone’s manual to see if you can copy its contacts to the SIM or to Microsoft® Outlook on your computer. To load the Microsoft Outlook contacts from your computer, use Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows® Mobile Device Center as described

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

entertainment entertainment media player Your phone uses Windows® Media Player Mobile to play the following types of files: WMA, WMV, MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, WAV, MP4, M4A, 3GP, MIDI, and Real Audio. Find it: Press[ Windows Media Adrenaline Playing 00:00 70% Now Playing Menu  To play or pause a music or video file, press j.  To update the file list (if you loaded new files), press Menu > Update Library.

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

entertainment  To skip to the previous or next file, press the navigation keyS left or right.  To increase or decrease the volume, press the navigation keyS up or down. Tip: To mute and unmute sound, press#.  To switch to full screen video playback, press0.  To fast forward or rewind, press and hold the navigation keyS left or right. set media player controls You can set up keys to control the media player. 1 From the media player, press Menu and select Options. 2 Select Buttons. 3 Scr

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

entertainment insert a memory card You can use a removable microSD storage card with your phone to store multimedia content (such as music, pictures, videos, applications, and files). Note: Your phone supports microSD cards up to 2GB. To save storage space on your phone, move media files (pictures, videos, music) to a storage card as often as possible. 1 Open the memory slot cover by gently lifting the cover away from the phone as shown. 2 Insert the storage card into its slot, with th

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

entertainment Tip: You can use File Manager to sort, view, copy, and move files on your phone or storage card. On the home screen, press Start > File Manager load media files Note: You must have Microsoft® ActiveSync or Windows® Mobile Device Center installed on your PC. Microsoft ActiveSync is included on your Getting Started Disc and is described in your MOTO Q 9h User Guide. 1 Connect the phone to your PC. To use a Bluetooth™ connection, turn Bluetooth on: Press Start > Bluetooth >

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entertainment To use a cable connection, turn on your phone and connect the data cable provided with your phone to the USB port on your computer. 2 In ActiveSync on your PC, select Explore and double-click My Windows Mobile device. 3 On your computer, find the files you would like to copy to your device and drag them into the folder where you want them (such as My Documents). 4 Your files are now available on your phone. In the media player, press Menu > Update Library to see the fil

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entertainment flight mode You can turn off your phone’s network and Bluetooth™ services to safely use your address book, games, camera, and music when network access is prohibited (such as during flights and in hospitals). Press and holdX until the Quick List appears, then select Wireless Manager > All.

Summary of the content on the page No. 16 1.The feature detailed here may be a network, subscription and SIM card or service provider dependent feature and not available in all areas. TM 2.Bluetooth headset and its accessories are optional accessories. Accessory that may not be included with phone purchase. Notes: The functions available on this handset may vary in different regions and nations. Please contact your local customer services centres, agencies or retailers if you have any question abo

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