Руководство по эксплуатации Samsung PL50A650T1F

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Samsung PL50A650T1F

Устройство: Samsung PL50A650T1F
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Руководство по эксплуатации Samsung PL50A650T1F
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If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center.
Si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario referente a nuestros productos, por favor contacte con nuestro Servicio de Atención
al Cliente
Country Web Site
Customer Care Center 
ARGENTINE 0800-333-3733 www.samsung.com/ar
BRAZIL www.samsung.com/br
CHILE 800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) www.samsung.com/cl

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Important Warranty Information Regarding Television Format Viewing Wide screen format PDP Displays (16:9, the aspect ratio of the screen width to height) are primarily designed to view wide screen format full-motion video. The images displayed on them should primarily be in the wide screen 16:9 ratio format, or expanded to fill the screen if your model offers this feature and the images are constantly moving. Displaying stationary graphics and images on screen, such as the dark side-bars on none

Краткое содержание страницы № 3

User Instructions Screen Image retention Do not display a still image (such as on a video game) on the plasma display panel for more than several minutes as it can cause screen image retention. This image retention is also known as “screen burn”. To avoid such image retention, refer to page 32 of this manual to reduce the degree of brightness and contrast of the screen when displaying a still image. Altitude The PDP can only operate normally at heights under 6500ft. Heat on the top of the P

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Contents General Information PC Display ■ List of Features .............................................................5 ■ Using Your TV as a Computer (PC) Display ...............49 ■ Accessories ...................................................................5 ■ Display Modes ............................................................49 ■ Viewing the Control Panel .............................................6 ■ Setting up the TV with your PC ...................................50 ■

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General Information List of Features • Adjustable picture settings that can be stored in the TV’s memory. • Automatic timer to turn the TV on and off. • A special sleep timer. • V-Chip function. • Excellent Digital Interface & Networking : With a built-in HD digital tuner, non-subscription HD broadcasts can be viewed with no Cable Box/Satellite receiver (Set- Top Box) needed. • HDMI/DVI connection of your PC to this TV. • Excellent Picture Quality - DNIe technology provides life-like clear im

Краткое содержание страницы № 6

Viewing the Control Panel Buttons on the Lower-Right Part of the Panel The buttons on the lower-right panel control your TV’s basic features, including the on-screen menu. To use the more advanced features, you must use the remote control. Front Panel buttons Touch each button to The product color and shape may vary depending on the model. ➢ operate. 1 SOURCE 5 Power Indicator Toggles between all the available input sources Lights up when the power is on. (TV, AV1, AV2, S-Video, Compone

Краткое содержание страницы № 7

Viewing the Connection Panel Rear Panel Jacks Use the rear panel jacks to connect A/V components that will be connected continuously, such as VCR or DVD players. For more information on connecting equipment, see pages 9-15. The product color and shape may vary depending on the model. 1 POWER IN 7 ANT IN Connect the supplied power cord. Uses a 75Ω Coaxial connector for an Air/Cable Network. 2 LAN Connect a LAN cable to this port to connect to the 8 DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) Network

Краткое содержание страницы № 8

Remote Control You can use the remote control up to a distance of about 2 feet from the TV. % Use these buttons in the DMA, 1 POWER RETURN WISELINK and Anynet+ modes. Turns the TV on and off. ( : This remote can be used 2 TV EXIT to control recording on Samsung W.LINK Selects the TV mode directly. recorders with the Anynet+ feature) CH LIST INFO RETURN 3 NUMERIC BUTTONS ^ ON/OFF TOOLS Press to change the channel. Press to backlight the buttons on the EXIT W.LINK remote. 4 CH LIST

Краткое содержание страницы № 9

Installing Batteries in the Remote Control 1 Lift the cover at the back of the remote control upward as shown in the figure. 2 Install two AAA size batteries. Make sure to match the “+” and “–” ends of the batteries with the diagram inside the ➢ compartment. Using the remote control with the ON/OFF( ) light button set to On will reduce the ➢ battery usage time.  Close the cover as shown in the figure. Remove the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place if you won’t be using the ➢ rem

Краткое содержание страницы № 10

Connecting Cable TV To connect to a cable TV system, follow the instructions below. Cable without a Cable Box 1 Plug the incoming cable into the ANT IN terminal on the back of the TV. Because this TV is cable-ready, you do not need a cable box to view ➢ ANT IN unscrambled cable channels. Connecting to a Cable Box that Descrambles All Channels 1 Find the cable that is connected to the ANT OUT terminal on your cable box. This terminal might be labeled “ANT OUT”, “VHF OUT” or simply, “OUT”. ANT

Краткое содержание страницы № 11

Connecting a DVD Player or Cable Box / Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) via HDMI This connection can only be made if there is an HDMI Output jack on the external device. This connection will provide the highest quality picture. 1 Connect an HDMI Cable TV Rear Panel TV Side Panel DVD Player or Cable Box / between the HDMI IN (1, 2, 3 Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) or 4) jack on the TV and the HDMI jack on the DVD Player or Cable Box / Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box). or 1 HDMI Cable (Not

Краткое содержание страницы № 12

Connecting a DVD Player or Cable Box / Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) via Component cables The rear panel jacks on your TV make it easy to connect a DVD Player/Cable Box/Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) to your TV. 1 Connect a Component Cable TV Rear Panel between the COMPONENT IN (1 or 2) [Y, PB, PR] DVD Player or Cable Box / jacks on the TV and the Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) COMPONENT [Y, PB, PR] jacks on the DVD Player or Cable Box / Satellite receiver(Set-Top Box). 2 Connect

Краткое содержание страницы № 13

Connecting a VCR Video Connection These instructions assume that you have already connected your TV to an antenna or a cable TV system (according to the instructions on pages ~10). Skip step 1 if you have not yet connected to an antenna or a cable system. 1 Unplug the cable or antenna from the back of the TV. 2 Connect the cable or antenna to the ANT IN terminal on the back of the VCR.  Connect an Antenna Cable between the ANT OUT TV Rear Panel TV Side Panel terminal on the VCR and the A

Краткое содержание страницы № 14

Connecting a Digital Audio System The rear panel jacks on your TV make it easy to connect a Digital Audio System(Home theater/Receiver) to your TV. 1 Connect an Optical Cable TV Rear Panel between the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) jacks on Digital Audio System the TV and the Digital Audio Input (OPTICAL) jacks on the Digital Audio System. When a Digital Audio System is connected to the “DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL)” jack: Decrease the volume of the TV, and adjust the volume level with t

Краткое содержание страницы № 15

Connecting a PC Using the D-Sub Cable Using the D-Sub Cable TV Rear Panel 1 Connect a D-Sub Cable between PC IN [PC] jack on the TV and the PC output jack on your computer. PC 2 Connect a PC Audio Cable between the PC IN [AUDIO] jack on the TV and the Audio Out jack of the sound card on your computer. 2 PC Audio Cable (Not supplied) 1 D-Sub Cable (Not supplied) Using the HDMI/DVI Cable Using the HDMI/DVI Cable 1 Connect a HDMI/DVI cable TV Rear Panel between the HDMI IN 2 jack on the TV

Краткое содержание страницы № 16

Operation Turning the TV On and Off Press the POWER button on the remote control. You can also use the POWER button on the TV. It may take a while when your TV starts. ➢ Plug & Play Feature The first time you turn on your new TV, choose your basic settings for language, input source and channels, and time of day using the plug and play feature. The TV will store these settings in memory. Storing the channels in memory will allow you to scan the stored channels rather than have to enter th

Краткое содержание страницы № 17

Plug & Play 5 The TV will begin memorizing all of the available channels. Auto Program in Progress. After all the available channels are stored, the TV starts to remove scrambled DTV Air : -- Air : -- channels (see page 47). The Auto program menu then reappears. DTV Cable : -- Cable : -- Air 3% Press the ENTER button when channel memorization is complete. The Clock Mode menu is displayed. Stop T o stop the search before it has finished, press the ENTER button with ➢ Enter Skip stop

Краткое содержание страницы № 18

Setup If you want to reset this feature... 1 Press the MENU button to display the menu. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Setup, then press the ENTER button. Plug & Play ► Language : English 2 Press the ENTER button to select Plug & Play. For further details on setting Time up options, refer to the pages 16~17. Network Setup The Plug & Play feature is only available in the TV mode. ➢ V-Chip Caption External Settings Entertainment : Off Plug & Play Menu Language, Store Demo, Channels, and

Краткое содержание страницы № 19

Picture Adjusting the Volume Using the Volume Buttons RETURN RETURN 1 Press the VOL or VOL button to increase or decrease the volume. EXIT W.LINK To turn the volume up, turn the wheel clockwise when the Volume ➢ EXIT CH LIST INFO W.LINK Control window is displayed. To turn the volume down, turn the wheel TOOLS CH LIST INFO counterclockwise. TOOLS Using the Mute Button At any time, you can cut off the sound using the MUTE button. 1 Press MUTE and the sound cuts off. Mute will displayed on t

Краткое содержание страницы № 20

Channel Channel Using the Remote Control Backlight Buttons Use this feature in dark surroundings and when you are unable to see the remote control buttons clearly. 1 1. Press the ON/OFF light button Pressing the ON/OFF light button toggles between ON and OFF. ➢ When ON, the button backlight is turned on for a moment. ➢ Pressing a remote control button when the remote control is on turns the button backlight on for a moment. If ➢ you touch or move the remote control and the motion is detect

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