JVC GR-DV1の取扱説明書

デバイスJVC GR-DV1の取扱説明書

デバイス: JVC GR-DV1
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスJVC GR-DV1の取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、JVC GR-DV1に関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書JVC GR-DV1をこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

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JVC GR-DV1の取扱説明書
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For Customer Use:
Enter below the Serial Nos. of the
GR-DV1U camcorder and the AA-V70U
AC Power Adapter/Charger.
The serial numbers are located on the
bottom of the GR-DV1U and the
Model No. GR-DV1U/AA-V70U
Serial No.
ed in Japan
6MSV UN YP YU30052-541-1
* *


2 Dear Customer, WARNING: Thank you for purchasing this Digital Video Camera. TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK Before use, please read the safety information and precautions contained in the following pages to ensure HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE safe use of this product. THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR Using This Instruction Manual MOISTURE. • All major sections and subsections are listed in the Table Of Contents (Z pg. 9). • Notes appear after most subsections. Be sure to read Warning on lithium cell battery these as we


3 About Batteries SAFETY PRECAUTIONS DANGER! Do not attempt to take the batteries apart, or expose them to flame or excessive heat, as there is a risk of fire or explosion. CAUTION: WARNING! Do not allow the battery terminals, or the battery itself, to come in contact with metals, as this can result in a short circuit and possibly start a fire. • When transporting, make sure the provided battery cap is attached to the battery. If you misplace the battery cap, carry the battery in a plastic bag.


4 5. Ventilation IMPORTANT PRODUCT Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation. To ensure reliable operation of the product and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS to protect it from overheating, these openings must not be blocked or covered. Electrical energy can perform many useful functions. But • Do not block the openings by placing the product on a improper use can result in potential electrical shock or fire bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. hazards. This product has been enginee


5 USE SERVICING 1. Accessories 1. Servicing To avoid personal injury: If your product is not operating correctly or exhibits a • Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand, marked change in performance and you are unable to tripod, bracket or table. It may fall, causing serious injury restore normal operation by following the detailed to a child or adult, and serious damage to the product. procedure in its operating instructions, do not attempt to • Use only with a cart, stand, tripod,


ABOUT DVC 6 The digital video camera converts incoming audio and video signals into digital form for recording. A video signal is composed of a luminance signal (Y) and color signals (R-Y and B-Y). These signals are identified and recorded digitally (Digital Component Recording). The A/D (Analog to Digital) converter samples the Y signal at 13.5 MHz, and R-Y and B-Y at 3.375 MHz, and changes them to an 8-bit quantum signal. Sound sampled at 40 kHz is changed to a 16-bit quantum signal, and sound


REC QUICK OPERATION GUIDE 7 CASSETTE COVER CASSETTE HOLDER OPEN/EJECT SWITCH STANDBY PAUSE POWER LAMP OFF BATTERY COVER 5S REC RECORDING START/STOP BUTTON SUPPLYING POWER RECORDING Install A Fully Charged Battery Pull out the viewfinder and align the mark with 1 “STANDBY”. The lens cover opens Open the battery cover in the direction of the automatically. 1 arrow. Set the Power Dial to “REC”, then press Remove the battery’s protective cap and insert 2 RECORDING START/STOP. A “beep” signals 2 the


PROVIDED ACCESSORIES 8 Soft camera case AC Power Remote control unit Adapter/Charger AA-V70U RM-V708U TW MiniDV Cassette Tape Docking Station CAM Stand 30 min M-DV30ME Lithium battery x 2 CR2025 Battery pack Hand strap (one for clock operation and BN-V712U one for remote control unit) Power cord AUDIO and VIDEO cable AUDIO and VIDEO cable (Phono Docking Station (ø3.5 DV TV or VCR) TV or VCR) S-VIDEO cable Editing cable DC cord


CONTENTS 9 ABOUT DVC 6 QUICK OPERATION GUIDE 7 PROVIDED ACCESSORIES 8 GETTING STARTED 10 Charging The Battery ................................................................. 10 Installing The Battery................................................................. 11 Indoor Use.............................................................................. 12 Using The CAM Stand ................................................................. 12 Clock (Lithium) Battery Insertion/Removal........


GETTING STARTED 10 Charging The Battery You can charge one battery pack at a time, or two consecutively. ATTACH CHARGE INDICATOR 1 DETACH CHARGE INDICATOR 2 BATTERY PACK BN-V712U RED DC JACK BLACK POWER CORD CHARGE MARKER POWER LAMP • The charge marker does not move by itself. After charging or removing a discharged battery, be sure to set the marker to the predetermined position. Charge Marker The charge marker makes it easy for you to differentiate between charged and discharged batteries. Cho


11 NOTES: Installing The Battery Pack c If you connect the camcorder’s DC cord to the The battery pack does not charge while in the adapter during battery charging, power is camcorder. Before installation, make sure the supplied to the camcorder and charging stops. battery pack has been charged fully. c When using the AC Power Adapter/Charger, be sure to use the supplied power cord only. c The AC Power Adapter/Charger is for use with the BN-V712U Battery Pack only. c When charging the Battery Pa


GETTING STARTED (Cont.) 12 AC POWER ADAPTER/CHARGER POWER CORD MIC AV-OUT DC-IN 6V DC CORD Connector is under this cover CAM STAND Indoor Use Using The CAM Stand When using the camcorder indoors, you can use During Recording the AC Adapter instead of a battery. If you record while leaving the camcorder on a desk or table, it may tip or be accidentally knocked over. SUPPLY POWER TO ADAPTER Attach it to the CAM Stand before this type of use. 1 Connect the power cord between the AC Adapter and an


13 Clock (Lithium) Battery CR2025 Insertion/Removal This battery is necessary to operate the clock and to perform date/time settings. BATTERY COVER NOTES: OPEN BATTERY COVER 1 Slide off as shown in the illustration. c When the battery is depleted, the “ ” indicator appears in the viewfinder after you turn the power REMOVE OLD BATTERY on. 2 Pull the battery holder out as shown, and slide c See “SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” on page 2 for the battery down and out of the holder. information on safe handling


GETTING STARTED (Cont.) 14 Date/Time Settings If you set the date and time beforehand, the data will automatically be recorded separately from the video signal. Even if the date and time do not appear during recording, you can display them on the screen or remove them from the screen at any time during playback. VIEWFINDER VIEWFINDER OFF WIDE MODE ZOOM 20X DIS OFF ON SCREEN OFF T GA I N UP AGC DISPLAY OFF TO FADER / W IPE MENU DATE/T I ME DEC 25 ’ 96 TO P.AE / EFF


15 Loading/Unloading A Cassette If you have already installed a fully charged battery, you can open the door without external power. CASSETTE HOLDER CASSETTE COVER OPEN/EJECT SWITCH PUSH Make sure the window side is facing out. NOTES: OPEN CASSETTE DOOR 1 c It takes a few seconds for the cassette holder to Turn on the power, then slide the OPEN/EJECT open. Do not apply force. switch in the direction of the arrow. The c If you wait a few seconds and the cassette holder cassette cover releases. Op


REC GETTING STARTED (Cont.) 16 Hand Strap Attachment Diopter Adjustment The provided Hand Strap helps you to keep a firm Adjust the viewfinder display for best viewing. hold on the camcorder. Make sure you never hold the camcorder without using the Hand Strap. VIEWFINDER OFF 5S POWER DIAL DIOPTER ADJUST LEVER 2 1 PAUSE ATTACH HAND STRAP SELECT OPERATION MODE 1 Slide the strap through the eyelet, pulling 1 Set the Power Dial to “REC”. firmly to ensure secure attachment. ADJUST DIOPTER 2 Pull out


17 RM-V708U Remote Control Unit You can use the RM-V708U to control the camcorder when it’s attached to the Docking Station. RECORDING START/STOP Button (Z pg. 60) PAUSE IN connector (Z pg. 54) POWER ON/OFF Button When the camcorder’s Power Dial is set to “PLAY”, you can Z pg. 50) ZOOM Buttons ( turn the unit’s power on and off using the RM-V708U. DISPLAY Button (Z pg. 59) TW AUDIO MONITOR SHIFT Button (Z pg. 50) Button (Z pg. 59) MBR SET Button (Z pg. 53) SLOW Rewind/Forward Buttons (Z pg. 45)


RECORDING 18 Full Auto/Manual Operation The following chart shows you which functions are available in the Full Auto and Manual operation modes. AUTO FOCUS EXP. WB SET PRO SELECT DIAL FULL AUTO MANUAL MODE MODE SELECT DIAL SELECT DIAL POSITION POSITION AUTO FOCUS EXPOSURE WB PRO Snapshot (Z pg. 25) YES YES YES YES YES Scene (Z pg. 22)*2 YES*1 YES YES YES YES Self-Timer (Z pg. 28) YES YES YES YES YES Focus (Z pg. 39) AUTO AUTO/MAN AUTO/LOCK AUTO/LOCK AUTO/LOCK D.I.Stabilizer (Z pg. 20) Not opera


19 Menus The Recording Menu allows you to set these functions: Squeeze, Zoom Magnification, Digital Image Stabilizer, Gain Up, FADE/WIPE, P.AE/EFFECT, Date/Time Menu, and System Menu. The following selection procedure applies to Squeeze, Zoom Magnification, Stabilization and Gain Up. VIEWFINDER VIEWFINDER WIDE MODE OFF WIDE MODE OFF ZOOM 20X ZOOM 20X DIS OFF DIS OFF T GA I N UP AGC GA I N UP AGC TO FADER / W IPE MENU TO FADER / W IPE MENU TO P . AE / EFFECT MEN


RECORDING (Cont.) 20 DIS (Digital Image Stabilizer) 10X OFF 20X SQUEEZE When recording while holding the camcorder in 100X CINEMA your hand, or when shooting a subject with llittle or no contrast, subtle hand movements will cause shakiness in the recorded image. WIDE MODE OFF ON–Compensates for relatively small shakes that ZOOM 20X occur when shooting close up. “ ” appears in the DIS OFF viewfinder during recording. *This function is AGC GA I N UP usable when the Select Dial is set to “

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