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Toshiba 53AX61 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
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Projection Television
Owner's Record
The model number and serial number are on the back
of your TV. Record these numbers in the spaces below.
Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate
with your Toshiba dealer about this TV.
Model number: 53AX61
Serial number:
All Rights Reserved
Index Appendix Using the TV’s Setting up Using the Connecting Introduction
Features your TV Remote Control your TV

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Precautions Important Information Installing your TV WARNING • Place the TV on the floor or on a sturdy platform. The TOREDUCETHERISKOFFIREORELECTRICSHOCK,DO mounting surface should be flat and steady. If you install the NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. TV on a soft floor, make sure that the floor is not damaged by the weight of the TV. • Place the TV far enough away from the walls to allow proper ventilation. This will prevent the TV from overheating and avoid possible damage to t

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Using the LOCKS menu ............................................... 32 Introduction................................................................ 4 Entering the PIN code ............................................ 32 Welcome to Toshiba ......................................................... 4 Using the V-CHIP menu ............................................... 33 Exploring your new TV ................................................... 4 ENABLE BLOCKING ...................................

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Introduction Welcome to Toshiba Congratulations! You have purchased one of the finest projection TVs on the market. The goal of this manual is to guide you through setting up and operating your Toshiba TV as quickly as possible. This manual applies to model 53AX61. Instructions in this manual are based on using the remote control. You can also use the buttons on the TV front panel if they have the same name as those on the remote control. Please read all the safety and operating instructions car

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Connecting your TV ANTENNA Coaxial Cable If you have not connected electronic equipment before, or you have been frustrated in the past, you may wish to read this section. (Cables AUDIO are not supplied.) Cables • A coaxial cable is the standard cable that comes in from an antenna or cable converter box. Coaxial cables use “F” VIDEO Cable connectors. • Audio and video cables are usually color-coded according to use: yellow for video, and red and white for audio. The red audio S-VIDEO Cable cable

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

IN OUT Connecting a cable converter box This connection allows you to watch cable and premium channels. Note: To use the TV’s features, select ANT-1. To view premium channels, When you use a converter box with your TV, select ANT-2 and tune the TV to channel 3 or 4 (whichever is vacant there may be features that you cannot in your area), and then use the converter box to change channels. program using the remote control, such as programming your favorite channels, labeling You will need: channel

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Connecting a DVD player/satellite receiver and a VCR This connection allows you to watch DVD/satellite, VCR, and TV programs. You can record one TV channel while watching another channel. You will need: • one coaxial cable • two pairs of audio cables (one single and one pair of audio cables for a mono VCR) • one video cable • one S-video cable Note: Stereo VCR You can use a regular video cable instead of VIDEO AUDIO an S-video cable, but the picture quality will From antenna LR decrease. If you

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Stereo VCR Connecting a DVD player with From IN from ANT OUT to TV ® ColorStream (component VIDEO AUDIO LR Antenna IN video) and a VCR CH 3 OUT CH 4 This connection allows you to watch DVD, VCR, or TV programs, and record DVD or TV TV programs. You can record from one source while watching a program from another source. ® ( ) AUDIO CENTER ANT 75 Your TV has ColorStream (component video) CHANNEL IN ANT-1 connections. Connecting your TV to a DVD player with component video (such as a Toshiba D

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Connecting a camcorder This connection allows you to watch video materials recorded on a camcorder. You will need: • one pair of audio cables • one video cable Camcorder Note: If you have an S-VHS camcorder, use an S-video cable instead of a regular video cable. Do not connect a regular video cable and an VIDEO AUDIO OUT S-video cable to Video-3 at the same time or L the picture will be distorted. R CH MENU EXIT VOL VOL CH Video-3 inputs on TV front panel Connecting an audio system This connecti

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Connecting an A/V receiver Caution: If you use a system that delivers Dolby Pro Logic* surround sound, you will probably want to use the TV speakers as center channel To avoid damaging the TV speakers, turn off the TV before connecting or disconnecting speakers. the Audio Center Channel cable. A center channel speaker adds to the realism of a surround sound system such as Dolby Pro Logic. Note: You will need: For surround sound system setup details, refer • one pair of audio cables to the instru

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Using the remote control Note: Preparing the remote control for use The remote control may not operate your Your Toshiba remote control has one dedicated TV mode and 5 audio/video devices. Refer to the owner’s universal modes: VCR, Cable/SAT, DVD, Audio1, and Audio2. The manuals provided with your other devices to target devices and default devices being programmed for each mode see which features are available. In addition, are as follows: the remote controls for your other devices may have fea

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Remote control functional key chart Toshiba TV Cable Satellite VCR DVD/LD Receiver CD/MD Cassete Key Label (TV) (CBL/SAT) (CBL/SAT) (AUDIO) (AUDIO) (VCR) LIGHT Illuminates the remote SLEEP Sleep timer --- --- --- --- --- --- --- POWER Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power 1/MOVIE Digit 1 Digit 1 Digit 1 Digit 1 Digit 1 AV input 1 Digit 1 Digit 1 2/SPORTS Digit 2 Digit 2 Digit 2 Digit 2 Digit 2 AV input 2 Digit 2 Digit 2 3/NEWS Digit 3 Digit 3 Digit 3 Digit 3 Digit 3 AV input 3 Digit 3

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

DISC AM/FM --- --- --- --- Disc shift AM/FM Disc shift Deck side A/B switch STOP VCR VCR VCR Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop REC VCR VCR VCR Record --- Record Record Record PIP CHyz PIP channel TV TV TV TV TV TV TV up/down PIP PIP on/off TV TV TV TV TV TV TV MULTI Strobe TV TV TV TV TV TV TV STILL PIP Still TV TV TV TV TV TV TV SWAP PIP Swap TV TV TV TV TV TV TV LOCATE PIP Locate TV TV TV TV TV TV TV SOURCE PIP Source TV TV TV TV TV TV TV Notes: •“---” will send nothing. •“ TV” will jump to TV. •“VCR ”

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Programming the remote control for use with your audio/video devices Device code setup 1. Refer to the Device code table on pages 16–19 to find the code for the brand of your device. POWER If more than one code is listed, try each one separately until you find the one that works. Number 2. Press MODE until the Mode indicator of the device MODE (CABLE/SAT, VCR, DVD, AUDIO1, AUDIO2) lights up. 3. While holding down RECALL, press the Number buttons to enter the four-digit code for your device. If t

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Verifying the device code (990) Use this feature to verify the device codes currently programmed in the remote control. The number of blinks after pressing the 1, 2, 3, and 4 buttons is the 4-digit code set up for that mode. For example, to verify the device code for the VCR mode: Number 1. Repeatedly press MODE until the VCR mode is selected. MODE 2. While holding down RECALL, press 9, 9, 0. 3. Press 1 ➝ 0 blinks. 4. Press 2 ➝ 3 blinks. 5. Press 3 ➝ 8 blinks. 6. Press 4 ➝ 5 blinks. This verifie

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Device code table Cable box setup codes Satellite Receiver setup codes Brand name Code number Brand name Code number ABC 0020, 0022, 0026, SL Marx 0059 AlphaStar 0791 Samsung 0059, 0163 0027, 0030, 0032, Chaparral 0072, 0235 0033, 0036 Scientific Atlanta 0027, 0036, 0496, Curtis Mathes 0080 0896 Allegro 0172, 0334 Echostar 0288, 0299, 0794, Americast 0918 Seam 0529 1024 Signal 0034, 0059 Antronix 0041, 0226 Expressvu 0794 Archer 0041, 0172, 0226, Signature 0030 General Instrument 0380, 0646, 088

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Device code table VCR setup codes Brand name Code number Admiral 0067, 0228 Kenwood 0057, 0060, 0086, Radix 0056 0403 Randex 0056 Adventura 0019 Aiko 0297 Kodak 0054, 0056 Realistic 0019, 0054, 0056, LXI 0056 0065, 0066, 0067, Aiwa 0019, 0056, 0326 Akai 0060, 0072, 0080, Lloyd's 0019, 0227 0081, 0085, 0123 Logik 0091 ReplayTV 0633, 0635 0125 America Action 0297 MEI 0054 Ricoh 0053, 0272 MGA 0062, 0080, 0259 Runco 0058 American High 0054 Asha 0259 MGN Technology 0259 STS 0061 MTC 0019, 0259 Samsu

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Device code table DVD setup codes CD Player setup codes Brand name Code number Brand name Code number Aiwa 0660 ADC 0037 Sanyo 0106, 0198 Scott 0174, 0183, 0324 Denon 0509, 0653 Adcom 0174, 0253 GE 0541 Aiwa 0143, 0176 Sears 0324 Sharp 0056, 0199, 0880 Harman/Kardon 0601 Akai 0175 JVC 0577, 0642 Audio Alchemy 0213 Sherwood 0199, 0215, 0445, 1086 Kenwood 0553 Audio-Technica 0189 Magnavox 0522 BSR 0213, 0264 Sony 0019, 0204, 0509, 0623, 0624 Marantz 0558 Burmester 0439 Mitsubishi 0540 California A

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Device code table Amplifier setup codes Misc. Audio setup codes Brand name Code number Brand name Code number Aiwa 0425 Aiwa 0029, 0178, 0423 Pioneer 0033, 0099, 0169, 0550, 0649, 1042 Carver 0288 Fisher 0071 Curtis Mathes 0319 Harman/Kardon 0496 Proscan 1273 Quasar 0058 Denon 0179 JBL 0496 GE 0097 JVC 0092 RCA 0073, 0365, 0379, 0549, 0550, 1173, Harman/Kardon 0911 Jerrold 0478, 0539 JVC 0350 Nikko 0395 1273 Realistic 0182, 0200, 0214 Linn 0288 Paramount Pictures 0336 Magnavox 0288 RCA 0075 Sans

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Learning about the remote control Only the buttons used to operate the TV are described here. POWER turns the TV on and off SLEEP programs the TV to turn off at a specific time (page 42) LIGHT Pressing the LIGHT button toggles the illumination mode on and off. With the illumiantion mode on, the keypad will light up for 5 seconds when any key is pressed. (If in programming mode, the keypad will remain lit for 10 seconds). Channel Numbers (0–9, 100) allow direct access to channels, even those not

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