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Canon DR-5080C user manual
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PRECAUTIONS The Canon DR-5020/5080C are versatile document scanners that feature reliable paper feeding capabilities. To ensure an optimal level of scanner performance on each job, please follow the recommendations listed below. Does your stack include... If so, then make these adjustments:  Set the double feed detection function to OFF (P.6). ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘ ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘ ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

 SCANNING BASICS 1 The purpose of this Quick Reference is to provide a concise overview of the DR-5020/5080C. It is designed to supplement – not replace – the Instructions manual included with the scanner. Please review the DR- 5020/5080C Instructions manual for key information on safety precautions, installation procedures, and maintenance guidelines. This section explains the basic steps involved in scanning a GETTING STARTED document. It assumes that the stack to be scanned contains papers

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

 SCANNING BASICS 1 The scanner is equipped with four different feed modes to match STEP 2 different types of document scanning jobs.  Remote mode (default): Use this mode when you wish to scan only one document stack. Use this mode when you wish to continuously scan separate, differently-sized  Semi-Auto: stacks of documents. Use this mode to scan multiple stacks of papers all of the same size.  Auto: This mode is most suited for documents which cannot be smoothly fed into the  Manual:

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

   SCANNING BASICS 1 REMOTE • SEMI-AUTO • MANUAL If you are scanning a stack of documents with the DR-5020/5080C STEP 4 set to Remote or Semi-Auto, first prepare the papers so that the stack’s edges are even. Then load the stack onto the document tray with the documents face up, their top edge inserted first into the scanner. (If you are using Manual mode, set the single sheet onto the document tray in the same manner.) Set the paper guides on the document tray to match the width of the STE

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

   SCANNING BASICS 1 WHEN USING AUTO MODE Place one page of the stack on the document tray, and set the paper STEP 4 guides to match the width of the document. Use the application software to instruct the scanner to start scanning. STEP 5 At this point, the Start key on the operation panel will change colors from red to green. This means that the scanner is ready to accept your document. Prepare the stack of papers so that the stack’s edges are even. Then STEP 6 load the stack onto the do

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

    USEFUL FEATURES 2 Positioned at the top of the scanner’s operation panel, the four FUNCTION KEYS Function Keys allow various settings to be registered (via the application software) for one-touch recall. Default settings for the four keys are: 1) manual thickness adjustment; 2) Imprinter ON/OFF (when this option is installed); 3) fixed thickness mode ON/OFF; and 4) double feed detection ON/OFF. Function Key 1 Function Key 2 Function Key 3 Function Key 4 Especially useful when scanning ve

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

  USEFUL FEATURES 2 Function Sheets are a convenient way of changing scan settings. FUNCTION Place it in the stack where you wish the change in scan mode to take SHEETS effect; the scanner will then “read” the instructions printed on the Function Sheet and configure itself accordingly. Five types of Function Sheets are provided, each with a different setting: Duplex mode, Simplex mode, Photo mode, Text mode, and Job Separation (to automatically divide a stack into separate image data files).

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

 USEFUL FEATURES 2 A collection of other available features makes the DR-5020/5080C ADDITIONAL useful for an even wider range of document scanning needs. Many of FUNCTIONS these features can be set using the application software provided with the scanner.  Automatic paper size detection This function enables the scanner to detect the size of your document.  Image processing filters The image data produced by the document scanner can be polished in a number of ways by the application softwar

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

    TROUBLESHOOTING 3 CLEARING PAPER JAMS Paper may be jammed if scanning stops midway or “PXX” appears on the counter display. Please follow the procedure below to clear the paper jam; when finished, confirm the final scanned document on the PC monitor before continuing to scan. Remove documents from the scanner’s upper and lower trays, and STEP 1 remove any extra parts attached to the upper (eject) tray. Close the document eject tray guide if it is open. Press the open/close button to op

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

TROUBLESHOOTING 3 ERROR CODES Error codes appear on the operation panel’s counter display when a scanner malfunction occurs. Error Code Cause and Solution Two or more document pages were scanned. d01, d02, d03 Press the Stop key to reset the counter display. Check the document with the scanned image, and scan the document again. • Feeding a stack of mixed size or thickness with double feed detection ON will cause this error message to appear, regardless of whether a double feed has actually oc

Summary of the content on the page No. 12


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