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Motorola RSVP user manual
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User’s Guide

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INTRODUCTION Your RSVP Numeric Display Pager turns any Motorola Micro- TAC™ or retail pocket personal cellular telephone into the ultimate personal communicator. RSVP also features a removable and rechargeable, ultra-thin, Nickel-Metal- Hydride cellular battery. RSVP slides onto the back of your phone in place of the existing battery unit, providing the control and convenience of a pager and a phone in a single unit. RSVP allows you to manage you

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PROCEDURE FOR CONNECTING YOUR NEW RSVP PAGER TO YOUR CELLULAR PHONE Remove battery from any Motorola MicroTAC or retail pocket personal cellular telephone in the following manner: Slide › battery downward against stop ‹ t Press and hold down t battery release fi Lift battery off cellular phone t 3

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Note: Ensure the Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery is fully charged and installed in the RSVP pager before performing this procedure. Install your RSVP pager in place of the cellular phone battery in the following manner: Set RSVP › onto mounting ‹ slide approximately one inch below Position RSVP battery release with display end toward phone antenna fi Slide RSVP up until pager snaps into place PAGING SERVICE ACTIVATION Paging service providers require certain procedures for acti- vating you

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CONTROLS AND DISPLAY INDICATORS The locations and descriptions of the RSVP pager controls and display indicators are shown below: Display Alert/Backlight Indicator Backlight/Reset On/Read/ Button (l ) Select Button (W) Menu/Lock Button (X) Battery Charger/ Programmer Contacts Pager Display: Message Alarm Lock Indicator Indicator \ = 10:47a B [ Alert Continuing Mode Time Message Indicator of Day Indicator 12:48p 1: Message Message Slot Time Number Stamp 5

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TURNING YOUR PAGER ON Press W to turn your pager on. Your pager will alert indicating that it is on. The time of day and the “Alert Mode” indicator, silent ([) or audible (D), is displayed. READING MESSAGES The RSVP pager can receive up to eight 20-character mes- sages. When a message is received, the pager alerts with an audible or a vibrate alert, and a flashing alert indication. Press any button to stop the alert. Display your message as follows: 1. Press

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CHANGING ALERT MODES 1. Press X. Either “Silent?” or “Audio?” is displayed, depending on the current mode. 2. To change the alert mode, press W. For your pager to vibrate, it must be in the “silent” mode. TURNING YOUR PAGER OFF 1. Press X until the “PAGER OFF?” prompt is displayed. 2. Press W to turn the pager off. With the pager off, the clock is shown on the display, but not the “Alert Mode” indicator. SETTING THE ALARM Yo

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LOCKING AND UNLOCKING MESSAGES Locked messages cannot be erased or overwritten by new messages when memory is full. Also, they are not lost while replacing the battery. Up to four messages may be locked at one time. Lock your messages as follows: 1. Press X while reading your message. A lock (L) appears on the display to indicate your message is protected. 2. To unlock your message, press X while reading the locked message. ERASING MESSAGES FROM MEMORY 1. Press X un

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BATTERY REPLACEMENT Remove RSVP from your cellular telephone and replace the RSVP battery as shown below: Press release ‹ Lift pager › then slide pager away from downward away cellular from antenna Turn pager over, fi insert tip of ball pen under release and pry up on release, then lift battery out of pager Release Install your new battery in the reverse order of removal. 9

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CHARGING YOUR BATTERY Your battery may be charged while attached to your cellular phone or separately using the optional adapter shown in the following illustration: Place battery into adapter and insert into Cellular phone RSVP charger with RSVP and or with RSVP battery Adapter battery battery Charger has two charging locations Refer to the charger manufacturer’s instructions for specific use of your charger. PROPER CARE The RSVP pager is durable, reliable, and can provide many yea

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CLEANING YOUR RSVP PAGER To clean smudges and grime from the exterior of your RSVP pager as well as your cellular phone, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth moistened in a mild soap and water solution. Rinse the surface using a second cloth moistened in clean water. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning solutions. REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE Your RSVP pager properly handled is capable of many years of trouble-free service. However, should it ever require ser- vice, Motorola’s Service Organizat

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© Copyright 1995, Motorola, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Motorola Derivative Technologies Division, 3301 Quantum Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33426, Printed in U.S.A. 10/95, t, Motorola, MicroTAC, and RSVP are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc. Contents of this manual subject to change without notice 12

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