Epson PictureMate Pal PM 200 user manual

User manual for the device Epson PictureMate Pal PM 200

Device: Epson PictureMate Pal PM 200
Size: 1,47 MB
Date of adding : 2014-07-29 12:38:19
Number of pages: 10
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Epson PictureMate Pal PM 200 user manual
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PictureMate Pal (PM 200)
Printer Parts Accessories
Paper support
Optional accessory Part number
® ®
Epson Bluetooth Photo Print Adapter C12C824383
Edge guides
Carrying Case PMBAG06
Printer Specifications
card light
Printing method On-demand ink jet
card slots
Nozzle configuration 90 nozzles × 4
Colors: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black
tray Print direction Bidirectional with logic seeking
Control code EPSON ESC/P raster
External drive por

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) Mechanical Memory Card Slots Paper path Sheet feeder, top entry Card slots CF Type II card slot Compatible with “CF+ and ™ CompactFlash Sheet feeder capacity 20 sheets Specification 1.4” Dimensions Storage ® Sony Memory Stick / Compatible with “Memory Width: 8.5 inches (215 mm) ™ MemoryStick PRO / Stick Standard version 1.3” Depth: 6.0 inches (152 mm) Duo (requires adapter) Compatible with “Memory Height: 5.7 inches (145 mm) card slot Stick Standard Memory Stick

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) 5. Create a stack of up to 20 sheets of paper and separate the Loading Paper sheets slightly by fanning them. 6. Place your paper into the slot between the edge guides with Caution: Don’t load plain paper or you may damage PictureMate Pal. the glossy or whiter side up. Slide the edge guides inward slightly. 1. Move the handle to the back. Load glossy or whiter side up Make sure paper stack is beneath arrow on edge guides Note: Load a maximum of 20 sheets at one t

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) Inserting a Memory Card Removing a Memory Card 1. Press the On button to turn on PictureMate Pal. When you are ready to remove a memory card, make sure the memory card light is not flashing. 2. Firmly press the Open button to open the output tray. Caution: Do not remove a card while the memory card light is flashing; you may lose photos on your card. To remove a card from the top slot, push in the card and release it, then pull it straight out of the slot. To remove

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) Printing All Photos Printing Camera-Selected DPOF Photos ™ 1. Press the Select All button. If your camera supports DPOF (Digital Print Order Format), you can use it to pre-select the photos and copies you want to 2. To print more than one copy of each photo, press or to print. select the number of copies (up to 999). See your camera manual to choose photos for printing with You can also press Menu to adjust settings or print a proof DPOF, then insert your memory

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) Including the Date on Your Print 4. Press or to review your photos on the Print Preview screen. Note: This feature does not change your original digital photo file; it affects only your prints. Note: If you are printing portrait-oriented photos, they may appear to be rotated, but they will print correctly. You can include the date your photo was originally taken on the corner of your print. 5. Press Print to start printing. Note: The date comes from your camera,

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) Storing and Displaying PictureMate Pal Replacing the Print Pack Prints Photos printed on PictureMate Pal photo paper are beautiful, When PictureMate Pal needs a new Print Pack, you see a long-lasting images. Follow these guidelines to make sure they message on the photo viewer screen. will look great for generations. The PictureMate 200 Series Print Pack contains a new photo cartridge and photo paper. Storing Your Prints Tip: If you see a replacement message while

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) 5. Remove the new photo cartridge from its package. Removing and Installing a Photo Cartridge Make sure you have a new PictureMate 200 Series Print Pack Don’t touch the before you remove the old photo cartridge. Once you remove green chip the cartridge, you must install the new one right away. 1. Make sure PictureMate Pal is on but not printing. Caution: Don’t touch the small green circuit board. Install the photo cartridge immediately after you remove it from its

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) Cleaning the Print Head Aligning the Print Head If your print quality is not as good as it used to be—if photos If you have moved PictureMate Pal and the print quality is are too light, are missing colors, or have lines running through not as good as it used to be—if your prints look fuzzy or have them—PictureMate Pal’s print head may need cleaning. light or dark lines running through them—you may need to Follow the steps below to clean the print head. align the print

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

PictureMate Pal (PM 200) Taking PictureMate Pal With You Related Documentation PictureMate Pal’s handle makes it easy to carry short CPD-21347 PictureMate Pal Start Here distances, or you can take it along in the optional carrying case CPD-21348 PictureMate Pal Basics book (part number PMBAG06). CPD-21349 PictureMate Pal (PM 200) If PictureMate Pal is going to travel a longer distance, pack it CD-ROM with on-screen User’s Guide carefully to protect it from damage. Caution: Keep PictureMate P

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