Руководство по эксплуатации Sony MDS-JE640

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Sony MDS-JE640

Устройство: Sony MDS-JE640
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Руководство по эксплуатации Sony MDS-JE640
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MiniDisc Deck
Operating Instructions
©2000 Sony Corporation

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filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB02REG-CED.fm] masterpage:Left (3 column) ® product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. WARNING This symbol is intended to alert the user to For customers in Canada the presence of important operating and To prevent fire or shock This Class B digital apparatus complies maintenance (servicing) instructions in the With Canadian ICES-003. hazard, do not expose the unit literature accompanying the appliance. to rain or moi

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filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB01COV-CEDTOC.fm] masterpage:Right (3 column) TABLE OF CONTENTS Location and Function of Editing Recorded MDs Controls Before you start editing 30 Erasing tracks (ERASE) 31 Front panel description 4 Dividing tracks (DIVIDE) 33 Rear panel description 6 Combining tracks (COMBINE) 34 Remote control description 6 Moving tracks (MOVE) 34 Display window description 8 Naming a track or MD (NAME) 35 Changing the recorded level after recording Getting

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filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:L0-Left Location and Front panel description Function of Controls This chapter describes the location and function of the various buttons, controls, and jacks on the deck and the supplied remote. Further details are provided on the pages indicated in the parentheses. It also describes the information that A?/1 (power) switch/STANDBY indicator (13) (23) appears in the display window. Press to turn on the deck. W

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Location and Function of Controls filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 STANDBY MENU/NO YES AMS PUSH ENTER MD LP TIMER REC MODE REC OFF PLAY KEYBOARD IN LEVEL PHONES PITCH LEVEL/ CONTROL S.F EDIT TIME PLAY MODE REPEAT DISPLAY/CHAR INPUT CLEAR 9q; qa qs qdqfqg qh qjqkqlw;waws wdwf HH button (13) (23) P Display window (8) Press to start play. Shows various information. X button (13) (23) Q CLEAR button (27) (35) Press to pause play or

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Location and Function of Controls filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Left Rear panel description Remote control description MDS-JE640 1 2 ` / 1 wf Z 1 wd 2 345 6 ws 3 wa MDS-JE440 w; 4 1 2 ANALOG DIGITAL OPTICAL IN OUT IN L 5 R 4 6 7 A ANALOG IN jacks (11) (13) Use to input analog signals from other components. ql . > 8 B ANALOG OUT jacks (11) Use to output analog signals to other components. X qk H 9 C DIGITAL COAXIAL IN jack (MDS-JE640 European qj m

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Location and Function of Controls filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Right A?/1 (power) switch (13) (23) Q T.REC button (20) Z Press to turn on the deck. When you turn on the deck, Press to start Time Machine Recording. the STANDBY indicator on the deck turns off. When RH button (13) (23) you press the switch again, the deck turns off and the Press to start play. indicator lights up. S CD PLAYER ./> buttons (21) Z B PLAY MODE button (27) (43) Press to

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Location and Function of Controls filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Left Display window description MDS-JE640 14 2 356 78 MDS-JE440 3 4 2 3 5 4 7 8 A REMOTE indicator C Playback indicators Lights when the MD is being controlled by an external REP indicators (26) device connected to the deck. Light when the deck is set to Repeat Play. B Disc name and track name indicators display  “REP” lights when the deck is set to repeat the entire disc. DISC indi

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Location and Function of Controls filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Right Note D Recording and editing indicators The display format that you have selected in each of the deck L.SYNC indicator (19) statuses (play, recording, etc.) will appear whenever the deck Lights when the deck is set to assign track numbers enters that status and you press LEVEL/DISPLAY/CHAR (or DISPLAY) or TIME (MDS-JE640 only) until you change the automatically during analog

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filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:L0-Left Getting Before you start the hookup Started Checking the supplied accessories This chapter provides information on This MD deck comes with the following items: the supplied accessories and hookups.  Audio connecting cords (2)  Optical cable (1) Be sure to read this chapter thoroughly  Remote commander (remote) (1) before you actually connect any  R6 (size-AA) batteries (2) equipment to the deck. Inser

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Getting Started Hooking up the audio components MDS-JE640 CONTROL A1ΙΙ AC power cord See page 12 D AC B to a wall outlet 1) Amplifier, etc. CD player, DBS CD player, DBS tuner, etc. , tuner Digital amplifier, DAT deck, MD 2) deck, etc. MDS-JE440 AC power cord AB to a wall outlet Amplifier, etc. CD player, DBS tuner 1) Digital equipment with a DIGITAL OUT connector only 2) Digital equipment with both DIGITAL IN and OUT connectors Hooking up the audio components 11

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Getting Started filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Left For MDS-JE640 (except for the European Required cords models) A Audio connecting cords (2) (supplied) Connect To the When connecting an audio connecting cord, be sure to match the Amplifiers ANALOG IN/OUT jacks color-coded pins to the appropriate jacks: white (left) to white 1) DIGITAL OPTICAL IN and red (right) to red. CD players or DBS tuners connector 1) White (L) Digital amplifiers, DAT de

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Recording to MDs filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:L0-Right Recording to Recording to an MD MDs If the MD has been partially recorded, recording starts after the recorded tracks. `/1 slot H Xz This chapter explains the various ways to record to an MD, as well as how to AMS mark track numbers and perform synchro-recording with other components. See also “System AMS INPUT limitations” on page 51 before recording. 1 Turn on the amplifier and progr

Краткое содержание страницы № 14

Recording to MDs filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Left 9 Start playing the program source. To prevent accidental erasure of the recorded material Operations you may want to do during To protect an MD recording, slide the record-protect tab in recording the direction of the arrow (see illustration below) to open the slot. To enable re-recording, close the slot. To Press Stop recording x Pause recording X Record-protect tab Resume recording after H

Краткое содержание страницы № 15

Recording to MDs filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Right Notes on recording Recording for long times In addition to normal stereo recording, this deck has two About indications that appear during/ long time recording modes: LP2 and LP4. When after recording recording in LP2 Stereo mode, you can record 2 times the normal recordable time, and in LP4 Stereo mode, you can When “Tr” flashes in the display during record 4 times the normal recordable tim

Краткое содержание страницы № 16

Recording to MDs • If “LPstamp On” is set, “LP:” is recorded as part of the track name, so the number of characters that can be input in a single Adjusting the recording MD is reduced. Furthermore, “LP:” is automatically copied if the track name is copied or if the track is divided by using the level Divide function.  MDs recorded in MD LP (LP2 or LP4 Stereo) mode should be played back on a deck that supports MD LP mode. These MDs You can adjust the recording level for both analog and c

Краткое содержание страницы № 17

Recording to MDs z (MDS-JE640 only) You can use Setup Menu to adjust the recording level Recording tips You can adjust the recording level regardless of the source selected with the INPUT button. A MENU/NO YES z 1 During recording or recording pause, press MENU/NO twice. “Setup Menu” appears in the display. 2 Turn AMS (or press ./> repeatedly) until “Ain,” AMS “Coax,” “Opt,” “Opt1,” or “Opt2” appears, then press AMS or YES. 3 Turn AMS (or press ./> repeatedly) to adjust the recording level,

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Recording to MDs filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Left When a digital input is selected  If you turn off the deck or disconnect the AC power cord, the deck will store the last setting (“S.Space On” or “S.Space The digital signal input from the DIGITAL IN Off”) and recall it the next time you turn on the deck. connector is output to the DIGITAL OUT connector  If the deck continues recording pause for about 10 minutes (MDS-JE640 only) after passi

Краткое содержание страницы № 19

Recording to MDs 4 Press MENU/NO. When you set Automatic Track Marking to on, Marking track numbers “L.SYNC” lights up. while recording (Track The deck marks a track number whenever the input Marking) signal level drops to –50 dB (the trigger level for Automatic Track Marking) or below for at least 1.5 seconds. You can mark track numbers either manually or automatically while recording. By marking track numbers To change the trigger level for Automatic Track at specific points, you can

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Recording to MDs filename[\\Win-35\logitecmo\422958711MDSJE640CED\01GB03OPE-CED.fm] masterpage:Left Starting recording with six Synchro-recording with Z seconds of prestored the audio component of audio data (Time Machine your choice (Music Synchro- Recording) recording) Whenever the deck is in recording pause, the deck’s buffer The Music Synchro-recording allows you to automatically memory continuously stores the latest six seconds worth synchronize recording to the MD deck with the playing

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