Manual de instrucciones de Apart MA200CDR

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Apart MA200CDR

Aparato: Apart MA200CDR
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Manual de instrucciones de Apart MA200CDR
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The MA200CDR is developed by
Audioprof nv
Lanteernhofstraat 90
BE-2100 Deurne

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PRIORITY MIXING AMPLIFIERS MIXING AMPLIFIERS APart MA200CDR mixing amplifier MA200CDR BLOCK DIAGRAM The MA200CDR is a professional 4 zone PA mixing amplifier for commercial and industrial applications. Rarely seen on its competitors, all microphone inputs have integrated speech filters and they are high-class transistor-balanced type, allowing good control of hum and noise over long cables. He's able to drive 8-ohm or constant-voltage loudspeaker lines (50-70-100V). TRAFO Pre Amp The ampli

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MIXING AMPLIFIERS MIXING AMPLIFIERS Front panel Technical Specifications 7 8 8 9 Frequency response 40Hz 25kHz (+1/-3 dB) Distortion <0,3% @ -6dB, 1kHz Bass control +/- 10dB, 100 Hz Treble control +/- 10dB, 10 kHz S/N amplifier: better than 95dB, 22Hz 22kHz line: better than 80dB, 22Hz 22kHz mic: better than 65dB, 22Hz 22kHz LED indicators limiter active, red signal 100%, yellow 3 signal -25 dB, green power on, green protection active, red 2 Zone active indicators Z1, Z2 an

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MIXING AMPLIFIERS MIXING AMPLIFIERS Back panel 23 21 22 24 25 26 26 27 27 28 29 SAFETY INFORMATION 15 17 • Read all documentation before operating your equipment. Retain all documentation for future reference. • Save the carton and packing material even if the equipment has arrived in good condition. Should you ever need to ship the unit, use only the original factory packing. • Do not spill water or other liquids into or on the unit. 16 18 19 20 34 35 33 32 28 30 31 28 36 • Make sure powe

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MIXING AMPLIFIERS MIXING AMPLIFIERS How to deal with 100V loudspeaker systems 135 W = 1.5 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 60 + 60 26. Line 4, 200mV / Mic 4 input. Use only one of these parallel wired inputs at the time! To the XLR3 balanced input you can connect any microphone using a balanced, two wire shielded cable. (1=earth / 2 =hot / 3=cold). For using condenser microphones see 41. The Microphone 4 input is a XLR3/combo jack, which will accept a normal XLR3 male plug or a ¼” TRS pho

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MIXING AMPLIFIERS MIXING AMPLIFIERS MA200CDR Tuner controls Inside Settings Inside settings should only be done by persons familiar to electrical equipment! RADIO MP3 1 17 AM / FM mode switch. Each time you press 0:55 this button, the tuner will switch from FM to AM and the other way round. The actual radio band will be displayed at the left. Phantom Power Scan up / down. By pressing “UP” or “DOWN” 1 MIC1 : JP3 a few seconds, the tuner will start to search the 100.90 MIC2 : JP4 next/previou

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