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Skyworth 37L16の取扱説明書
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Instruction Manual
LCD-37L1 LCD-37L16 6


Thank you very much for your purchase of this product-the most natural Colour Television Receiver. To enjoy your set to the full from the very beginning, read this manual carefully and keep it handy for ready reference.



SETUP SETUP Insert The Batteries 1 Remove the battery cover by pressing it and sliding it down. 2 Insert the two 1.5V (AAA size) batteries making sure the polarity (+ or -)of the batteries matches the polarity marks Inside the unit. 3 Replace the battery cover by sliding it in until you hear a click Sound. Precautions when using batteries Do not use old and new batteries together. Do not use different types of batteries (for example, Manganese and Alkaline batteries) together. Note that t


SETUP SETUP Locate the receiver in the room where direct light does not strike the screen. Total darkness or a reflection on the picture screen can cause eyestrain. Soft and indirect lighting is recommended for comfortable viewing. Allow enough space between the receiver and the wall to permit ventilation. Avoid excessively warm locations to prevent possible damage to the cabinet or premature component failure. This TV operates on AC supply directly, connect the AC plug to the socket at the ba


FUNCTIONAL P FUNCTIONAL PARTS ARTS 1. ON/OFF Switch 2. Power Indicator 3. Remote Sensor 4. TV / AV 5. MENU 6. VOL.- Button 7. V0L. + Button 8. PROG.- Button 9. PROG.+ Button 10. Speakers 11. AV IN 2 12. AV IN 3 10 10 1 1 2 2 3 3 10 10 13. Aerial input socket 14. AV IN 1 15. AV OUT 16. S-Video 17. Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr 18. Audio input (Left & Right) 19. VGA Input 20. HDMI1 Input 21. HDMI2 Input 22. Power cord input TV/AV 44 MENU 55 2222 VOL.- 66 VOL.+ 77 PR


HDMI CABLE CONNECTIONS HDMI CABLE CONNECTIONS IMPORTANT INFORMATION Power off both HD player and display before making any connections. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI socket of the TV, connect the other end to the HDMI output socket of the HD player source. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI socket of the TV. Connect the other end to the HDMI output socket of the HD player source, HDMI cable will carry both Video and audio signals from the HD source to the TV. VIDEO LEFT RIGHT AV IN


OPERATION OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS Remote Control Unit 1 POWER (STAND BY) BUTTON ( ) Press this button to turn the TV on/off. 2 MUTE BUTTON ( ) Press once to mute the sound, press again to return to preset sound level. 3 PROGRAM SELECTION BUTTONS (0-9, -/--) Press 0-9 digit buttons(one input status:"-"), you can Sleep SS PP Power select one digit program number, if you want to select two digits program number,you must press the"-/--" Q.View Mute // Display button to s


OPERATION OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS Remote Control Unit SLEEP BUTTON(SLEEP) 11 Press this button to set the sleep timer. When the preset length of time has passed, the TV set Enters standby mode. The time change(minutes):15,30,45,60,90,120 off. 12 MENU BUTTON (MENU) Sleep SS PP Power Press this button to enter the menu screens for various Optional adjustable settings. Q.View Mute // Display 13 TV/AV BUTTON Press this button to display external video signal suc




TELETEXT TELETEXT PROG.+ PROG.- To Cancel TEXT Press"CANCEL"button to clear the TEXT.But the page number is still displayed on the left top of the screen. NOTICE:However,Teletextis playing all the same on the background at the time. Press"CANCEL"button again to resume the TEXT. To Freeze TEXT Press"HOLD"button to hold a Text page.This means the page will not change and refresh. Press the button again to release the hold state. To exit Teletext Press the "TEXT"button.The screen will


ANALOG ANALOG MENU S MENU SCREENS CREENS 1. Plug in the power source. The power indicator will light up. If TV is in stand by mode. Then Press¡° ¡±key. The picture will display in few minutes. MENU BUTTON 1.Press menu button to display analog menu ,and press VOL.+/- to select sub menu. VIDEO AUDIO SETUP TIME OPTIONS 2.After entering an item, you can select the desired adjusting item by the VOL.+/- Buttons and adjust It by the PROG. +/- buttons. Press the MEN


Advanced Yellow Tone Green Tone Blue Tone Film mode EXIT Watch TV ANALOG ANALOG MENU S MENU SCREENS CREENS Advanced Advanced menu This items is to enter advanced picture menu, press the VOL.+/- buttons to enter the advanced picture menu. 1.Yellow Tone This option adjusts the flesh tone level of the image. The scale of control should be 0-3. 2.Green Tone This option adjusts the green tone level of the image. The scale of control should be 0-3. Tone This option adjusts the blue tone leve


ANALOG ANALOG MENU S MENU SCREENS CREENS Setup menu Enter Setup menu, you can search, and edit channel or favorite program by pressing PROG.+/- Buttons. Auto tuning Settings Press the VOL.+ button Auto tuning status will be shown when the whole band is search over the auto tuning process is terminated. Manual tuning Press the PROG.+/- buttons to enter the Manual tuning item Change the channel frequency data upward or downward sound system,color system skip AFT manual search by the VOL.+


ANALOG ANALOG MENU S MENU SCREENS CREENS Option Menu Enter option menu you can setup the osd language , Aspect , Menu Background ,Blue screen and key lock . Select Option menu by press the PROG.+/- buttons and enter the caption function by pressing VOL.+/- buttons, you can adjust the Style function items by pressing VOL.+/- Buttons. OSD Language Press the VOL.+/- and MENU buttons to select the osd Language. Aspect Press the VOL.+/- and MENU buttons to select the aspect These are 16:


PC MODE PC MODE PC Input typical display modes. The following table is an illustration of some of The typical video display modes. 1 640x480 (recommend 60Hz) 2 800x600 (recommend 60Hz) 3 1024x768 (recommend 60Hz) 4 480p 5 576p 15 Pin Mini D-Sub Connector 6 720p (50/60Hz) 7 1080i (50/60Hz) Enter menu, you can adjust the picture phase,H position,V position and Hold items by pressing PROG.+/- Buttons. H or V Position Press the VOL.+/- button to adjust to the picture horiz


HDMI INPUT HDMI INPUT RESOLUTIONS RESOLUTIONS HDMI Input typical display modes.The Following table is an illustration Of some Of the Typical video display modes. 1 640x480 (recommend 60Hz) 2 800x600 (recommend 60Hz) 3 1024x768 (recommend 60Hz) 4 480p 5 576p 6 720p (50/60Hz) 7 1080i (50/60Hz) YPb Pr Mode(Component input) The menu of Ypb Pr mode is exactly same as the menu of HDMI mode. YPbPr Input typical display modes. The following table is an illustration of some of


SERVICE SERVICE TIPS TIPS BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE, HAVE YOU CHECKED ( ) THE FOLLOWING CHART ON SYMPTOMS AND SOLUTIONS? Symptoms No picture, no sound Poor sound, picture OK Poor picture, sound OK Weak picture Blurred picture Double image Lines in picture Distorted picture Weak reception on some channels Horizontal bars Picture rolls vertically Poor colour No colour Misoperation of Remote control No Remote control On Screen Display Control outside the screen -15- t t t t t t t t t t

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