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Axor is celebrated for its exquisite line of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, seamlessly blending aesthetic allure with top-notch functionality. When it comes to enhancing the look and feel of your spaces, Axor is your go-to brand, providing everything from elegant faucets that command attention to showerheads that transform your daily routines into luxuriant rituals. Axor's offerings don't just stand out for their design; they're built to withstand the test of time, making them a popular pick for homes and businesses alike.
The array of products from Axor is vast, ensuring there's something for every need and desire. Our categories include but are not limited to:
- Plumbing Product
- Indoor Furnishings
- Thermometer
- Work Light
- Outdoor Shower
- Sanitary ware
- Paint Sprayer
- Water Dispenser
- Sprinkler

and much more.
Axor Plumbing Product
Dive into our plumbing products assortment and discover fixtures that are not just about functionality but also about transforming your space into a haven of luxury and efficiency. With Axor's range, expect to find sleek faucets and thermostatic mixers that let you control water temperature with pinpoint accuracy.
Axor Indoor Furnishings
Beyond plumbing, Axor extends its craftsmanship to indoor furnishings that surpass the ordinary. Designed to harmonize with your interior, these pieces add a layer of elegance and sophistication to any setting, making every corner of your space an epitome of style.
Axor Thermometer
Axor’s commitment to a full-circle luxury experience can be seen in its precise and user-friendly thermometers. Whether part of a shower system or as an individual accessory, these thermometers let you fine-tune your environment to your liking, ensuring comfort and satisfaction.
Axor Work Light
Acknowledging the essence of proper lighting, Axor presents work lights designed to illuminate without compromise. These lights are not only sturdy but also cater to providing a well-lit space for your projects, ensuring productivity and safety go hand in hand.
Axor Outdoor Shower
Embrace the extravagance of an outdoor bathing experience with Axor's outdoor showers. Perfectly melding with the great outdoors, these showers offer a refreshing escape, allowing you to invigorate your senses amidst nature.
Explore our collection and enhance your Axor experience with detailed manuals for a diverse range of categories. Whether setting up a new fixture or maintaining an existing one, the guidance provided here will ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey with your Axor devices.

Axor Indoor Furnishings
1 Axor 17133001 User manual
2 Axor 16506821 User manual
3 Axor 16597XXX User manual
4 Axor 17133831 User manual
5 Axor 17133821 User manual
6 Axor 16506XX1 User manual
7 Axor 16506001 User manual
8 Axor 17010XX1 User manual
9 Axor 34316XX1 User manual
10 Axor 94008000 User manual
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Axor Outdoor Shower
1 Axor Radiance Showerpipe 27192XX1 User manual
2 Axor Raidance s Air, Radiance E Air 27426XX1 User manual
3 Axor Raidance s Air, Radiance E Air 27495XX3 User manual
4 Axor Raidance s Air, Radiance E Air 27486XX3 User manual
5 Axor Raindance Imperial 28403001 User manual
6 Axor Raindance Imperial 28412181 User manual
7 Axor clubmaster 28496xx1 User manual
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Axor Paint Sprayer
1 Axor Hansgrohe Bodyvette Bodyspray 284466XX1 User manual
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Axor Plumbing Product
1 Axor 37028001 User manual
2 Axor 16505831 User manual
3 Axor 16291XXX User manual
4 Axor 37030XX User manual
5 Axor 38111181 User manual
6 Axor 10801001 User manual
7 Axor 35807801 User manual
8 Axor 16505821 User manual
9 Axor 40511000 User manual
10 Axor 41533XX1 User manual
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Axor Sanitary ware
1 Axor Phoenix 17104XX1 User manual
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Axor Sprinkler
1 Axor Raindance Royale Showerhead S 350 AIR User manual
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Axor Thermometer
1 Axor ThermoBalance 04198XX0 User manual
2 Axor ThermoBalance 06455XX0 User manual
3 Axor ThermoBalance 06453XX0 User manual
4 Axor ThermoBalance 06401XX0 User manual
5 Axor ThermoBalance 06450XX0 User manual
6 Axor ThermoBalance 06456XX0 User manual
7 Axor ThermoBalance 04185XX0 User manual
8 Axor ThermoBalance 06454XX0 User manual
9 Axor ThermoBalance 06452XX0 User manual
10 Axor ThermoBalance 6405000 User manual
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Axor Water Dispenser
1 Axor Citterio 39840XX1 User manual
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Axor Work Light
1 Axor Starck 40860XX0 User manual
2 Axor Starck 40097000 User manual
3 Axor 40856XX0 User manual
4 Axor Starck 40870000 User manual
5 Axor Starck 40869XX0 User manual
6 Axor 40856820 User manual
7 Axor Starck 9634XX0 User manual
8 Axor 40856000 User manual
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