Руководство по эксплуатации Electrolux RM 4213

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Electrolux RM 4213

Устройство: Electrolux RM 4213
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Руководство по эксплуатации Electrolux RM 4213
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RM 4213
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OPERATING AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS INTRODUCTION CONTENTS We are pleased that you have chosen this refrigerator and OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . ..........8 hope you will derive much satisfaction from using it, but first a few well-meant words of advice: CONTROLS . . ...................................8 It is important to read through these instructions carefully STARTING THE REFRIGERATOR . . . ..........8 before using the refrigerator. WINTER OPE

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8. Keep the (D) button pressed for a further 10 to 15 sec. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS to active the flame failure device, then release it. If you have Model RM 4212 proceed as follows: CONTROLS 3. Turn on the gas supply by pressing the (D) knob and The refrigerator can be run on either 230 V, 12 V or LP gas. turning it to the position Changing between these modes of operation is carried out 4. Set the thermostat knob (E) to the highest setting. by means of the controls of the control panel shown in

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TRAVEL CATCH CLEANING THE REFRIGERATOR Make sure that the travel catch is engaged when the cara- Clean the inside of the refrigerator regularly to keep it fresh van is on the move, (fig 1). and hygienic. The travel catch at the top of the door can be set in two different positions. In one position the door is held tightly Soak a cloth in a solution consisting of a teaspoon of bicar- shut. In the other position the door is secured ajar so that bonate of soda to half a litre of warm water. Wring o

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2. The evaporator is frosted up. TECHNICAL DATA RM 4212/ 13 3. The temperature control setting is incorrect. Overall dimensions, refrigerator 4. The gas pressure is incorrect - check the pressure regu- Height ........................618 mm lator at the gas container. Width ........................486 mm 5. The ambient temperature is too high. Depth (incl. cooling unit) without door.............435 mm 6. To much food is loaded at one time. with door................474 mm 7 . The door is not prope

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BUILDING-IN Ventilation grilles Fig. 2 The openings in the caravan wall must be fitted with the The refrigerator is intended for installation in a caravan or Electrolux ventilation systems. motorhome, and the description relates to this application. Fitting the grilles, model A 1620, which were specially The refrigerator must not be exposed to radiated heat from developed by Electrolux for this purpose (shown as D in fig. hot objects (e.g. below a cooker without proper heat shiel- 6). It is a go

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approved for use with continuously operating bottled- gas 230 V Supplies. appliances, and have threaded compression connections Check that the voltage stated on the data plate is the same throughout. PUSH-ON CONNECTIONS MUST NOT BE as the mains voltage in use (230 V). USED (We do not approve the use of ``rubber'' type flexible tubing for connecting permanently operating appliances of this type in the United Kingdom). All connectors etc. should Electrical leads must be routed and secured so that

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MOUNTING OF FRONT FRAME For models RM 4212F and RM4213F F= Front frame 13

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