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Nokia 6610 user manual
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enhanced mobile solutions provider

Information at your finger tips when you
need it where you need it. Make rational
decisions based on the very latest figures!

User Manual
Available on both networks.

Dokument ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

How to use this manual. The following indicators are used to facilitate the use of the manual. Tips provide concise, useful bits of information. È Tip CAUTION Cautions warn you about potential problems that a procedure might cause, unexpected results, and mistakes to avoid. Notes provide additional information that may help you avoid problems, or offer NOTE advice relating to the topic. Pressing a button on the phone- [Answer] - Press the Answer button or indicated Answer button.

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

What is my next step? Enter your number- *120*736937# and press the call button as if you want to dial the Save this number as a speed dial in È number. your phone. Consult your phone’s Tip manual if you are uncertain about the You will immediately receive an indication that the procedure. system is busy handling your request with “Requesting”. After a few seconds the following, or similar, screen will 1 appear on your phone - 1 - Based on the Nokia 6610 interface. [Scroll]

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

At the bottom of each menu [Answer] and [Back] or just [Back] will be displayed. If [Answer] and [Back] is displayed you have the option to respond to the menu. ------ Service reply ------ * main menu, 8. Set Trigger 9. View Triggers 0. exit Answer Back The last menu of the commodity range as well as the exchange rate has 3 options - • 8. Set Trigger • 9. View Triggers. • 0. exit Any option can be selected by pressing [Answer] the option number for example [8] and [Send]

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

How do I navigate quickly between menus? Scroll ------ Service reply ------ If you know the menu number 02-04 16:07 ------ Service reply ------ last wm to which you want to move, MAY3: 1296 -45 ------ Service reply ------ FEB3: 1200 –107 JUL3: 1334 -45 you can press [Answer], the * main menu, MAR3: 1275 -45 SEP3: 0 0 8. Set Trigger menu number, and [Send] DEC3: 0 0 9. View Triggers from any menu. Answer Back 0. exit Answer Back Answer Back 123 182 Message: [Answ

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Navigation from the main menu 123 182 Message: [Answer] [*] and [Send] will take you to the main menu. * Send Back Main Menu [Scroll] ------ Service reply ------ ------ Service reply ------ 1. WM 5. SOY 2. YM ------ Service reply ------ 6. EX 3. WH 9. CBOT SOY ------ Service reply ------ 7. CBOT CORN 4. SU 10. KS WH 13. Settings 8. CBOT WH 11. GrainStock 14. Help 12. InUitPar 0. Exit Answer Back Answer Back Answer Back Answer Back Memorise the Mai

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Triggers can be set from any of the commodity or exchange rate menus. To set a trigger simply press [Answer] [08] and [Send]. The menu from where the set trigger option was called will determine the Set Trigger menu. The example shows that the Set Trigger option was selected from white maize menu. Scroll ------ Service reply ------ ------ Service reply ------ Please select the 3. MAY3 ------ Service reply ------ contract: 4. JUL3 0. Exit 1. FEB3 Press 5. SEP3 2. MAR3 6. DEC3

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

How can I view a summary of my triggers? The system allows for the creation of more than one trigger. To view a summary of triggers select the “View Triggers” option from any commodity or exchange rate menu [Answer] [09] and [Send]. Trigger summary ------ Service reply ------ MAR3 max 1000.0 A list of the 12 latest triggers will be MAR3 min 950.0 displayed. The triggers shown depend on the original menu where the option was selected. Answer Back If the “View Triggers” menu we

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

How do I leave the system (quit)? The following screen will be displayed if you have logged out of the system in the To exit the system press correct fashion. [Answer] [0] and [Send]. [Scroll] 123 182 123 182 Brought to you by Message: 123 182 Senwes. Powered information call by Flash Media +27 12 430 7597 Group. For 0 Back Send Back Back Ensure that you always exit the system after a È session. [Answer] [0] and [Send]. A session not Tip closed

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

123 182 Message: Enter [1] and press [Send]. 1 Send Back ------ Service reply ------ Your first menu A response with the selected will be: wm menu will be displayed. *. Main menu This example shows that white 0. Exit maize has been selected and installed as startup menu. Answer Back The selection can be changed È whenever you wish to do so, not only when you first use the Tip system. Save the number (SENWES) È *120*736937# Tip as a speed dial in your phone.

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

The trigger screen also displays information on what NOTE caused the trigger, maximum or minimum- • “exceeded" - maximum • “fallen below” - minimum A few SMS trigger samples. [Scroll] ----- + 27832578744 ---- ----- + 27832578744 ---- Fri Jan 31 17:41:21 has fallen below SAST 2003 trigger of 8.52 set Exchange rate trigger - minimum Senwes Trigger: on 15:58:06 exc Dollar price Price: 8.5124 Answer Back Answer Back Commodity trigger - Maximum. [Scroll] ----- + 2783257874

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

GrainStock What is GrainStock? The Grain producer has now got instant access to his Silo or Grain stock information. Contact SENWES if you are interested in the functionality. To access Silo information from any screen do the following - [Answer] [11] and [Send]. It is important to notice that you are not by NOTE default enabled for the service. SENWES must be informed if you are interested in monitoring GrainStock levels. GrainStock [Scroll] ------ Service reply ------ The sample s

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Import and Export parity [Scroll] The following information are displayed in the ------ Service reply ------ sample screens - SENWES ------ Service reply ------ • 2005-04-18 – Date last updated 2005-04-18 I-G-USRa: 1050.64 • I – Import InUitPar: MAY5 I-G-ArgPa: 1244.64 • U - Export I-W-USRa: 1313.87 U-G-ExRa: 388.22 • W – White maize Answer Back • G – Yellow maize • USRa – USA to Randfontein Answer Back • ExRa – Export Randfontein • ArgPa – Argentina to Paarl Navigat

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Error messages Error messages can be a big frustration if the cause is unknown. SenwesMobile, as any system, is not free of such behaviour. Although everything possible is done to limit these problems, errors will occur. These messages can be caused by either a system problem or an action incorrectly executed. Here are some samples of messages you might encounter. This message is generated when the service you are ------ Service reply ------ trying to access is unavailable due to one of

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

------ Service reply ------ Application timeout message is caused by the Application timeout following- • Application unable to handle your request. • Slow Mobile network traffic. • Problem with application. Back Remedy: • Restart a session. • Check the phone’s signal level. ------ Service reply ------ Unknown Unknown Application message is caused by the Application following- • Incorrect service number used. Remedy: Back • MTN *198*2*736937# • Vodacom

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