Manual de instrucciones de Bernina Baby Accessories

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Bernina Baby Accessories

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Manual de instrucciones de Bernina Baby Accessories
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Snuggle Up
Created by Kay Hickman
Baby Quilt
Create an adorable quilt for
baby, youngster, or the young
at heart using OESD Crafter’s
Collection Snuggle Up and the
Benartex Habitat Fabric Collec-
tion. A menagerie of whimsical
animal designs are blended
with story-time elements to
make this a much-loved quilt
for snuggling!

Some of the designs in this
collection are appliqué designs
—so easy to accomplish in em-
broidery! Plus, the BERNINA
Bias Binder Attachment #88
makes thi

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Stitch the Embroidery & Appliqués Embroidered Appliqué Note: You may stitch the designs of your choice Stitch the placement line (color 1). Remove the or refer to the section “Planning Circles” for the hoop from the machine. DO NOT remove the specific designs, design combinations, and fabric fabric from the hoop. colors used for each block, as well as how to combine designs in BERNINA Embroidery Soft- Print the appliqué shape pattern from the PDF ware v6. provided with the de

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 3

Cut 1 ⅛”-wide bias strips from each of the four fat quarters until you have approximately 3 yards of bias strips from each fabric. Piece the short ends together with a 45° seam to form one long strip. TIP: Cut extra strips to use for testing. Press seam allowances open. Spray the strips with Best Pressed Starch Alternative; press. Set up the sewing machine as follows. Test the settings on a practice circle before stitching the embroidered circles. Lower the presser foo

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 4

Continue to stitch around the circle, making sure Fold the lower cut edge to the wrong side about the cut edge of the circle stays in position and the ¼”. Clip the tail that extends to the right. Unfold. bias continues to wrap the edge. Continue stitching as the end of the point is fed through the binder. The new end should overlap the original start point. Stop the machine as the beginning tail comes into view. Clip the excess beginning tail of the Repeat for each of the twe

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Stitch the Borders Quilt the layers together using one or more of Use a ¼” seam allowance to stitch the 2½” x the following suggestions: width of fabric top border strip to the top cut edge Echo quilt around the circles using Leather of the quilt. The extra length of the border fabric will allow the border fabric to extend past the Roller Foot #55. beginning and ending of the stitching. Press the seam flat and then press the seam allowances toward the border. Use a rul

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 6

Mark a dot approximately 12” down from the right Remove the pin edge of the quilt. and stitch again beginning at the Mark a dot 12” from the first dot. Leave a 10” tail fold. of binding, begin stitching the binding to the side edge of the quilt top at this dot. NOTE: The bat- ting and backing fabric will extend past the edge at this point. Repeat the steps above until all four corners have been stitched. As you near the bot- tom edge, use a fab- Stop

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 7

Planning the Circles in BERNINA Embroidery Software 6 Click on the Write to Machine icon and send the Monkey Sitting on Turtle design to a USB stick or your embroidery sys- (10” x 14” green fabric; bind with bias color 1) tem. Open design Monkeys Chasing Tails BC01414 — the (14” x 20” moss yellow fabric; bind with bias color 2) monkey and turtle group. Open design BC01402 — the Right click on the small monkey. Show Hoops icon. Select the artista Right cli

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 8

With the plant selected, click on the Mirror Mushroom and Snail Merge—Horizontal icon. Move the mouse with- out clicking until the second plant is on the left (10” x 14” green fabric; side of the hippo. Click the mouse when you are bind with bias color 4) satisfied with the placement. Click on an open area of the screen to deselect the plants. Open design BC01421 — the mushroom. Select the plant on the left and use the corner sizing handles to reduce the size to approxi-

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 9

With the zebra selected, click on the Wreath tool With the elephant still selected, move it down in and select “6” from the drop down menu. the hoop until its rear feet are aligned with the plant. Move the mouse without clicking until the zebras are positioned in a circle with the front feet of Select File > Insert Design and select design one zebra close to, but not overlapping, the next BC01406 — the small zebra. Move it to the zebra. Click the mouse when satisfie

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Monkey Wreath with Initials from your embroidery machine. Consult your (14” x 20” ivory fabric; bind with bias color 3) machine manual for specific instructions. However, if you have purchased the CD version Open design BC01429 — the of the collection, you may wish to use BERNINA Embroidery Software 6 as a transfer device to monkey wreath. transfer designs from the computer to the ma- Right click on the chine. Show Hoop icon. Select the Jumbo Animals Reading Hoop #26

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