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Device: Nokia S60 v5
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Nokia S60 v5 user manual
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Nokia Symbian S60 v5 Wi-Fi Browsing
User Guide

Smart Tips:

• If you want to use Wi-Fi for browsing:
o You have to setup both browser & streaming player for Wi-Fi
o Use Wi-Fi Wizard and click “Start Web Browsing”
o If you choose to use "Group access point", remember to set the Wi-Fi access
point with a higher priority than GPRS

• If moving out of a Wi-Fi coverage
o When you are using "Group access point" to connect to Wi-Fi and moving
out from Wi-Fi coverage, your handset m

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

4. Choose “Wireless LAN” 5. Handset will auto-detect 6. At the pop-up menu, choose available AP. Choose your AP “Connect”. (For example, Netvigator Hotspot) 7. Connecting via Netvigator 8. If you are connected to the AP, 9. Click on the AP > it will pop-up Hotspot “Connected” will be shown a menu > choose “Start web browsing” 2 Doc 9e_s60v5_v1.doc

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

10. Login to the “Netvigator Hotspot” and enjoy internet browsing Setup for streaming player 1. Choose Main Menu > 2. Choose “Options” 3. Choose “Settings” Applications > RealPlayer. 3 Doc 9e_s60v5_v1.doc

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

4. Choose “Streaming” 5. Choose “Network” 6. Choose “Netvigator" for "Access point in use" How to know if you are using Wi-Fi for data connection? 1. Wi-Fi icon is shown on top of 2. To check the active connection, 3. Choose “Connectivity” the screen.If double arrow is choose “Settings” shown under the 3G icon, press “End” key to disconnect 4 Doc 9e_s60v5_v1.doc

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

4. Choose “Connection mgr” 5. If you see both 3G and Wi-Fi connection is on & you don’t want to use 3G data, close the 3G data account. FAQ: Q: Where can I find the WLAN wizard? A: Please go to Main Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Wireless LAN Q: Why PCCW CHANNELS streaming services cannot be played after connected to Wi-Fi? A: Please go to RealPlayer and change the default access point to “PCCW 3G streaming”. Q: Can the Wi-Fi settings apply to all ap

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Q: What is “Group access point”? A: “Group access point” is to group more than one access point into a same category, and the handset will connect to the access points according to their priority. In case the access point with higher priority fails to connect, then handset will retry with the next one. You can change the priority in “Use access point” Q: Where can I find the “Group access point”? A: You can go to “Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Destinations. Only Brows

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