Manual de instrucciones de Pentax Film Camera QL19

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Pentax Film Camera QL19

Aparato: Pentax Film Camera QL19
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Manual de instrucciones de Pentax Film Camera QL19
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How to Use
English Edition

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Flash Socket Safety Cover Focusing Lever Film Rewind Crank Selftimer Lever Film Plane Indicator Shutter Speed Ring Accessory Shoe AUTOMATIC/MANUAL Aperture Ring Frame Counter ASA Film Speed Indicator Window Automatic EE Mark Shutter Release Button Focusing Ring Cable Release Socket Viewfinder Window Film Advance Lever 1

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Blue Lamp Film Rewind Button Battery Check Button Bulb Exposure Setting Lever Viewfinder Eyepiece Film Speed Setting Lever Film Transport Indicator Simple Exposure Symbols Film Wound-up Indicator Mercury Battery Compartment Tripod Socket 2 * Exclusive to G-III 17 model.

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Mercury Battery Loading Before using your Canonet G-III, Insert the battery on the tab in Replacing Battery load it with the mercury battery. the compartment. When replacing the mercury bat- • Be sure the mercury battery tery, open the cover of the mer- To open cover of the battery com- is inserted only in the correct cury battery compartment and partment, insert fingernail in open direction. pull out the tab. The battery slot, sliding cover in direction of • A 1.3v M20 (#625) mercury can then b

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I n case of ! n case of Battery Checking Canonet GU I 17 Canonet G-IH 19 Turn the automatic/manual aperture ring, In case of Canonet G-III 19 releasing it from "A" position, and set it for Look through the viewfinder; then press the manual control of aperture. In this case, battery check button. If the exposure any f/stop can be set. indicator inside the viewfinder positions in the blue zone, the battery has sufficient power. In case of Canonet G-III 17 Otherwise, it should be replaced. Press th

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Film Loading Canon's Exclusive Quick-Loading (QL) mecha- Open the cover fully. When the back cover nism in the Canonet G-III accepts any is opened, the QL cover opens simultaneously. standard 35mm film roll in cartridge. When Face the film cartridge as illustrated in line loading new film, always avoid direct sun- drawing inside back cover, and insert it into light. the cartridge compartment. Push crank back to its normal position. To release the latch of the back cover, raise the film rewind cr

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Lay the tip of the film leader above the Bring down the QL cover to hold the film "amber" film set mark. in place by closing the back cover. Look through the sprocket window to see if The QL cover automatically opens and the film is correctly engaged with the closes with the back cover, Do not touch sprocket, the QL cover. if the film is sagging, turn the film rewind crank clockwise. Close the back cover completely. 6

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Pre-Settings Wind the film advance lever three or four Checking Correct Film Loading times until it stops. The first frame is now The film is properly loaded and advanced automatically in position. if the film transport indicator flickers when you wind the film advance lever. Checking Proper Winding Film (GIII 17) The film is wound up if the color of the film wound-up indicator turns red. The indicator turns white when the shutter is released. 7

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Film Speed Setting less sensitive. The ASA 200 film is better Immediately after loading film, be sure to for shooting at low light level, than the set the ASA film speed scale in the proper ASA 100 film. position by pressing the notched film speed setting lever with your fingernail, matching the proper film speed number with the index of the ASA film speed indicator window. The higher the film speed number, the more sensitive the film; the lower it is, the 8

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Automatic Electric Eye Photography For Automatic Electric Eye photography, set Shutter Speed Adjustment the aperture ring at "A " position. Turn the shutter speed ring, and match the The EE mechanism is fully coupled to the film speed setting lever with the simple ASA film speed, the shutter speed and the exposure symbol of either sunny ,cloudy aperture. or indoor .With ASA 100 film for example, the shutter speeds are set at 1/500 sec. for sunny ,1/125 sec. for cloudy and 1/30 sec. for indoor 9

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Focusing While looking through the viewfinder, turn the focusing lever. The subject is in focus when the double image merges into one precise image in the center of the viewfinder. Out of focus In focus 10

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Checking the Exposure Indicator • If the indicator points to the under Point the camera at the subject and check exposure warning mark, turn the shutter the position of the exposure indicator inside speed ring clockwise until the indicator moves the viewfinder. to the proper exposure range, or use Canolite Press the shutter button if the indicator D or other flash units. is inside the proper exposure range. • If the indicator points to the over exposure warning mark, turn the shutter speed ring

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Press the Shutter Button gently to snap Compose the Picture within the Frame. The field-of-view which will appear on the picture. film can be seen within the rectangular frame. 12

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Automatic Flash Photography—Using Canolite D By simply attaching the Canolite D, the The Canolite D is an optional electronic flash unit with direct contact exclusively camera, while set at "A", is switched over designed for the Canonet G-III. There is to the automatic flash control circuit, and absolutely no necessity for worrying about the proper f/stop corresponding to the shoot- guide numbers. Night or indoor photography ing distance is automatically set. is now as easy as daylight photograp

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• Power Source: Two 1.5v alkaline AA Check the Exposure Indicator in the View- batteries. finder. • Size: 26 x 57 x 82 mm (1" x 2-1/4" x • When it is within the proper exposure 3-1/4") range, press the shutter release button. • Weight: 115 grams (4 oz.) 14

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• If the exposure indicator is within the red mark, the subject is too far or too close. Adjust focusing distance until indicator shows the proper exposure. 15

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Press the Shutter Button gently to snap picture. B With the Canolite D, any shutter speed can be used. 16

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Using Conventional Flash Units The Canonet G-III has a socket for con- Select correct blue number (14, 20, 28)* ventional type flash untis. engraved on the aperture ring, matching with Attach flash unit to the accessory shoe of guide number of flash unit. the camera, and connect the cord of the With flash unit, set shutter speed at 1/30 sec. flash unit to the flash socket of the camera. With electronic flash unit, any shutter speed can be used. 17

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• Do not use flash bulb (or unit) with • In flash photography using a conventional following types of film because it does not electronic flash unit or flash bulb when the couple properly. proper f/stop is set according to the guide Flash bulb of guide number 14 with ASA number, there is a heavy drain on the mercury 25 film, guide number 20 with ASA 800, battery. Therefore, be sure to return the aper- and guide number 28 with ASA 400 or higher ture ring to "A" position after shooting. speeds,, •

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Manual Control of Aperture For manual control of aperture, release aper- • In manual exposure control, the position ture ring from "A" position. The shutter of the exposure indicator is in the upper speed and f/stop can be freely set for achiev- red mark. ing specialized technical effects. With the Canonet G-III, special effects in high key or low key can be obtained in the same manner as with high-grade cameras. 19

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