Manual de instrucciones de Aquatica Camera Accessories 20065

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Aquatica Camera Accessories 20065

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Manual de instrucciones de Aquatica Camera Accessories 20065
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PRODUCT # 20065

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FOREWORD Thank you for having selected the AQUATICA Digital Camera Housing System for your underwater photography. The AQUATICA Digital Housing is the result of a long and continuing relationship with the most demanding underwater photographers in the world. Each housing is handcrafted, quality checked and pressure tested to a 300 feet equivalent by a small group of specially trained individuals, each of whom takes the utmost pride and satisfaction in offering the best underwater camera housin

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1- Shutter Release lever 2- Main Dial access knob 3- ISO / Flash exposure compensation button 4- M-FN Multi Function Button 5- AF / Drive selector button 6- Metering / WB selector button 7- Bulkhead Connector 8- Bulkhead Connector 9- Accessory bulkhead (shown with optional hydrophone) 10- Focus/Zoom Control knob 11- Focus/Zoom Control pinion gear 12- Lens Release knob 13- Lens Release knob lever 14- Removable Camera Tray 15- Hot shoe connector 16- Grips (x2) 17- Port Release mechanism button 18

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CONTROLS IN DETAIL 1. SHUTTER RELEASE LEVER: Pulling the shutter release lever back part way activates the camera meter and auto focus. Pulling the lever back all the way fires the camera. 2. MAIN DIAL ACCESS KNOB: Rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. Use alone or in combination with other controls to select or set various camera functions or modes. In “Manual” the exposure mode controls the shutter speed settings (see camera manual). 3. ISO / FLASH EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: Press to select

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CONTROLS IN DETAIL, CONTINUED 31. ERASE BUTTON: Press to delete images. 32. PLAYBACK BUTTON: Press to activate the monitor and review images. 33. INFO BUTTON: This button will activate the rear LCD and display all pertinent shooting information. 34. PICTURE STYLE BUTTON: Press to select the desired feature. (note: It is somewhat recommended to shoot in RAW format and concentrate on these option in post production). 35. MENU BUTTON: Press to activate menu display, scroll using main or quick

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FEATURES The Aquatica Digital housing serie is issued from the world’s most technologically advanced underwater housing lineage, ergonomically designed to place all the essential camera controls under your finger tips and features the following: A. A port locking mechanism to prevent accidental rotation of the port or extension mounted on the housing B. A Lens Lock Release control that will activate the lens release button of camera from the outside of the housing, this lever can be pull out

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PREPARATION OF THE PORTS 1. Select the correct port: Depending on whether you’ve decided to shoot macro or wide angle photography, you will be installing either a flat Macro Port (product # 18426 or 18428), or a Dome Port (Product # 18405, 18407 or 18409). See lens chart for the suggested port and accessories. Macro Port Extension Rings: If you intend to use a longer Macro lens than the Canon EF-S 60mm you will require an additional extension ring. This extension rings fit between the Macro P

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CAMERA PREPARATION AND INSTALLATION 1. Important Note: prior to installing the camera in the housing: Please remove the rubber protective guard from the viewfinder on your camera before using the housing. remove the camera strap, and/or any object that might obstruct installation or get in the way of that attach the strap should be removed or tucked away 2. Pull out the lens lock lever (key # 12) on the front of the housing and the mode dial knob (key # 21) 3. Remove the saddle from the hous

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LENS INSTALLATION With the camera inside the housing, push the lens release lever (key # 12) into the proper position, install the lens prepared with the gears through the port opening in the front of the housing. Ensure that the lens mounted gears are properly installed and aligned. Rotate the focus / zoom control knob toensure that the gears are properly meshed, do not grind and that their rotation is smooth. Note: To avoid damaging the auto-focus mechanism of the camera when using standard

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MOUNTING AND ATTACHING FLASHES The aquatica housing for the Canon 7D offer a choice of connectors in order to take full advantages of available strobes on the market. Standard choice available are: 20065: Two Nikonos type manual connectors. 20065-OPT: Two optical fiber connectors to accept two Sea & Sea elbow type cords or two straight type cord (INON). 20065-HYB One Nikonos Manual connector and one Optical connector to accept either one Sea & Sea elbow type cord or two staright standard opt

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TAKING A PICTURE Following are the basic techniques. For more information and advanced photography please study the Canon 7D instruction manual. NOTE *The quick and main dial control can access a wide range of modification to the current functions allowing the users to conveniently position vital controls at their fingertip. 1. Rotate the Mode dial knob (key # 21) and select the desired exposure mode. Options in sequence are: Programmed AE (P), Shutter Priority AE (Tv), Aperture Priority AE

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USING THE HOUSING Whenever changing ports or O-rings, it is highly advisable to perform a simple seal test without the camera inside. Strapping a weight to the housing and lowering the unit to a depth of 30 to 50 feet of water for at least 10 minutes will assure you that the seating of the new port or o-ring is proper. This test, though time consuming and often considered unnecessary, may save your camera equipment from irreparable water damage.The housing is now ready for the dive. CAUTION:

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Of the Latches: The two latches of the AQUATICA Pro Digital are designed to have a locking action to prevent accidental opening.Always ensure that the locking mechanism is secure. Watch for the build-up of corrosion or salt residue around the latches. This will appear as a white material. Lubricate the latches with a small amount of WD-40 to remove the corrosion or salt residue build-up. Of the O-Rings: The O-rings that need to be maintained on a regular basis are the main housing O-ring and t

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FOCUS / TARGET LIGHT SET UP Technical Lighting Control 17509 17508 17752 17753 17754 17757 17758 17887 Ikelite Knob Ikelite DS200 Nikonos SB-105 8mm knob UK Aqua Sun Inon Strobes 17853 17854 17504 17503 17501 17506 17510 17889 For Sea & Sea strobes 17682 17658 17666 17671 17675 17679 17507 17800 17511 17512 17513 Focus/target light 17681 For Ikelite Grip 17667 17673 17677 17681 17853 17677 Sea

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WARRANTY PLEASE READ CAREFULLY One year Limited Warranty. Thank you for purchasing an AQUATICA manufactured product! Your AQUATICA housing is handcrafted by a small group of specially trained individuals - each of whom takes the most pride and satisfaction in offering you the best underwater camera housings in the world. All AQUATICA products are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for (1) one full year from the date of purchase for consumer use. these same products when us

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