Manual de instrucciones de Adesso AKB-805MAC

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Adesso AKB-805MAC

Aparato: Adesso AKB-805MAC
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Manual de instrucciones de Adesso AKB-805MAC
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IntelliMedia Pro Keyboard


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1Features • Be online with a push of a button and browse your favorite Web pages. • Full-sized extended USB Macintosh® keyboard • HID 1.2 compliant with USB Macintosh® computers • Includes 2 bus powered USB ports • Molded wrist support for extra comfort • LEDs for Caps, Num and Scroll Lock • Extra large space bar, return and delete keys • Built-in power switch for older USB Macs • High-quality membrane key switches for longer life • 123 keys including separate numeric and curso

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2) MediaKey Uninstallation 1. Insert the Driver CD included in your package into your CD-ROM drive. 2. Double-Click the CD-ROM icon when it appears on your desktop. 3. Double click the Mediakey Driver icon 4. Double-Click the Mediakey Un-installer to begin the un-installation. 5. Follow on screen instructions and press “remove” to uninstall. 6. When un-installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Click “restart” to restart your computer. 3) Internet Hot

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7) Programming the Media Keys This keyboard has 3 programmable keys. The programmable key labeled “pf1” has a default setting for “System Preferences” and the key labeled “pf2” has a default setting for “Preview” and pf3 has a default setting for “Text Edit”. To change these default settings, simply press pf1 for “System Preferences” and click on the media key driver icon. Once this is done, the following window will appear. Use the drag down menu shown here to change the defau

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8) Changing the Default Web Browser To change the Default Web Browser on your MAC you have to open Safari Preferences , General and select your 'Default Web Browser'. (for example Safari Web Browser) 9) Functional Media Keys This Multimedia Keyboard comes with three functional hot keys: Calculator, Sleep and Power. Keys Definition Calculator Launch the Calculator Sleep Go to Sleep Mode Power Power On/Off Mac Note: When running on Macintosh® OS X, please set “Num Lock”

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Limited Warranty ADESSO provides one year limited warranty for the quality of all its products in materials and workmanship. During this period, ADESSO will repair or replace all merchandise, which proved to be defective. However, ADESSO will not warranty any product which has been subjected to improper freight Handling, shipping abuse, neglect or unauthorized repair or installation. The warranty also will not cover products installed with Non-ADESSO components and product with broken se

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Support Website Support: We have listed most of our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) at: Please visit our FAQ Service & Support pages before you contact our E-mail or Telephone Support. Email Support: If our FAQ’s do not help you resolve your issues, and for expedited service, please email our tech support dept at Telephone Support: Toll Free: (800) 467-1195 9:00AM to 6:00PM PST Monday - Friday. Adesso Inc. 160 Commerce

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Version 2.0 2003/02 ID NO: PAK-23180903-00 (EKB-805 PRO) 7

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