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هدفنا هو أن نوفر لك وصولاً سريعًا إلى محتوى دليل المستخدم الخاص بـ Harman-Kardon TC600. باستخدام المعاينة عبر الإنترنت ، يمكنك عرض المحتويات بسرعة والانتقال إلى الصفحة حيث ستجد الحل لمشكلتك مع Harman-Kardon TC600.


إذا لم يكن البحث في دليل المستخدم Harman-Kardon TC600 مباشرة على موقع الويب هذا مناسبًا لك ، فهناك حلان محتملان:

  • عرض ملء الشاشة - لعرض دليل المستخدم بسهولة (بدون تنزيله على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك) ، يمكنك استخدام وضع العرض بملء الشاشة. لبدء مشاهدة دليل المستخدم Harman-Kardon TC600 بملء الشاشة ، استخدم الزر تكبير الشاشة.
  • التنزيل على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك - يمكنك أيضًا تنزيل دليل المستخدم Harman-Kardon TC600 على جهاز الكمبيوتر لديك والاحتفاظ به في ملفاتك. ومع ذلك ، إذا كنت لا تريد أن تشغل مساحة كبيرة على القرص الخاص بك ، فيمكنك دائمًا تنزيله في المستقبل من ManualsBase.
Harman-Kardon TC600 دليل الاستخدام - Online PDF

استكشف دليل المستخدم المفصل Harman-Kardon للإنشاء الرائع ، الطراز TC600. احصل على رؤى وإرشادات قيمة لزيادة إمكانات جهازك إلى أقصى حد وتحسين تجربة المستخدم. اكتشف الإمكانات الكاملة لجهاز Harman-Kardon TC600 من خلال هذا المستخدم الشامل يدويًا ، يقدم إرشادات خطوة بخطوة ونصائح الخبراء للتشغيل والاستمتاع بدون عناء.

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يفضل العديد من الأشخاص قراءة المستندات ليس على الشاشة ، ولكن في النسخة المطبوعة. تم أيضًا توفير خيار طباعة الدليل ، ويمكنك استخدامه بالنقر فوق الارتباط أعلاه - اطبع الدليل. لا يتعين عليك طباعة الدليل بالكامل Harman-Kardon TC600 ولكن الصفحات المحددة فقط. ورق.


ستجد أدناه معاينات لمحتوى أدلة المستخدم المقدمة في الصفحات التالية لـ Harman-Kardon TC600. إذا كنت ترغب في عرض محتوى الصفحات الموجودة في الصفحات التالية من الدليل بسرعة ، فيمكنك استخدامها.

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Thank you for choosing a Harman Kardon Table of Contents Tunnel Cooled amplifier. This is a superb piece of high fidelity equipment that has 4 Harman Kardon design philosophy ........ 2 been meticulously designed to provide you TC600, TC300, and TC304 features ....... 3 with many hours of enjoyment. introduction ............................................. 5 Installation precautions ................... 6 Harman Kardon's Tunnel Cooled amplifiers Charging system considerations ........

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Harman Kardon design philosophy The TC Series amplifiers employ the key Ultrawidebandwidth supply 50 amperes. This HCC provides Harman Kardon design principles of high- control over the low impedance and Unlike conventional automotive amplifi- instantaneous current capability (HCC), fluctuating phase angles produced by ers, the TC600, TC300, and TC304 can ultrawidebandwidth, low negative feedback, normally operating speakers, ensuring reproduce musical frequencies ranging and fully disc

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TC600, TC300, and TC304 Features feedback, the TC Series amplifiers use Two-stage music-linked Transverse tunnel fan completely discrete (separate) electronic cooling fan speed cooling components for greatly improved The music link whisper fan operates Major heat-producing components in the linearity and less distortion. inaudibly until the music volume rises, then amplifier are mounted directly to the center goes to a higher speed for more efficient Ultrawidebandwidth combined with

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Simultaneous stereo Fully regulated high- Balanced differential variable-gain inputs plus bridged mono capacity power supply The high-capacity power supply is fully The input circuitry on TC Series amplifiers operation regulated, ensuring stable amplifier opera- isolates signal cables from potential ground For one-amplifier stereo satellite/mono tion over a wide voltage range and corn- loops and radiated noise. In addition, it subwoofer systems, the TC Series amplifi- pletely eliminatin

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Introduction This manual covers all three of the Harman Important Warranty card Kardon TC Series amplifiers: the TC600, The TC Series amplifiers are professional- Fill out the warranty card and suve your TC300, and TC304. Because of their clean, quality amplifiers that can be incorporated sules receipt. Your sales receipt is your powerful design, these amplifiers can be into any automotive system, from the proof of purchase and you will need it to used full-range or in specialized multi

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Installation precautions Make sure that the inlets and outlets for Important: To prevent serious short- Disconnect the negative (-) battery circuits that can do major damage the amplifier's cooling fan are unob- terminal before beginning your installa- (including potential for fire), you must structed. You must install the amplifier tion, and do not reconnect it until all install a fuse within 18" of the positive in such a way as to allow free air flow connections have been made and you

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Charging system Mounting considerations location The TC600, TC300, and TC304 are high- Because of the additional demand, the life Harman Kardon's tunnel cooled design performance amplifiers whose current of your car's battery and charging system keeps your amplifier cool to the touch. demands place an additional load on your may be shorter than it would have been enabling you to install it even in a very car's battery and charging system. Depend- before you installed your music system. con

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System configurations This section describes some of the system High-level input to amplifier Normal stereo or four-channel configurations possible with the TC Series All TC Series amplifiers can also accept a full-range operation amplifiers. high-level (speaker-level) input signal from ("Full-range" means that a single amplifier a head unit that has no preamp-level out- provides the entire spectrum of audio Low-level input to amplifier puts. In this situation, the leads from your fre

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Use the TC300 as a dedicated mono Dedicated full-range bridged Bridged amplifier operation amplifier running a single subwoofer or amplifier operation with electronic crossover other combinations of series/parallel Any TC Series amplifier can be bridged. If you install an electronic crossover woofers. combining two of its channels into a single between the head unit and the TC Series channel to provide higher power. The amplifier. you have several options for Use the TC304 in one of two

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crossovers on all three speakers so the speakers, or from the left front to right Simultaneous bridged-mono/ stereo satellite speakers and the subwoofer rear and right front to left rear for non- stereo satellite operation do not operate in the same frequency range. fade bass operation. You can use any of the TC Series amplifiers If you're using a two-channel amplifier in a simultanous bridge-monolstereo mode 4,3,2 operation using the TC304 (either the TC600 or TC300), the speaker (als

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Connecting the TC-series amplifier This section is divided into four separate General information Connection tips: parts: 1. General information Do not connect the main positive lead DISCONNECT THE BATTERY'S 2. Power connections (B+) from the amplifier to the battery NEGATIVE (-) TERMINAL BEFORE 3. Audio input connections (from the head until after all other connections have been YOU BEGIN YOUR INSTALLATION, unit to the amplifier) made. AND DO NOT RECONNECT IT 4. Speaker output co

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The connectors on TC Series amplifiers If you have mounted several amplifiers Wire-routing tips: are large enough to accept up to 10-gauge and accessory devices (e.g.. electronic wire. If you want to use a heavier gauge crossovers, equalizers, etc.) together in Plan your wire routing carefully before of wire than will fit into the connector, the same area, connect all the ground you begin your installation. remove one strand at a time until the end leads from these devices to the same Al

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Power connections TC600 The TC600 requires two individual wires connected to the two battery (+) terminals Your TC Series amplifier requires a positive 12V Positive (B+) connection on the amplifier. Make sure you route these 12V battery connection and a negative 12V Remember-: Connecting your. amplifier to the positi,te terminal of your battery is the leads separately from the preamp output ground. Use 10-gauge or larger wire for cables to avoid the possibility of noise in these connecti

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Option 1: Connect two 10-gauge or larger Option 2: Connect a single 4-gauge or 12V Ground (EL) connection wires to the positive terminal on the larger lead to the positive terminal on the Connect two 10-gauge or larger wires to the battery. Within 18" of the battery battery. Within 18" of the battery two ground (-) connectors on the TC600, terminal, insert a 45-amp fuse, fuseable terminal, insert a 90-amp fuse, fuseable then run both leads to the same point on the link, or circuit breaker

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of the battery terminal, insert a 45-amp fuse, 12V Ground (B-) connection TC3OO or TC304 fuseable link, or circuit breaker in the lead. Connect a single 10-gauge or larger wire to 12V Positive (B+) connection Connect the lead to the battery (+) terminal the ground (-) connector on the amp, then Remember: Connecting your amplifier to on the TC300 or TC304. Make sure you run the lead to the metal chassis of the car. the positive terminal of your battery is the route this lead separately f

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Remote-on Option I : Connect the antenna power lead Option 2: Wire a switch in the passenger to the Remote terminal on the TC Series compartment to switch the positive Many head units provide a remote-on lead, amplifier. Note: This configuration may terminal on the battery (+12V) to the which connects directly to the Remote require that you have the power to the Remote terminal on the amplifier. connector on your TC Series amplifier. radio on when you play a tape or CD. Alternatively, you

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You may want to use high-quality preamp Low-level (preamp-level) Audio input cables (although noise at this point should connections connections not be a factor because the differential Connect the left and right preamp output There are two types of input signals that INPUT connectors on the TC Series ampli- cables from your head unit, electronic your TC Series amplifier may receive: low- fiers are capable of rejecting radiated noise crossover, low-level equalizer (commonly level (

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I High-level (speaker-level) Solder each pair of speaker leads from the Speaker output head unit to a male RCA connector. Con- connections connections nect the positive lead to the center pin of the If your head unit has low-]evel (preamp- The size and quality of the wire you use to RCA connector, and the negative lead to the 1) connectors available. connect as connect your speakers to your TC Series outside shield of the connector. Then attach :ribed in the previous section. If only

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Controls and operation Input sensitivity Bridged mono/stereo switch control Set this switch to STEREO when you are using both left and right RCA input WARNING: When adjusting and testing connections. the system for proper amplifier input sensitivity control level, you may easily Set this switch to MONO when you are reach amplifier output levels which can using only the left (mono) RCA connec- damage speakers. Do not operate the Controls on the TC600 tor. system at ltigl~ output le\

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