Руководство по эксплуатации Haier Flat Panel Television LCD-24K50

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Haier Flat Panel Television LCD-24K50

Устройство: Haier Flat Panel Television LCD-24K50
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Руководство по эксплуатации Haier Flat Panel Television LCD-24K50
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION If a television is not positioned in a sufficiently stable location, it can be potentially hazardous due to falling. Many injuries, particularly to children, can be avoided by taking simple precautions such as: ● Using cabinets or stands recommended by the manufacturer of the television. ● Only using furniture that can safely support the television. ● Ensuring the television is not overhanging the edge of the supporting furniture. ● Not placing

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TO THE OWNER Before operating this LCD TV, read this manual thoroughly and operate the LCD TV properly. This LCD TV provides many convenient features and functions. Operating the LCD TV properly enables you to manage those features and maintains it in better condition for a considerable time. Improper operation may result in not only shortening the product-life, but also malfunctions, fire hazard, or other accidents. If your LCD TV seems to operate improperly, read this manual again, check o

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS All the safety and operating instructions should be Do not install the LCD TV near the ventilation duct read before the product is operated. of air-conditioning equipment. Read all of the instructions given here and retain This LCD TV should be operated only from the type them for later use. Unplug this LCD TV from AC of power source indicated on the marking label. power supply before cleaning. Do not use liquid or If you are not sure of the type of power supplied, aeroso

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TABLE FEATURE AND DESIGN.......................................6 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV/HDMI MODE)............16 PREPARATION........................................7 CHANNEL 16-17 PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS 7 PICTURE 18 CONNECTING LCD TV......................8 SOUND 18 INSTALLING & UNINSTALLING TIMER

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Feature and Design Picture Compatibilty ● High Definition LCD Panel ● Full Multi System 1366 x 768 pixel HD LCD Panel with high PAL, PAL 60Hz, SECAM, NTSC, NTSC 4.43 contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. system can be connected. ● VIZON Engine ● HD-Ready VIZON Engine, SANYO High Quality Image 1080p, 1080i, 720, High Definition signals Processing Technology reproduces clear, are receivable. dynamic, natural and realistic picture along with HD LCD Panel Technology. ● HDMI HDMI pro

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PREPARATION PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS FRONT Side Control Panel Infrared Power/Timer Remote Indicator Receiver CARE FOR USING LCD TV ● Do not bump or scratch the panel surface as this causes flaws on the surface of the screen. ● There may be some tiny black points and/or bright points on the SCREEN. These points are normal. SIDE CONTROL POWER ON/ OFF button -Used to turn the LCD TV on or off. Each button on the control panel has the same function MENU button with its counterpart on the -Ope

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CONNECTING LCD TV INSTALLING & UNINSTALLING STAND BASE Please according to the following procedure to install stand. Be careful of the panel. Suggest to put down the panel side on the cushion or other soft material before 1 installing the stand. To align the corresponding pilot holes and fix the stand by screws. 2 Screws A for LCD-24K50/(R)/(W): 2 pcs Screws B for LCD-24K50/(R)/(W): 2 pcs Installing of stand is completed. 3 Model LCD-24K50/(R)/(W): A B CAUTION IN UNINSTALLING STAND BASE ● Th

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CONNECTING LCD TV CONNECTING AC POWER CORD This LCD TV uses nominal input voltages of 110-240V AC. This LCD TV automatically selects the correct input voltage. It is designed to work with single- phase power systems. To reduce risk of electrical shock, do not plug into any other type of power system. Consult your authorized dealer or service station if you are not sure of the type of power being supplied. Connect the LCD TV with all peripheral equipment before turning the LCD TV on. CAUTI

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CONNECTING LCD TV CONNECTING VIDEO EQUIPMENT & AERIAL Cables used for connection (These cables are not supplied with this LCD TV.) ● Video Cable(RCA X1), Audio Cable (RCA X2) : Video 1 or Video 2 ● Video Cable(RCA X3), Audio Cable (RCA X2) : DVD (Component Video) ● Video Cable(RCA X1), Audio Cable (RCA X2) : Monitor Output ● HDMI Cable: HDMI Input Component Video Source NOTE : When connecting the cable, AC Power Cords (example) of both LCD TV and external equipment should DVD

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BEFORE OPERATION OPERATION OF REMOTE CONTROL POWER ON/OFF button INPUT button SOUND button INFO / A·B button PICTURE button SPORTS button WIDE button TIMER button NUMERIC buttons CHANNEL UP/DOWN buttons VOLUME +/- buttons CHANNEL RECALL button MUTE button DIGIT button MENU button BACK button POINT ▲/ ▼/ ◄/ ►buttons ENTER button REMOTE CONTROL BATTERIES INSTALLATION Remove the battery compartment cover. 1 Insert two size AA batteries (1.5V) according to 2 "+" and "-" polarity markings insid

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BASIC OPERATION TURNING ON / OFF LCD TV SIDE CONTROL Complete the peripheral connections before turning on LCD 1 TV. (Please refer to "CONNECTING LCD TV".) Connect LCD TV's AC Power Cord into an AC outlet. 2 POWER ON/ OFF Press POWER ON/OFF button on Side Controls of LCD TV 3 button or on Remote Control to turn it ON. The POWER indicator will light up (green). Press POWER ON/OFF button again to shift it to stand-by status, the POWER indicator will become red. NO SIGNAL SHUT OFF This TV se

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BASIC OPERATION SELECTING INPUT SOURCE Select mode "TV", "AV1-S", "AV2", "HDMI" or "PC" by pressing INPUT button on Remote Control or on Side Controls, you can also press POINT ▲▼ buttons to select different mode. To enter the selected mode, press ENTER button or POINT ◄► buttons. SIDE CONTROL INPUT 1. TVTV 2. AV1-S 3. AV2 4. HDMI 5. PC INPUT button 1~5 : SELECT : EXIT BACK Note: REMOTE CONTROL ● User can directly displayed selected input source

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BASIC OPERATION VOLUME CONTROL To adjust the volume value desired by pressing VOLUME(+/-) REMOTE CONTROL buttons on Remote Control or on Side Control. The volume dialogue box will appear on the screen for a short while. VOLUME(+) button to increase volume, and VOLUME(-) button to decrease volume. SOUND button A·B button MUTE Should you wish to mute the sound, press MUTE button. PICTURE button To switch the sound back on, press MUTE button again SPORTS button or press VOLUME(+/-) buttons o

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BASIC OPERATION OFF TIMER To set OFF TIMER by pressing TIMER button on Remote REMOTE CONTROL Control. The timer dialogue box will appear on the screen for a short while. WIDE button To select "OFF", "30 MIN", "60 MIN", "90 MIN" or "120 MIN" with TIMER buttons. TIMER button WIDE Select screen size among "FULL", "ZOOM", "ZOOM[CAPTION-IN]", "NORMAL" and "NATURAL" by pressing WIDE button on Remote Control. * This function doesn't work in TV/ AV/ DVD/ HDMI/ PC modes when no signal is input

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MENU OPERATION (TV/AV/HDMI mode) CHANNEL CHANNEL MENU Press MENU button and the main menu will appear. Whenever 1 MAIN MENU is accessed initially, CHANNEL will be the default selection. CHANNEL Press POINT ▲▼ buttons or ENTER button to enter into AUTO SEARCH 2 SEMI-AUTO SEARCH CHANNEL menu. MANUAL SEARCH COLOUR SYSTEM AUTO Press POINT ▲▼ buttons to select the item desired. SOUND SYSTEM B/G 3 SKIP OFF CHANNEL SWAP Press POINT ◄► buttons to adjust the item. 4 ■ Press BACK button to return t

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MENU OPERATION (TV/AV/HDMI mode) MANUAL SEARCH MANUAL SEARCH MENU Manual search a channel if it cannot be automatically tuned, such as when the signal is poor. MANUAL SEARCH CHANNEL 15 Select channel “15”. 1 SEARCH 55.25 MHZ Enter into CHANNEL menu, press POINT ▲▼ buttons to 2 :: SELECT ADJUST ENTER : STORE : BACK select "MANUAL SEARCH". Press POINT ◄► buttons to enter into the MANUAL SEARCH menu. Press POINT ▲▼ buttons to select "SEARCH". Press POINT 3 ◄► buttons to s

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MENU OPERATION (TV/AV/HDMI mode) TIMER Press MENU button and the main menu will appear. TIMER MENU 1 Press POINT ◄► buttons to select "TIMER", and will display TIMER menu. TIMER Press POINT ▲▼ buttons or ENTER button to enter into 2 OFF TIMER OFF TIMER menu. ON TIMER 12 : 30 ON TIMER CH 16 Press POINT ▲▼ buttons to select the item desired. 3 Press POINT ◄► buttons to enter the item selected. 4 ■ Press BACK button to return to the previous menu. ■

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MENU OPERATION (TV/AV/HDMI mode) V-POSITION: OSD moves up when POINT ◄ button is pressed. OSD moves down when POINT ► button is pressed. (0~100) DURATION: Use this function to set the display time of the MENU when there is no operation on the TV. Press POINT ◄ button to decrease time, press POINT► button to increase time. (5~60 seconds) TRANSPARENCY: The background of OSD darkens when POINT ◄ button is pressed. The background of OSD lightens when POINT ► button is pressed. (0~100) INPUT

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