Руководство по эксплуатации Sony Vaio PCG-631M

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Sony Vaio PCG-631M

Устройство: Sony Vaio PCG-631M
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Руководство по эксплуатации Sony Vaio PCG-631M
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Sony Notebook User Guide

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Read this first nN 1 Read this first Notice © 2002 Sony Corporation. All rights reserved. This manual and the software described herein, in whole or in part, may not be reproduced, translated, or reduced to any machine- readable form without prior written approval. Sony Corporation provides no warranty with regard to this manual, the software, or other information contained herein and hereby expressly disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose with

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Read this first nN 2 Symantec Norton AntiVirus is a trademark of Symantec Corporation. ® All other names of systems, products and services are trademarks of their respective owners. In the manual, the ™ or marks are not specified. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. ® ENERGY STAR ® ® As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Sony has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. ® The Inte

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Read this first nN 3 Safety information Owner's record The serial number and model number are located on the bottom of your Sony notebook. Record the serial number in the space provided here. Refer to the model number and serial number if you call VAIO-Link. Serial number: ________________________ Model number (model name in brackets): PCG-633M (PCG-R600MF)/PCG-632M (PCG-R600HFP)/ PCG-631M (PCG-R600HFPKIT) Warnings General ❑ Opening the unit, for whatever reason, could lead to damages that are

Краткое содержание страницы № 5

Read this first nN 4 ❑ TV sets ❑ Speakers ❑ Magnets ❑ Magnetic bracelets. Audio/video ❑ Audio and picture distortion may occur if this equipment is positioned in close proximity to any equipment emitting electromagnetic radiation. Connectivity ❑ Never install modem or telephone wiring during a severe lightning storm. ❑ Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. ❑ Be cautious when installing or modifying telephone lines. ❑ Use your

Краткое содержание страницы № 6

Read this first nN 5 Regulatory information Sony hereby declares that the product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of European Directive 1999/5/EC (radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment Directive). This product complies with EN 55022 Class B and EN 55024 for use in following areas: residential, commercial and light-industrial. This product has been tested and found compliant with the limits set out in the EMC Directive for usin

Краткое содержание страницы № 7

Read this first nN 6 Disposing of lithium ion batteries ❑ Do not handle damaged or leaking lithium ion batteries. Dispose of promptly and properly at end-of-life. ❑ Danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. ❑ The battery pack used in this device may present a fire or chemical burn hazard if mistreated. Do not disassemble, heat abo

Краткое содержание страницы № 8

Welcome nN 7 Welcome Congratulations on purchasing a Sony VAIO notebook. Sony has combined leading-edge technology in audio, video, computing and communications to provide you with state-of-the-art personal computing. Here are just some of the features your VAIO notebook has to offer: ❑ Exceptional performance - Your PC includes a fast processor and an internal modem. ❑ Portability - The rechargeable battery pack provides hours of use without AC power. ❑ Sony audio and video quality - A high-re

Краткое содержание страницы № 9

Welcome nN 8 Documentation pack Your Documentation Pack contains paper and online user guides on your computer's hard drive. Printed documentation ❑ A Getting Started brochure, where you find a brief description of the items in your box, some specifications of your notebook, and how to setup your notebook; ❑ A Customer Guide, where you find all the basic information you need to start using your notebook, as well as troubleshooting and VAIO-Link information; ❑ Your Sony Guarantee conditions; ❑

Краткое содержание страницы № 10

Welcome nN 9 2 Refer to your Software Guide for information on the bundled software and the Sony applications. ❑ About the Software is a short description of the features of the software pre-installed on your system. ❑ Using Video software explains how to use Sony video software: DVgate, MovieShaker and Smart Capture. ❑ Managing audio files with SonicStage explains how to convert your existing MP3, WMA and WAV format audio files into ATRAC3 format. ❑ Using Imaging software gives you an idea w

Краткое содержание страницы № 11

Welcome nN 10 Your notebook and its accessories The following hardware items are in the box: 1 main unit 6 power cord 2 rechargeable battery pack 7 phone plug (country specific) 3 product recovery CD-ROMs 8 phone cable 4 documentation pack 9 docking station (only bundled with PCG-R600HFPKIT) 5 AC adapter Sony Notebook User Guide

Краткое содержание страницы № 12

Welcome nN 11 Ergonomic considerations You will be using your notebook as a portable device in a variety of environments. Whenever possible, you should attempt to take account of the following ergonomic considerations to both stationary and portable environments. ❑ Position of your computer – Place the computer directly in front of you (1). Keep your forearms horizontal (2), with your wrists in a neutral, comfortable position (3) while using the keyboard, touchpad, or external mouse. Let y

Краткое содержание страницы № 13

Welcome nN 12 ❑ Viewing angle of the computer’s display – Use the display’s tilting feature to find the best position. You can reduce eye strain and muscle fatigue by adjusting the tilt of the display to the proper position. Adjust the brightness setting of the display as well. ❑ Lighting – Choose a location where windows and lights do not create glare and reflection on the display. Use indirect lighting to avoid bright spots on the display. You can also purchase accessories for your display

Краткое содержание страницы № 14

Using your notebook nN 13 Using your notebook This section describes how to start using your computer and how to use your computer’s internal and external devices. ❑ Locating controls and connectors (page 14) ❑ Connecting a power source (page 18) ❑ Starting your notebook (page 23) ❑ Shutting down your notebook (page 24) ❑ Using the keyboard (page 25) ❑ Using the touchpad (page 30) ❑ Using the Jog Dial™ (page 31) ❑ Using PC Cards (page 34) ❑ Using Memory Stick™ (page 37) ❑ Using the modem (page

Краткое содержание страницы № 15

Using your notebook nN 14 Locating controls and connectors Right 1 USB connector (page 71) 2 Headphone connector (page 70) 3 Microphone connector (page 70) 4 S400 i.LINK connector (page 74) 5DC Out / 6 Monitor connector (page 65) 7 Ethernet network (page 79) 4 678 12 connector 8 Phone line jack (page 46) 3 5 Sony Notebook User Guide

Краткое содержание страницы № 16

Using your notebook nN 15 Left 1DC In (page 18) 4 MagicGate™ Memory Stick™ slot (page 37) 2 USB connector (page 71) 5 PC Card slot (page 34) 3 Ventilation slot / Sony Notebook User Guide

Краткое содержание страницы № 17

Using your notebook nN 16 Front 1 Hard disk drive indicator (page 28) 2 Num Lock indicator (page 28) 3 Caps Lock indicator (page 28) 4 Scroll Lock indicator (page 28) 5LCD screen (page 29) 6 Power switch (page 23) 7 Keyboard (page 25) 8 Touchpad (page 30) 9Power indicator (page 28) 10 Battery indicator (page 28) 11 Memory Stick™ indicator (page 28) 12 Docking station indicator (page 28) 13 Wireless LAN indicator (page 28) OFF ON 14 Wireless LAN switch (page 49) WIRELESS 15 Left/right buttons (

Краткое содержание страницы № 18

Using your notebook nN 17 Back 1 battery connector (page 19) Bottom 1 battery lock lever (page 19) 3 docking connector (page 56) 2 battery release lever (page 19) 4reset switch / Sony Notebook User Guide

Краткое содержание страницы № 19

Using your notebook nN 18 Connecting a power source You can use either an AC adapter or a rechargeable battery pack as a power source. Using the AC adapter To use the AC adapter, proceed as follows: 1 Plug the cable attached to the AC adapter (1) into the DC In connector (2) on the computer. 2 Plug one end of the power cord (3) into the AC adapter. 3 Plug the other end of the power cord into an AC outlet. ✍ Use your notebook only with the supplied AC adapter. If the main unit is connected to a

Краткое содержание страницы № 20

Using your notebook nN 19 To use the AC adapter, proceed as follows: 1 Plug the cable attached to the AC adapter (1) into the DC In connector (2) on the computer. 2 Plug one end of the power cord (3) into the AC adapter. 3 Plug the other end of the power cord into an AC outlet. ✍ Use your notebook only with the supplied AC adapter. Some models may be supplied with 2 power cords, respectively for a UK and for a Continental power outlet. In this case, please make sure to use the power cord, whi

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