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Samsung SCH-1900 user manual
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Samsung SCH-1900

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SM Sprint PCS. It’s not just a better phone. SM It’s a better connection. LIT062 SEP97 GH68-60613A

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First things first: Call us to get activated. ™ Before you can use your new Sprint PCS Phone, you need to open your Sprint PCS Account – in other words, activate your phone. You do that by calling 1-888-715-4588 (in Southern California, call 1-800-PCS-6699) from any phone other than your new Sprint PCS Phone. Don’t worry. This call is on us. What you should know before you call. þ If a Sprint PCS Sales Representative has already activated your phone, there’s no need to place this call. Instead

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

þ Your driver’s license number How to get help. þ Pen and paper to write down your new If you need help with this or anything else, we hope you’ll Sprint PCS Phone Number call Sprint PCS Customer Care at 1-888-211-4PCS (4727). SM During this call, a Sprint PCS Customer Advocate will collect In Southern California, call 1-800-455-4551. You can also press your information as well as help you select your Sprint PCS from your activated Sprint PCS Phone Service Features and a calling plan. Once y

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Table of Contents First things first: Call us to get activated. 1 What you should know before you call. 1 What you should have handy. 1 How to unlock your phone. 2 How to get help. 3 Getting to know your phone. 10 Display icons: What they tell you. 12 Function keys: What they do. 13 Battery: Putting in the power. 15 Installing your battery. 15 Removing your battery. 15 Charging your battery. 16 Using the rapid desktop charger. 16 Turning on your phone. 18 Phone calls: How to make and receive them

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Dialing Sprint PCS Directory Assistance. 26 Usage guidelines: All about performance and safety. 50 Dialing Sprint PCS Operator Services. 26 Keeping tabs on signal strength. 50 Understanding Power Save mode. 50 Setting up your voicemail. 27 Finding out you have a message. 28 Understanding how your phone operates. 51 Retrieving messages. 28 Radio frequency safety. 51 Maintaining your phone’s peak performance. 52 Internal phone book and call logs. 29 Protecting your battery. 53 Understanding your p

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

To start connecting, just press . Welcome to Sprint PCS. We’ve built our new network from the ground up to give you what we believe you really want from a wireless phone company: clear sound, private conversations and time-saving features. But, Sprint PCS also has the potential to do something even more far-reaching – to simplify your life. Our advanced technology is designed to grow with your communication needs so that, one day, you will be able to rely entirely on your Sprint PCS Phone to sta

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12. Antenna 1. Red Light Getting to know your phone. 1. Red Light: Illuminates when is pressed and when you have incoming calls and messages. 2. Volume Key: Lets you scroll through menu options and adjust the earpiece 2. Volume and ringer volumes. To adjust the earpiece volume, press the volume key while 11. Message Keys Key you are on a call. To tempoarily silence the ringer, press the volume key while the phone is ringing. See page 42 for information on adjusting the ringer volume. 3. TALK:

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Display icons: Function keys: What they tell you. What they make happen. Display icons are all the symbols or text that show up on your display screen. Press this key to place a call, to answer a call when In short, they tell you what’s going on. the flip is open, to access a second incoming call or to initiate Three-Way Calling. Press this key to disconnect a call, to temporarily Measures your current signal strength. The more Signal bars there are, the stronger the signal. silence the ringer

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Press this key to store or recall a number in the Battery: Putting in the phone’s internal phone book and to save menu power. settings. Your new Sprint PCS Phone comes with a rechargeable battery, Press this key to display and scroll through the which must be charged when the battery icon flashes or if the phone’s main menu. phone turns itself off. Press and hold this key to access your voicemail box. Installing your battery. (For more information on Voicemail, see page 27.) To install your batt

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Charging your battery. 1. Plug into a wall outlet. The battery charge indicator in the lower-right corner of your 2. Insert either the battery alone or the phone with the phone’s display lets you know when the battery needs to be battery installed into the charger slot. recharged. When the battery charge level is low, the icon will blink and the phone will sound a tone. A red light on the charger will let you know the battery is being charged. A green light tells you when the battery is at le

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Turning on your phone. Phone calls: How to make and receive them. Of course, before you can use your Sprint PCS Phone you’ll need to turn it on. Start by checking to see that the charged battery is Whenever you make a call, follow these simple steps: installed or that you have an external power source (the rapid 1. First, check to see that your Sprint PCS Phone is turned on cigarette lighter adapter or the hands-free car kit). Then, simply and that you are in a Sprint PCS Service Area. If you

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Correcting a mistake. Your phone’s red light will flash continuously until the call is ended or forwarded to your voicemail. If you make a mistake while entering a phone number, press to erase the number one digit at a time. To delete the Using Caller ID. entire number at once, press and hold it down for at This feature tells you who is calling by displaying the caller’s least one second. number when the phone rings. If the caller’s name and number Remembering your phone number. are stored in yo

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Responding to Call Waiting. Setting up Three-Way Calling. When you’re in the middle of a call, you will be alerted to other Three-Way Calling lets you talk with two people at the same time. incoming calls with a short beep and a “CALL WAIT” message. Simply dial the first number and press . When you With Caller ID, the phone number and name (if stored in your have connected, press to put the first party on hold. phone book) of the caller are also displayed. If you don’t answer Dial the second num

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Saving or editing your own emergency 7. The phone displays the number and “Saved” to confirm numbers. that the number was stored correctly. The phone then redisplays the list of emergency numbers so you can make You can save up to three emergency phone numbers on your additional changes. Sprint PCS Phone, in addition to 911. To save those numbers, follow the steps below. 8. When you have finished storing numbers, press or press and hold to exit and return to the standby 1. Press . display.

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Dialing Sprint PCS Directory Assistance. Setting up your voicemail. Press to obtain residential, Voicemail allows callers to leave a message when you don’t business and government listings; to get help completing local or answer your Sprint PCS Phone. We suggest you set up your long-distance calls; or to obtain movie listings, hotel, restaurant voicemail box soon after activating your Sprint PCS Account. and shopping information, and major local event information. You can obtain more than one n

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Finding out you have a message. Internal phone book Your Sprint PCS Phone alerts you in several ways when you have and call logs. new voicemail messages: Your Sprint PCS Phone comes with an internal phone book and þ By displaying a message on the screen call logs. All the basic features and functions of your phone book are described below. See page 34 for instructions on how to use þ By sounding five short beeps (if the message ringer is turned on) your call logs. þ By flashing the red light

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

1. Enter the number you want to save. We suggest that you save 1. To enter “G,” press once. numbers using ten digits (area code + number) so you can 2. To enter “I” , first press (since you will be dial from your phone book while traveling outside your Sprint SM pressing again), then press three times PCS Home Service Area . Press to save the number. to get “I” . 2. The phone searches for the next available memory location. 3. To enter “L” , press three times. To accept that location, pr

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

additional numbers and pauses, up to 32 total characters. 6. When the name is entered correctly, press . Finding numbers in your phone book. The phone displays a confirmation message containing There are several ways to locate numbers stored in your phone. the name and number. You can look up a number by name, by digits from the phone number or by memory location using the Phone Book menu. Your phone will also give you the option of saving a number This process is described on page 38. when you

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

3. Press to dial the modified number. press . To display information on your last nine incoming calls, press . Erasing a phone number. 4. The phone then displays the phone numbers of your calls, one 1. Press . at a time. To scroll through the list, press or . 2. Press to select “Phone Book.” 5. To dial a displayed number, press . 3. Press to select “Erase.” 6. If a displayed number isn’t already in your phone book, 4. Indicate whether you want to access the number by name or the phone w

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