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Urządzenie: Sharp MX-7001N
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Instrukcja obsługi Sharp MX-7001N
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MX 6201N
MX 7001N

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- MX 6201N/MX-7001N SERIES A NEW DIMENSION OF PRODUCTIVITY... WITH THE ADDED VALUE OF DAZZLING, HIGH-IMPACT COLOR With best-in-class features and the versatility of high-quality, on-demand color, the new Sharp MX-6201N/MX-7001N Document Systems deliver all the muscle you need to keep up with the pace of your business. These powerful multifunction document systems can streamline your document workflow like never before. Enhance your capabilities with added functionality and a 1 GHz multi-taskin

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UNPRECEDENTED PERFORMANCE FOR HIGH-VOLUME WORKGROUPS � High quality color output up to 50-ppm and crisp B/W output up to 62/70-ppm � Performance-driven 1 GHz Multi-tasking Color Document System with optional EFI™ Fiery® controller to manage your unique environment � Versatile application integration with Sharp OSA technology enables users to access network applications right from the LCD panel Productive � Sharp’s award-winning multi-level network security � Customizable icon-driven color to

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 4

HIGH-PERFORMANCE FEATURES POWER-UP YOUR WORKGROUP WITH IMPRESSIVE FEATURES AND WORLD-FAMOUS RELIABILITY VERSATILE PAPER HANDLING EASY ACCESS TO SHARED FILES At an impressive 62/70-ppm in With convenient Document Filing, you can standardize, share and B&W and a speedy 50-ppm in store frequently-used files such as fax cover sheets, distribution Color, the new MX-6201N/7001N order forms, HR forms, and more...right on the MFP. A 40 GB hard Series delivers high-quality drive partition provides plenty

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 5

INTUITIVE TOUCH-SCREEN DISPLAY The new MX-6201N/7001N Series offers a unique Customizable User Interface that’s ideal for large enterprises. With the ability to display three virtual “short-cut” keys on the LCD display, you can access the most widely-used commands in an instant. These “short-cut” keys can also be customized so that different users can access unique “short-cuts” based on their specific needs. The interface can even display different languages based on the user’s login. With a la

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6

ADVANCED SECURITY To help protect your data, the MX-6201N/7001N Series offers six CONTROL DEVICE ACCESS OVER THE NETWORK layers of security, making Sharp the optimum choice to protect To help restrict access to the device over the network, employee privacy and intellectual property. As the leader in office the MX-6201N/7001N Series offers Secure Sockets Layer equipment security, Sharp makes it easy for any business or (SSL Encryption) IP/MAC address filtering, protocol government entity to safe

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VERSATILE SCALABILITY LEVERAGE YOUR INVESTMENT WITH INCREASED FUNCTIONALITY The MX-6201N/7001N Series modular design enables you to fully leverage your investment in data management infrastructure. While SHARP OSA TECHNOLOGY AT A GLANCE others are limited to a small circle of productivity, Sharp’s newest � Automate tasks and save time with seamless innovation, Sharp OSA™ technology, allows users to utilize the integration between the MX-6201N/7001N Series power of their back-end systems right fr

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 8

DOCUMENT WORKFLOW ADVANCED DISTRIBUTION FEATURES TO JUMP-START YOUR PRODUCTIVITY POWERFUL MULTI-TASKING INTEGRATED USB SUPPORT The new MX Series has all the power you need for high-volume Designed to support today’s mobile environments. The 1 GHz multi-tasking controller delivers plenty workforce, the MX-6201N/7001N of muscle when you need it crunch time. Most controllers Series is USB compatible and works perform one single with a variety of popular memory operation at a time, device

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 9

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT INTEGRATED, USER-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE HELPS YOU MANAGE DOCUMENT WORKFLOW In contrast to the MX-6201N/7001N Series’ robust functionality, the systems are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. To enhance your investment, Sharp’s Administration Utility Suite provides integrated tools and utilities to simplify usage and set-up. This collection of tools delivers everything you need to streamline processes in sophisticated network environments. EASY MANAGEMENT WITH THE MX SERIES WE

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 10

® OPTIONAL EFI™ FIERY CONTROLLER FEATURE-RICH PERFORMANCE FOR GRAPHIC-INTENSIVE WORKGROUPS THE OPTIONAL EFI FIERY CONTROLLER AND GRAPHIC ARTS PACKAGE USER-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE Best-in-class functionality combined with high-quality, on-demand The EFI Fiery driver provides efficient and organized access to color make the MX-6201N/7001N Series the perfect compliment to print functions and settings through an intuitive and familiar design firms, central reprographic departments, pre-press interface. Po

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EXPEDITE WORKFLOW WITH VERSATILE EFI SOFTWARE COLORWISE® SOFTWARE COLOR PROFILER (OPTIONAL) In production-oriented The optional Fiery Controller environments, EFI Fiery ColorWise makes is easy to match and save software provides accurate, data that ensures that colors print consistent color, regardless of consistently on virtually any device platform, application or media. in the organization. Sophisticated Automatic, in-RIP processing tools can generate printer profiles spools jobs to the contr

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MX-6201N/MX-7001N SPECIFICATIONS Main Specifications Network Printing System (standard) Saddle-Stitch Finisher (option) Base Models High-speed color multifunction digital document system; 1 GHz Emulation PCL6 / PCL5c compatible, optional PS3 Type Console finisher with dual exit trays (mounts on left side of host machine) 2 multi-tasking controller; 80 GB HDD with document filing; PCL5c/PCL6 Output Trays Upper/Lower Tray: Offset Stack; Saddle Tray: Saddle Stitch Tray Resolution 1,200 dpi (monoch

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