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Manual do usuário Xerox PHASER 3635MFP
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Phaser 3635MFP
Quick Use Guide
Version 3.2 25.01.08

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Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 3

® Phaser 3635MFP Quick Use Guide

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Resumo do conteúdo contido na página número 5

Xerox Phaser 3635MFP Quick Use Guide Thank you for choosing the Phaser 3635MFP. If you work through the procedures in this book in the order they are presented, you will successfully: Connect the Phaser 3635MFP Set-up the Phaser 3635MFP Install optional features Operate the Phaser 3635MFP Contents Install the Phaser 3635MFP ................................................................ 3 Switch On the Machine ....................................................................... 4 Your Pha

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For information about Safety, Regulatory Information, Environmental Compliance, Illegal Copies, and Product Recycling and Disposal, please refer to the relevant sections in the User Guide. If you require more detailed information about any of the features available on your device, please refer to the User Guide and the System Administration CD. For product support and information about ordering consumables and print media go to the Xerox website Prepared and translated

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Install the Phaser 3635MFP 1 Unpack the machine and any hardware options and locate the Installation Instructions. 2 Follow the Installation Instructions to assemble the machine and hardware options. The result will be one of the following configurations. Phaser 3635MFP/S Phaser 3635MFP/X Standard Features Copy, Print, Scan, E-mail Copy, Print, Scan, E-mail Tray 1 and Bypass Tray and Fax Tray 1 and Bypass Tray Optional Hardware Tray 2 Tray 2 Foreign Device Interface Foreign Device Interface

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Switch On the Machine Once the machine has been assembled it must be configured. This is done using the Product Enablement Key when the machine is switched on for the first time. The Product Enablement Key is delivered in a plastic tube inside the box with the machine. The procedure to configure the machine is as follows: 1 Locate the tube containing the Product Enablement Key. Remove the plastic card and Product Enablement Key carefully press out the key. 2 Connect the Power Cord to the

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10 The Customer Support and Supplies Numbers screen is displayed. Enter the Customer Support Telephone Number and the Supplies Telephone Number and select Next. NOTE: This is for reference only. You may leave these fields blank if you do not have the information. 11 The next 4 screens will allow you to set the Date Format, Date, Clock Format and Time. Follow the instructions to enter the appropriate information and select Next on each screen. 12 The Congratulations screen will be displayed

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Your Phaser 3635MFP 1 2 Control Panel: Document 2 Touch Screen and Feeder: Numeric Keypad Used for scanning multiple 1 documents. The Document Glass 3 underneath is used Output Tray: for scanning single 3 Collects output documents, bound documents etc. 4 5 Paper Trays: 1 4 Tray 1 is standard and 5 Tray 2 is optional. Bypass Tray: Used for non- standard printing media Inside the Device There is a Customer Replaceable Unit in the device, the Toner Cartridge (6). If the Offline Sta

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Control Panel Overview Interrupt Printing Clear All Job Status Help Services Power Services Home Log In/Out Stop Machine Dial Pause Status Start Display and Language Touch Screen Cancel Entry Numeric Keypad Item Description Services Home Displays the Services screen to enable selection of features. Services Use to access the feature options. Job Status Use to view the current job status and other job queues. Machine Status Use to access machine information, status, Serial Number and to print re

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Item Description Dial Pause Enters a pause in a telephone number when transmitting a fax Clear All Press once to clear a current entry. Press twice to return to default settings. Interrupt Printing Use to interrupt the current job to run a more urgent job. Stop Stops the job in progress. Start Use to activate a job. Load Paper into the Paper Trays 1 Open the paper tray and load paper Guides into the tray. Do NOT fill above the Max line. 2 Adjust the rear and side guides to hold the paper ag

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3 the Document Feeder and place single documents face down on the Document Glass aligned with the rear left corner. NOTE: Documents are only scanned once even when several copies are selected. quick use guide 9 English

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Connecting to the Network Follow these instructions to connect the machine to an Ethernet TCP/IP network. If you are connecting your machine to a different type of network, or you wish to use other protocols, refer to the System Administration CD. Test the device Before connecting the machine to your network, make sure that it is operating correctly as a copier. 1 Place a document in the Document Feeder and make 3 copies. 2 If the copies are made successfully, install the network connection as

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• On the Control Panel, press the Log In/Out button and then enter the Administrator passcode [1111] and select Enter. • Press the Machine Status button then select Tools > Connectivity and Network Setup > Advanced > Network Setting > Network Setup > TCP/ IP Options > TCP/IP Settings. • The allocated TCP/IP address is in the Name/Address field. 2 Confirm that an IP address has been allocated and that it is an appropriate IP address for your network. NOTE: If the IP address starts with

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9 The static IP address is now set. Press the Log In/Out button and select Confirm to logout and close the Tools menu. 12 quick use guide

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Install Print Drivers This procedure describes how to install Print Drivers using the Print Driver CD. The Print Drivers are on the Print Driver CD that was delivered with your Phaser 3635MFP. You can use the CentreWare Print and Fax Drivers CD to install multiple components such as printer drivers, scan drivers, user documentation and PPDs ® (PostScript Printer Description) at the same time. To use the installer, load the CentreWare Print and Fax Drivers CD-ROM delivered with your Phaser

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E-mail Setup If you wish to setup the E-mail service follow this procedure. If you do not want to setup this service at this time continue on to Fax Setup on page 16. NOTE: If you do not see the E-mail button on the Services Home screen, enable E-mail in the Tools Pathway. (Press Log In/Out > Machine Status > Passcode [1111] > Enter > Tools > User Interface > Service Enablements > E-mail > Enable.) Before starting the setup procedure, please ensure the following items are available or the f

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6 Click either IP Address or Host Name and enter the Host Name or the IP Address and Port Number (1-65535) of the SMTP Server. The default Port is 25. 7 Check Server Requires SMTP Authentication box if required. 8 Enter the Login Name and Password. 9 Click Apply to confirm your settings. 10 From the Properties menu, Click Services > E-mail Settings > Defaults. 11 To amend the settings on the E-mail Setup screen, Click Edit for each options group. 12 When you have made your selections click A

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Fax Setup The Phaser 3635MFP/X configuration has Fax installed as standard. The Fax Kit will require setup when the machine is installed. Setting up the Fax Kit 1 Set up the Fax Kit using the instructions in the Kit. 2 Connect the telephone line to the Line Line connector on the device. connector 3 If you wish to attach a handset to the device, connect the handset to the Ext. connector. 4 Press the Log In/Out button to enter the Tools pathway. 5 On the numeric keypad enter [1111] or the cu

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