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Manual do usuário Motorola TK30
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motorola TK30
User’s Guide

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Congratulations Your Motorola TK30 Music & Handsfree Car Kit is a Note: Text message readout is not supported for all professionally installed system dedicated to hands-free TK30 display languages or by all phones. conversation and music enjoyment. Following your installation, you can enjoy: •Premium Audio—The TK30 includes true 4-channel audio amplification to drive your car's speakers for rich, loud audio performance. • Plugging In Your Music—The TK30 is compatible with iPod®, iPhone®, MP

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Calls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Preferences. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Contents Receive a call. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Set user preferences . . . . . . . . . 27 Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Make a call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Set audio prompt preferences. . 27 Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 While on a call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Set display preferences . . . . . . . 27 Before you begin. .

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• Route cables so they are protected from pinching, sharp Installation edges and crushing. Keep all in-line connectors easily accessible. Before you begin Caution: Only qualified personnel should install this car kit. • The car kit is intended for use in 12 Volt negative ground Because of the wide variety of vehicle types and models, it systems only. The car kit draws less than 10 Amps. may be necessary to contact the vehicle manufacturer for Confirm that the vehicle's electrical system can

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Mount the vehicle integration kit securely. The best location Connect the audio cable(s) for the kit is under the dashboard. The kit should be Use the audio cable(s) to connect the car kit to your music protected from dirt and moisture, have adequate space for input device(s). You can connect: cooling, and allow for cable connections. • an iPod/iPhone Caution: The User Interface Module (UIM) should be • a USB storage device with music (AAC, M4A, MP3, and connected before vehicle power is a

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• To play music from an auxiliary device, connect 2 Connect cable connectors K and L on first audio cable cable connector L to the 3.5mm headphone jack on to connectors M and N on second audio cable. the auxiliary music device. L N • Connecting or disconnecting your music player from the Auxiliary input while that source is selected on your TK30 could result in a short static or pop noise. • To play music from an iPod/iPhone, use the M K second audio cable (supplied): 1 Connect cable conn

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The UIM can be mounted in two different configurations: Direct to flat surface To install the UIM directly on a flat service: • directly on a flat spot within easy reach of the driver using the supplied mounting tape Note: It is recommended to install the UIM directly on a flat surface as a curved surface can cause difficulties in pushing • using the supplied mounting bracket. the buttons, and can cause the UIM to come loose. Caution: Do not mount in a location that obstructs driver’s Cauti

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3 Remove adhesive backing from and press key tabs 2 Select UIM orientation (controls on left or right of (supplied) onto UIM: display). • Place key at top position. optimal for right-handed • Place \ key at bottom position. operation 4 Verify cable is fitted into a groove on the back of the UIM. The cable must be contained in the slot to provide a flat surface for mounting. 5 Connect cable connector P (shown on page 5) to the optimal for left-handed vehicle integration kit connector B (shown

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5 Connect cable connector P (shown on page 5) to the 8 Slide mounting bracket onto arm. junction box connector B (shown on page 4). 6 Place mounting nut (straight or curved) onto selected mounting arm. 7 Push arm into mounting base, and fasten onto base using mounting nut. 9 Attach mounting base to flat spot location on your vehicle. 10 Attach one side of mounting tape (supplied) to back of mounting bracket. 11 Remove other side of mounting tape on bracket, and press the UIM firmly into pla

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2 Route the microphone cable down the side of the Install the microphone windshield, through the dash, and to the vehicle Caution: The location of the microphone and microphone integration kit. cable must not interfere with the vehicle's air bag deployment. In particular, side airbags located with the 3 Connect the microphone to the vehicle integration kit windshield pillar or door jamb. connector C (shown on page 4). 1 Mount the microphone in a suitable location using Connect the ISO c

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Install third-party vehicle specific adapter harness 4 Connect cable connector G to the vehicle wiring (if needed) harness ISO connectors (or adapters, if needed). Some vehicles require a vehicle-specific adapter harness 5 Connect cable connector F to vehicle integration kit (not supplied) that allows integration of the harness into the connector A (shown on page 4). vehicle entertainment system. The connectors on the ISO Note: Make sure cable connector is plugged all the cable are designe

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Note: Not all vehicle entertainment systems offer a stereo 3 Use the scroll knob to view and change settings. auxiliary audio input. In some cases, if your system does Setting... not support this input, one may be created using an adapter from a third-party vendor. Language set language displayed on the UIM. 1 Connect an RCA cable (not supplied) to connector E on Display set the display orientation for left- or the ISO cable. Orientation right-hand operation. 2 Connect the other connectors

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Each position on the switch corresponds to one of the four Selective mute feature speaker channels. Whenever your car kit plays music or a hands-free call, it automatically disconnects (or “takes over) the speakers switch speaker channel from the vehicle’s entertainment system. 1 right - rear However, some vehicles have features that play audio 2 right - front prompts over the vehicle entertainment system (such as 3 left - rear audio navigation, parking sensors, etc.,). In these scenarios,

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Home screen Basics The home screen is your entry into the car kit’s menus. It Use a combination of buttons, scroll knob, and menus to displays the top item of the main menu. operate your car kit. menu item Phonebook Menu button Green button Recent Calls Which menus are displayed is dependent on whether Red button Phonebook phone(s) are currently connected to your car kit. Recent Calls Play/Pause Menu Displays when... button Phonebook, Recent Calls, a phone is menu status scroll Voice Comm

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Icons roaming (phone 1) Your car kit shows icons to provide status and identify menu and phonebook contact types. no phone service (phone 1) Status icons new text message On the right side of menu and music playing screens, status icons show car kit connection status. low battery (on phone) phone 1 (or phone 1 music connection (iPod) connect status “primary”) phone service status music connection (Bluetooth) Phonebook music connection (USB) Recent Calls music phone 2 connect status connec

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Phonebook icons call connected You’ll see these icons in your car kit’s phonebook. call ended home phone number call muted work phone number call rejected mobile phone number call in privacy mode Text prompts Occasionally you’ll see a prompt to answer a yes/no Music playing icons question like shown below. You’ll see these icons when playing music. play music Make primary phone? pause music To... stop music accept/yes press Green button decline/no press Red button fast-forward mu

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When successful, you‘ll see: Pair & connect Pair to Bluetooth devices To use the hands-free calling and/or streaming music connected features of your Bluetooth device with your car kit, they must first be paired together. Once paired and connected, your car kit automatically 1 Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your device. downloads contact names and numbers from your phone’s 2 From the home screen, select Settings > Bluetooth > contact list. Pair Device. To cancel pairing mo

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Once connected to your device(s), you see the home Set Bluetooth device preferences screen: 1 From the home screen, select Settings > Bluetooth. 2 Using scroll knob, locate and select Bluetooth device. Phonebook To... connect/disconnect select Connect or Recent Calls device Disconnect Status icons tell you which devices are connected to your car kit (see “Status icons” on page 14 for reference). delete device from select Delete paired list If connecting to a Bluetooth device is unsuccessful

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Make a call Calls To make a call with your car kit, you can: Note: Your car kit supports the Hands-free (HFP) Bluetooth • use a phonebook contact Profile. Accessing call functions depends upon which profile features your phone supports. See the instructions • use voice dialing on phone that came with your phone. • use number dialing from the car kit Note: Some call features are phone/network dependent. • use recent call list Receive a call • dial a number from your phone When there’s an incom

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