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Samsung DECT-8000 user manual
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Digital Cordless
World Wide Web Code No.: LSP

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Table of Contents Checking Parts .............................................................................. 3 Control Locations ......................................................................... 4 LCD Window Icon Descriptions ................................................... 6 Connecting Power Adapter .......................................................... 7 Installing Batteries ....................................................................... 8 Charging the Handset .......

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Checking Parts Once you have unpacked your phone, check to make sure that Phonebook you have all the parts shown below. If any piece is missing or Storing a Phone Number with a Name ..................................... 36 broken, please call your dealer. Using a Pause ............................................................................. 39 Dialing a Number in Phonebook ............................................... 40 Searching for Numbers in Phonebook .................................

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Control Locations Handset Ear piece HOLD button Puts a call on hold. " or❷ button Scrolls through menus. Also adjusts volume. Ear-microphone jack C/R button (at the left side) Clears characters from the display. When navigating menus, backs up one menu level. During a call, performs a switch-hook operation such as call LCD window waiting. OK/LNR button MENU button MENU HOLD When nativating menu options, confirms the menu selection. In Standby Allows you to access menu options. OK mode, displays

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LCD Window Icon Descriptions Connecting Power Adapter 1. Connect the modular end of the power adapter to the power This area displays in-use information such as the other jack of the charger, then the other end to a standard AC wall 1234 SAMSUNG party’s number, the call timer, outlet. 08/25 FRI 10:12A menus, etc. In Standby mode, it displays the handset name, the current time and date. Signal strength icon This icon is always displayed when your phone is on, and shows the current signal str

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Installing Batteries The two AA size rechargeable Ni-MH batteries come with your phone. Install the batteries before using your phone. 1. Slide the battery cover in the direction of the arrow, then take 3. To replace the battery cover, slide the cover up until it snaps it out. shut. 2. Remove old batteries if any, then insert new batteries observing Notes: correct polarity ( + , - ). Reversing the orientation may • The batteries need to be replaced if they do not recover their damage the hands

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Charging the Handset Using the Handset Carrying Clip Before initial operation, you should fully charge the handset The supplied handset carrying clip allows you to conveniently for more than 10 hours. carry the handset with you. It clips easily to your belt, waist band, or shirt pocket. To charge the handset, simply place it on the charger. If you want to remove the carrying clip: Result: When charging starts, the handset automatically turns on and the Charge lamp on the charger turns on. Inser

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Using the Ear-microphone (option) Turning the Handset On/Off With the ear-microphone, you can talk without using your When you place the handset in the charger to charge it, the hands. handset automatically turns on. To turn the handset on or off in Standby mode, follow these steps: Connect the ear-microphone to the jack at the top left side of the phone. 1. To turn on the handset when the display is off, press button. Result: The ear-microphone operates in the same way as the phone’s speaker a

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Registering Handset Register this handset to the base you will use. You can 6. Press OK button. register this handset up to four different bases. Result: The LCD window displays the ID of the base unit. Note: To register a handset to a base, the handset must be within range of the base and the base should be set to the Registration mode by your system administrator. 7. Press OK button. Result: The LCD window displays Enter AC. To register a handset: 1. Press MENU to display main menu items.

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Basic Functions Your Phone’s Mode Making a Call Standby mode 1. Pick up the handset and press button. Result: You hear a dial tone. Standby is the most basic state of your phone. The phone goes into Standby mode soon after you turn it on. When your phone is in Standby mode, you will see the handset number 2. Dial the desired number by using the number keypad. and SAMSUNG unless you change the handset name. Note: You can store telephone numbers into one-digit memory cells (01~30) and dial the nu

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Receiving a Call When sombody calls you, the phone rings and the icon on You can enter the desired phone number in Standby mode, the display blinks. and then dial the number. This way of dialing allows you to make corrections to the number before dialing. Follow these Caller’s number Call from steps: 1234567 1. Enter a telephone number. Check the number in the LCD Blinks window. If the caller can be identified, the caller’s phone number is displayed. If the caller cannot be identified

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Out of Range Indication Adjusting Voice Volume If the handset is too far from the registered base, the handset During calls, " or ❷ button affects the ear piece volume. cannot properly engage the telephone line, and the icon at You can adjust the volume from level 1 to 3. The voice volume the left bottom of the LCD window blinks and the signal is displayed as bars on the bottom line of the LCD window. strength indication bars next to the icon disappear. The more bars you see, the louder the volu

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Adjusting Ring Volume Last Number Redial Your phone allows you to call the most recently dialed num- 1. Press MENU to display main menu items. bers again. The phone stores the last 10 numbers you called. 2. Press ❷!(or " ) button repeatedly to choose 4: Bell&Beep, To view and dial the numbers: then press OK button. 1. Press LNR button in Standby mode. 3. Press ❷!(or " ) button repeatedly to choose 3: RingVol, Result: The LCD window displays the last number you dialed. then press OK button. Re

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Fuzzy Dialing This dialing option allows you to enter the first digit of some- To place a call using fuzzy dial feature: one’s phone number, then have your phone remember the rest 1. In Standby mode, press the first digit of the desired phone of the number, and dial it for you. number. To use this dialing option, the number you want to call must Result: The phone searches for the phone number beginning be already stored in the internal phonebook, incoming or out- with the specified number from

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Transferring a Call Setting Up a Conference You may confer with up to five parties over the phone in any This feature allows you to transfer a call to another intercom combination of outside lines and intercom stations in any station. Any outside or intercom call may be transferred, order. regardless of whether you initiated the call or the call rang in to you. To setup a conference: When you transfer a call, you may wait on the line until the transferred station answers, or you may hang up when

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Key Lock Registered Recall If you turn this feature on, all buttons except for button The C/R button is used in conjunction with special services will be locked and not operate at all. such as ‘Call waiting’ which may be offered by your tele- phone company. You can place a new call directly after a When a call comes in, you can answer calls by using call or transfer a call to another extension under PABX, button. But when you finish the call, the phone returns to the using this feature. lock m

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Menus You phone includes both a Main menu and an In-use menu: To access a menu option using the option number: • Main menu – The main menu in Standby mode contains 1. To display menu items, press MENU button. seven primary options, all of which contains sub menus (see “Menu Map” on page 32. • In-use menu – The In-use menu options are available in Talk 2. Press the associated number key to select the desired option mode. You can choose from: (You do not have to scroll through the list or display

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Menu Map Call Log The following illustation shows the menu structure available and indicates: • Number assigned to each option Call Log • Brief description and the page on which you can find details of each feature. You phone receives three kinds of messages: voicemail notifica- tion (VMN) messages, page messages, and unanswered caller’s 1. Call Log (see page 35.) phone numbers (if the caller can be identified). When your phone receives a message, the LCD window displays the number of the 2. Ph

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

3. Scroll through the memory and choose the message you want To Erase a Number Received to listen, or read by using " or ❷!button. You can erase external or intercom station number stored in your call logs. The icon remains on the screen unless you delete Result: For caller’s number, the caller’s number (and name if the page message. stored in your internal phonebook) displays. For page message, <> displays at the top line 1. When the call log data you want to erase displays, press OK of t

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Phonebook The internal Phonebook allows you to store frequently used 5. Enter the name (up to 12 digits) for the number, then press OK phone numbers and their associated names in your personal button. Refer to “Entering a Name” on the following page. directory so that you can easily make a call without having to remember or enter the phone number. You can store up to 30 numbers. 6. The first available cell to save the number appears. If you want to find another memory cell, press "!or ❷ button,

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