Manual de instrucciones de LG Electronics LIP-6812

Manual de instrucciones del aparato LG Electronics LIP-6812

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Manual de instrucciones de LG Electronics LIP-6812
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User Guide

IP Phone

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LIP-6812 User Guide Revision history ISSUE DATE Contents of Changes REMARK ISSUE 1.0 2005.01 -. Initial Release

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LIP-6812 User Guide General This document provides information on the operation of your LIP-6812 IP Phone. While every effort has been taken to insure the accuracy of this information LG makes no warranty to the accuracy of the information or interpretations thereof. Approvals and Listings FCC Declaration of Conformity: - Product name: LIP-6812D - FCC Rules:

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LIP-6812 User Guide Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCING THE LIP-6812 .............................................................1 1.1. LIP-6812 OVERVIEW........................................................................................ 1 1.2. LIP-6812 FEATURES ........................................................................................ 1 1.3. LIP-6812 GENERA

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LIP-6812 User Guide 1. Introducing the LIP-6812 1.1. LIP-6812 Overview LIP-6812 is an IP phone designed to support hosted telephony services over a managed IP (Internet Protocol) network. Calls and features are controlled by your “Call Server” employing MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) to provide real-time telephone communication over your Ethernet LAN connected

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LIP-6812 User Guide - Hands-free dialing - Label for the programmed feature buttons - User Portal - Full duplex speakerphone - Multiple ring types - Distinctive ring tones - Intercom functionality - G.711/G.729A voice codec - Acoustic echo canceller - PoE(Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3af compliant) 1.3. LIP-6812 General Description The LIP-6812 interfaces with

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LIP-6812 User Guide Figure 2 LIP-6812 buttons NUMBER BUTTON FUNCTION Left direction button. This button has two functions; when appears on the bottom-left corner of the LCD, the previous menu may be selected or when Ù appears the previous group of soft-keys may be 1 selected. Right direction button. When Ú appears on the bottom-

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LIP-6812 User Guide 2. Using Basic LIP-6812 Features This section describes how to use the basic features of your LIP-6812. These features as well as advanced services, covered in the next section, are provided from your Service Provider’s Call Server. For more information about the menu of services available, contact your system administrator. The LIP-6812 is equip

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LIP-6812 User Guide 2.4. Putting a Call on Hold You can place a call in a waiting state, allowing you freedom from the call and providing the held party with MOH (Music-on-Hold). To place a call on Hold: 1) Put a call on hold by pressing [Hold] Soft key. To retrieve a held call: 1) To return to the current call, press the blinking line button or press [Hold] Soft k

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LIP-6812 User Guide To change the Park location to another extension: 1) ~ 2) Refer to the above steps. 3) Press [CHNG] Soft key. 4) Dial the new destination extension number followed by . 5) Hang-up to complete the Call Park. To exit the Call Park Menu: 1) ~ 2) Refer to the above steps. 3) Press [CNCL] Soft key, to exit the Call Park Menu. Notes: While par

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LIP-6812 User Guide 2.11. Accessing Your Voice Mail You can access your voice mailbox, if available, as described below. To access your voice mailbox: 1) Press [MSG] Soft key when the Message Waiting Indicator LED indicates you have a message and follow the voice instructions. Notes: With this method, you access the general voice mail system and must enter your ow

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LIP-6812 User Guide 5) To delete a previous assignment, after selecting the flexible button, delete all digits using [ ß ] Soft key and then press [ OK ] soft key. [06]DSS Number [ OK ] [Clr ] [ Ù- ] 6) Press button to exit from the menu. Notes: Flexible buttons 1 and 2 are generally assigned as an extension’s primary and secondary line ap

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LIP-6812 User Guide 3. Advanced Services and the LIP-6812 LCD Menu This section describes how to view and use the Advanced Services available through the LCD menu. In particular, Call Logs is covered to provide the operating concept. Note the Main Menu components and order of display may be different on your phone based on subscribed services. The LIP-6812 is equipp

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