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Toshiba Pro L730 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

User's Manual
Satellite L730/L735
Satellite Pro L730

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Table of Contents Preface General Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started Equipment checklist ............................................................................. 1-1 Getting Started ....................................................................................... 1-2 Chapter 2 The Grand Tour Front with the display closed ............................................................... 2-1 Left side ..............................................

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Heat dispersal ...................................................................................... 3-47 Chapter 4 Utilities & Advanced Usage Utilities and Applications ...................................................................... 4-1 Special features ..................................................................................... 4-6 Using the TOSHIBA Sleep Utility ......................................................... 4-8 Using the TOSH

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Copyright © 2011 by TOSHIBA Corporation. All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this manual cannot be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of TOSHIBA. No patent liability is assumed, with respect to the use of the information contained herein. First edition January 2011 Copyright authority for music, movies, computer programs, databases and other intellectual property covered by copyright laws belongs to the author or to the c

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 WinDVD and Corel Digital Studio are trademarks or registered trademarks of Corel Corporations. Blu-ray Disc™, Blu-ray™, Blu-ray 3D™, BD-Live™, BONUSVIEW™, BDXL™, AVCREC™, and the logos are trademarks of the Blu-ray Disc Association. Atheros is a registered trademark or Atheros Communication, Inc. Realtek is a registered trademark or Realtek Semiconductor Corporation. Other trademarks and registered trademarks not listed above may be used in this manual. FCC

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Contact Address: TOSHIBA America Information Systems, Inc. 9740 Irvine Boulevard Irvine, California 92618-1697 Telephone: (949) 583-3000 EU Declaration of Conformity This product is carrying the CE-Mark in accordance with the related European Directives. Responsible for CE- Marking is TOSHIBA Europe GmbH, Hammfelddamm 8, 41460 Neuss, Germany. The complete and official EU Declaration of Conformity can be found on TOSHIBA’s web site

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Industrial Environments (e.g. environments where a mains voltage of 380 V three-phase is used) Medical Environments Automotive Environments Aircraft Environments Any consequences resulting from the use of this product in working environments that are not approved are not the responsibility of TOSHIBA. The consequences of the use of this product in non-approved working environments may be: Interference with other devices or machines in the near surrounding a

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Following information is only valid for EU-member States: Disposal of products The crossed out wheeled dust bin symbol indicates that products must be collected and disposed of separately from household waste. Integrated batteries and accumulators can be disposed of with the product. They will be separated at the recycling centres. The black bar indicates that the product was placed on the market after August 13, 2005. By participating in separate collectio

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 These symbols may not stick depending on the country and region where you purchased. Disposing of the computer and the computer's batteries Discard this computer in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. For further information, contact your local government. This computer contains rechargeable batteries. After repeated use, the batteries will finally lose their ability to hold a charge and you will need to replace them. Under certain applicable l

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 The drive model employs a laser system. To ensure proper use of this product, please read this instruction manual carefully and retain for future reference. Should the unit ever require maintenance, contact an authorized service location. Use of controls, adjustments or the performance of procedures other than those specified may result in hazardous radiation exposure. To prevent direct exposure to the laser beam, do not try to open the enclosure. 1. Panaso

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Preface Congratulations on your purchase of this computer. This powerful notebook computer provides excellent expansion capability, includes multimedia functionality, and is designed to provide years of reliable, high-performance computing. This manual tells how to set up and begin using your computer. It also provides detailed information on configuring your computer, basic operations and care, using optional devices and troubleshooting. Conventions This m

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Display Names of windows or icons or text generated by ABC the computer that appear on its display screen are presented in the type face you see to the left. Messages Messages are used in this manual to bring important information to your attention. Each type of message is identified as shown below. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which could result in death or serious injury, if you do not follow instructions. Pay attention! A caution inform

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 General Precautions TOSHIBA computers are designed to optimize safety, minimize strain and withstand the rigors of portability. However, certain precautions should be observed to further reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the computer. Be certain to read the general precautions below and to note the cautions included in the text of the manual. Provide adequate ventilation Always make sure your computer and AC adaptor have adequate ventilation a

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Stress injury Carefully read the Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort. It contains information on the prevention of stress injuries to your hands and wrists that can be caused by extensive keyboard use. It also includes information on work space design, posture and lighting that can help reduce physical stress. Heat injury Avoid prolonged physical contact with the computer. If the computer is used for long periods, its surface can become very warm. Whi

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Chapter 1 Getting Started This chapter provides an equipment checklist, and basic information to start using your computer. Some of the features described in this manual may not function properly if you use an operating system that was not pre-installed by TOSHIBA. Equipment checklist Carefully unpack your computer, taking care to save the box and packaging materials for future use. Hardware Check to make sure you have all the following items: TOSHIBA Porta

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 Corel Digital Studio Corel Label@Once TOSHIBA eco Utility TOSHIBA Bulletin Board TOSHIBA ReelTime TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility TOSHIBA Value Added Package TOSHIBA Intelligent Display Management TOSHIBA Web Camera Application TOSHIBA Face Recognition TOSHIBA HDD Protection TOSHIBA Service Station TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor TOSHIBA Sleep Utility Online Manual TOSHIBA Portable Personal Computer User's Manual (This manual) * You may not have all the softwares listed

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 It is a good idea to periodically back up the internal hard disk drive or other main storage device to external media. General storage media is not durable or stable over long periods of time and under certain conditions may result in data loss. Before you install a device or application, save any data in memory to the hard disk drive or other storage media. Failure to do so may result in the loss of data. Connecting the AC adaptor Attach the AC adaptor whe

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 When you connect the AC adaptor to the computer, always follow the steps in the exact order as described in the User’s Manual. Connecting the power cable to a live electrical outlet should be the last step otherwise the adaptor DC output plug could hold an electrical charge and cause an electrical shock or minor bodily injury when touched. As a general safety precaution, avoid touching any metal parts. Never place your computer or AC adaptor on a wooden sur

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 2. Connect the AC adaptor’s DC output plug to the DC IN 19V jack on the left of the computer. Figure 1-3 Connecting the DC output plug to the computer 1 2 1. DC IN 19V jack 2. DC output plug 3. Plug the power cord into a live wall outlet - the Battery and DC IN indicators on the front of the computer should glow. Opening the display The display panel can be opened to a wide range of angles for optimal viewing. While holding down the palm rest with one hand

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Satellite L730/L735/Satellite Pro L730 When opening or closing the display panel, place one hand on the palm rest to hold the computer in place and use the other hand to slowly open or close the display panel (Do not use excessive force when opening or closing the display panel). Turning on the power This section describes how to turn on the power - the Power indicator will then indicate the status. Please refer to the Monitoring of power condition section in Chapter 5, Power and Power-Up Modes

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