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Amcor is a renowned manufacturer known for its exceptional range of home appliances and electronic devices. Starting as a leader in air quality control, Amcor has expanded its offerings to include products designed to enhance daily comfort and convenience. From advanced air conditioners to reliable dehumidifiers, Amcor utilizes cutting-edge technology to meet a variety of customer needs.
Here are some key categories of Amcor devices we offer:
- Air Conditioner
- Dehumidifier
- Air Cleaner
- Electric Heater
- GPS Receiver
- Beverage Dispenser
- Mobile air conditioners
- Navigators
- Outdoor Shower
- Space heaters
- and others
Amcor Air Conditioner
Amcor air conditioners are built to deliver effective cooling and better air quality for homes and offices. These units include features like adjustable thermostats, energy-saving modes, and intuitive remote controls. Whether you need a portable or window-mounted unit, Amcor provides various options to fit different room sizes and cooling needs.
Amcor Dehumidifier
Amcor dehumidifiers help maintain the perfect humidity level in your living areas, preventing mold and safeguarding your possessions from moisture damage. Featuring simple controls, multiple humidity settings, and large reservoirs for extended use, these devices are ideal for basements, laundry rooms, and other damp spaces.
Amcor Air Cleaner
Amcor’s air cleaners are engineered to remove airborne contaminants, ensuring cleaner and fresher air for healthier living. They come with HEPA filters that trap dust, pollen, and allergens, making them perfect for homes with allergy sufferers. Some models also include filters to tackle odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Amcor Electric Heater
Amcor electric heaters provide efficient and safe heating for both residential and commercial settings. These heaters boast safety features like tip-over protection and thermal cut-off, offering peace of mind. Available in various styles like fan-forced, radiant, and convection heaters, they cater to a range of heating preferences.
Amcor GPS Receiver
For accurate navigation and outdoor activities, Amcor GPS receivers deliver reliable tracking. Equipped with high-precision sensors and user-friendly interfaces, these devices are great for hiking, camping, and driving. Known for durability and long battery life, Amcor’s GPS receivers ensure you stay on course during your adventures.
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Amcor Air Cleaner
1 Amcor AM-45 User manual
2 Amcor AM-60 User manual
3 Amcor AM-90 IB User manual
4 Amcor AM-80 User manual
5 Amcor AM-70 User manual
6 Amcor LYSOL Air Purifier LAP-1 User manual
7 Amcor AM90 User manual
8 Amcor AM-15 User manual
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Amcor Air Conditioner
1 Amcor 000EH User manual
2 Amcor 7KE-410 User manual
3 Amcor A12000EH User manual
4 Amcor 12KE-410 User manual
5 Amcor 12000E User manual
6 Amcor 9KE-410 User manual
7 Amcor 000E/EH User manual
8 Amcor AHW 164 User manual
9 Amcor 15KE-410 User manual
10 Amcor AMC 10KM-410 User manual
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Amcor Beverage Dispenser
1 Amcor WV 50 User manual
2 Amcor WV 150 User manual
3 Amcor WV-100 User manual
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Amcor Dehumidifier
1 Amcor D850E User manual
2 Amcor D950E User manual
3 Amcor AHD-65E User manual
4 Amcor AD 400E User manual
5 Amcor SD12 User manual
6 Amcor MD250 User manual
7 Amcor System QT 120 User manual
8 Amcor Ad 140 User manual
9 Amcor Dehumidifier SD12 User manual
10 Amcor System QT 120 User manual
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Amcor Electric Heater
1 Amcor AHM8 User manual
2 Amcor AMH9 User manual
3 Amcor Air Cooler & Heater AC 706 AM User manual
4 Amcor PLDA User manual
5 Amcor AMH8 User manual
6 Amcor plda 19EH User manual
7 Amcor 25EH User manual
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Amcor GPS Receiver
1 Amcor 3600 User manual
2 Amcor 4300 B User manual
3 Amcor NAV3500 User manual
4 Amcor Bluetooth User manual
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Amcor Mobile air conditioners
1 Amcor SF8000E-V3 User manual
2 Amcor AC12HP User manual
3 Amcor APC2000E Owner's manual
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Amcor Navigators
1 Amcor 4300 B User manual
2 Amcor GPS Navigation System 3600 User manual
3 Amcor 4300 B User manual
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Amcor Outdoor Shower
1 Amcor Rainfall Dual Showers User manual
2 Amcor Ultimate Shower System User manual
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Amcor Refrigerator
1 Amcor Inc.WV 50 User manual
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Amcor Space heaters
1 Amcor AC 706AM Owner's manual
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Amcor Split-system air conditioners
1 Amcor AMC 7KM-410 User manual
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