Manual de instrucciones de Philips E-Maxx 3905

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Philips E-Maxx 3905

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Manual de instrucciones de Philips E-Maxx 3905
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MODEL 3905
owners manual

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 2

Introduction Thank you for purchasing the new Traxxas E-Maxx electric monster 3 Before You Proceed Traxxas Support truck. When it comes to gut-wrenching, wheelie-popping monster Traxxas support is with you every step of the torque, nothing comes close to E-Maxx. We are confident you will 4 Safety Precautions way. Refer to the next page to find out how to appreciate the latest performance and appearance enhancements contact us and what your support options are. that have been made to this l

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Before You Proceed Traxxas Carefully read and follow all instructions in this and any Support 1100 Klein Road accompanying materials to prevent serious damage to your If you have any questions about your model or its operation, Plano, Texas 75074 model. Failure to follow these instructions will be considered call the Traxxas Technical Support line toll-free at: Phone: 972-265-8000 abuse and/or neglect. 1-888-TRAXXAS (1-888-872-9927)* Toll-free 1-888-TRAXXAS Before running your model, look

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Safety Precautions All of us at Traxxas want you to safely enjoy your new model. Do not use battery packs that have damaged wiring, exposed Operate your model sensibly and with care, and it will be exciting, wiring, or a damaged connector. All instructions and safe, and fun for you and those around you. Failure to operate your Children should have responsible adult supervision when precautions outlined in this manual should be strictly model in a safe and responsible manner may result in

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Tools, Supplies and Required Equipment Your model comes with a set of specialty metric tools. You’ll need to purchase other items, available from your hobby dealer, to operate and maintain your model. For more information on batteries, see Use the Right Batteries on page 10. Supplied Tools and Equipment A peak-detecting charger is recommended for best performance and longest battery life. For more 2.0mm “T” wrench 1.5mm “L” wrench 2.5mm “L” wrench 8mm/5mm wrench Universal wrench informat

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Anatomy of the E-Maxx Half Shaft Steering Servo Hex Hub Slipper Clutch Access Plug Pivot Ball Toe Link Pinion Gear (left side) (Turnbuckle) Axle Carrier Battery Hold-Down Electronic Speed Battery Compartment Toe Link Control (EVX-2) (Turnbuckle) Motors (Titan) Suspension Rear Arm (Front) Body Mount Front Body Mount Rear Shock Tower Receiver Box Skid Plate Skid Plate Front Rear Bumper Bumper Front Differential Rear Transmission Bulkhead Chassis Front Spur Gear Bulkhead Rear Differenti

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Quick Start: Getting up to Speed The following guide is an overview of the procedures for getting your model running. Look for the Quick Start logo on the bottom corners of Quick Start pages. The Quick Start Guide is not intended to replace the 1. Read the safety precautions on page 4 9. Detail your model • See page 8 full operating instructions available in this manual. For your own safety, understand where carelessness and misuse Apply other decals if desired. Please read thi

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Decorating your Model Applying The Decals Tire Gluing The main decals for your model The factory tires on your E-Maxx are already glued to the rims. The have been applied at the factory. tires must be glued to the rims to prevent the rims from spinning The decals are printed on self- inside the tires. The instructions here are provided to show you how adhesive clear mylar and are to glue replacement tires to the rims in the future. Use CA tire glue die-cut for easy removal. Use a available

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WATERPROOF 16.8V ESC WATERPROOF 16.8V ESC The Traxxas TQ Radio System Your model is equipped with the Traxxas TQ Radio System. Wiring Diagram EVX-2 Wiring Diagram The Traxxas TQ Radio System is a 2-channel system that provides Channel 1 Steering Servos high-power output up to a quarter mile. Model 3905 uses two steering servos and an electronic speed control. The receiver is equipped with Antenna four channels and dual channel 1 outputs for the steering servos. TQ Transmitter Motors ® (Titan

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The Traxxas TQ Radio System mAh – Abbreviation for milliamp hour. A measure of the capacity of Radio System Terminology the battery pack. The higher the number, the longer the battery Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these radio- Use the Right Batteries will last between recharges. system terms. They will be used throughout this manual. Your transmitter uses AA batteries. Use new alkaline Neutral position - The standing position that the servos seek when BEC (Battery Elimina

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The Traxxas TQ Radio System Installing Transmitter Batteries Setting up the Antenna Your TQ transmitter uses 8 AA batteries (see sidebar, page 10). 1. Locate the black antenna wire that If the power indicator The battery compartment is located in the base of the transmitter. exits the receiver box. doesn’t light red, check the Antenna polarity of the batteries. Tip 2. Pull the wire straight with your Check rechargeable Antenna fingers and then insert the end batteries for a full charge.

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The Traxxas TQ Radio System Battery Installation Installing Battery Packs 1. Remove the battery hold- The E-Maxx requires two fully charged 7.2 or 8.4-volt (stick style) Use the Right Charger down by pressing on the NiMH battery packs. These batteries are not included with the The most convenient type release tab and lifting out model. For the best performance, use 7-cell battery packs. When of charger is an AC peak- the hold-down. using 6-cell battery packs, install the supplied foam bloc

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T H G I R N R U T The Traxxas TQ Radio System TQ Radio System Controls There are two settings available: Steering Don’t push the transmitter 50/50: Allows equal travel for both antenna down from the acceleration and reverse. top. Pull it down from the 70/30: Allows more throttle travel (70%) bottom, one segment at a and less reverse travel (30%). time, to prevent binding and kinking the antenna mast. Note: If you change throttle travel, you will need to reprogram the electronic

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The Traxxas TQ Radio System TQ Radio System Rules Channel 1 4. The on/off switch is integrated into the speed control. With Brown Each time you prepare to run your model, you Remember, always turn the the transmitter on, press the EVX-2 set button for ½ second, until must clear your frequency to be sure no one Channel 2 TQ transmitter on first and Red the LED shines GREEN, then immediately release the button. This else in the area is using the same channel as off last to avoid damage t

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Adjusting the Electronic Speed Control D The EVX-2 electronic speed control is factory set and should not require 6. When the LED blinks RED TWICE. Push the EVX-2 Specifications any adjustments. These instructions are provided for your reference. throttle trigger to the full reverse and hold it there (C). Input voltage: Transmitter Adjustments for the EVX-2 ESC 6 to 14-cells Before attempting to program your EVX-2, it is important to make 7. When the LED turns solid GREEN, programming i

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Adjusting the Electronic Speed Control Thermal Shutdown Protection Selecting Race Mode (Profile #2) 1. Connect two fully charged battery The EVX-2 is equipped with thermal shutdown protection to guard A B Patent Pending Training packs to the EVX-2 and turn on your against overheating caused by excessive current flow. If the operating Mode (Profile #3) reduces transmitter. temperature exceeds safe limits, the EVX-2 will automatically shut forward and reverse throttle down and the EVX-2 LE

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Driving your Model Now it’s time to have some fun! This section contains instructions on Another major factor which affects run time is how the model is driven. driving and making adjustments to your model. Before you go on, here Run times may decrease when the model is driven repetitively from a are some important precautions to keep in mind. stop to top-speed and with repetitive hard acceleration. Allow the model to cool for a few minutes between runs. This is Tips for Increasing Run Time p

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Driving Your Model conditions in order to maintain the performance of your model. Motor Precautions Do not run your model in wet conditions if you are not willing to Titan motor life can be greatly reduced in mud and water. If the accept the additional care and maintenance responsibilities. motors get excessively wet or submerged, use very light throttle (run the motors slowly) until the excess water can run out. Applying full Not all batteries can be used in wet environments. Consult yo

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Driving Your Model 9. Additional Maintenance: Increase your frequency of disassembly, Receiver Installation inspection and lubrication of the following items: This is necessary 1. Always install the wires into the RX box before installing the receiver. after extended wet use or if the vehicle will not be used for an 2. Install the antenna wire and extended period of time (such as a week or longer). This additional the servo cables into the maintenance is needed to prevent any trapped moisture

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Tuning Adjustments We recommend using two-hole pistons with Suspension Tuning a range of oil viscosities from 30W to 50W Adjusting the Pivot Ball Caps For easier access to the (available from your hobby shop). The thinner The pivot ball caps should be adjusted rear-most shock mounting viscosity oils (30W or less) flow with less screw, remove the one end so that the pivot balls operate freely in resistance and provide less damping, while of the rear turnbuckle. In the the axle carrier

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