Manual de instrucciones de Arrow Fastener VD108-A 697.68618

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Arrow Fastener VD108-A 697.68618

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Manual de instrucciones de Arrow Fastener VD108-A 697.68618
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Owner's Manual & Assembly Instructions
Model No. VD108-A 697.68618
* Size rounded off to the nearest foot
Exterior Dimensions Int

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN.... A2 Owner's Manual Before beginning construction, check local building codes regarding footings, location and other requirements. Study and understand this owner's manual. Important information and helpful tips will make your construction easier and more enjoyable. Assembly Instructions: Instructions are supplied in this manual and contain all appropriate information for your building model. Review all instructions before you begin, and during assembly, follow the step se

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PLAN AHEAD.... BX03 Watch the Weather: Be sure the day you select to install your building is dry and calm. Do not attempt to assemble your building on a windy day. Be careful on wet or muddy ground. Teamwork: Whenever possible, two or more people should work together to assemble your building. One person can position parts or panels while the other is able to handle the fasteners and the tools. Tools and Materials: These are some basic tools and materials you will need for the construction

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 4

SAFETY FIRST.... A4 Safety precautions are important to follow throughout the construction of your building. �Care must be taken when handling various �Practice caution with the tools being used in the pieces of your building since some contain assembly of this building. Be familiar with the sharp edges. Please wear work gloves, eye operation of all power tools. protection and long sleeves when assembling or performing any maintenance on your build- ing. safety edge sharp edge sharp edge sa

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 5

CARE & MAINTENANCE.... A5 Web Finish: For long lasting finish, periodically clean and wax the exterior surface. Touch- up scratches as soon as you notice them on your unit. Immediately clean the area with a wire brush; wash it and apply touch-up paint per manufacturer's recommendation. Roof: Keep roof clear of leaves and snow with long handled, soft-bristled broom. Heavy amounts of snow on roof can damage building making it unsafe to enter. In snow country, Roof Strengthening Kits are avai

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 6

ACCESSORIES.... A6 WEB ROOF STRENGTHENING (heavy snow load) KITS Extra roof beams and gable braces designed for added protection against heavy snow accumulation. Increases the strength of your roof by 50%. ANCHOR KIT ANCHOR KIT Model No. AK100 Model No. AK4 New concrete anchor system permits Anchor Kit contains heavy-duty steel anchoring any size Arrow building augers, 60' (18m) of steel cable and 4 cable directly to a concrete slab. Each kit clamps. No digging or concrete contains heavy-du

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Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 8


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16"/24" 40,6cm/61cm 121" 3,1m 121" 3,1m Foundation A09 The Foundation For Your Building OPTION 1: ARROW FLOOR FRAME KIT: (Order No. FB109-A or 68385-A) Arrow has the best base for your building in this simple kit. It keeps stored items above the ground. This kit should be used with one of the following: A. To support a plywood deck B. To be filled with sand. We recommend the combined use of 1. an ARROW FLOOR FRAME KIT and 2. an ARROW ANCHORING KIT as an effective method of securing the bu

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 10

Anchoring A10 Anchoring Down The Building It is important that the entire floor frame be anchored after the building is erected. Below are recommended ways of anchoring. Anchoring into Wood/Post: Arrow Anchoring Kit: (Model No. AK4 or 60298) Use 1/4" Wood Screws. There are 1/4" (0,63cm) dia. Recommended for use with any suggested base. holes provided in the frames for proper anchoring. Contains: 4 Anchors with Cable, Clamps and installation instruction. 1. 2. OVER THE BEAMS AND INTO THE GROUND

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Hardware Y11 Remove from bag of screws and save for the last step 65900A 65103 #10Bx1/2" Black Screw (4) 65923 65004 #8-32 Hex Nut (161) (Packed with Screws) #8-32x3/8" Bolt (147) #8Ax5/16" Screw (320) 65109 66646 66045 #8-32 Acorn Nut (14) 5971 Washer (216) Handle (2) (Packed with Screws) Roof Beam Bracket (4) (6 sheets of 40) 66183 66242 66382 Roof Trim Cap 67468 (Arrow Logo) Door Slide (4) Lower Door Guide (4) (2 right & 2 left) Peak Cap (2) 6228 65020 67293 65958 Track Support (2) Door

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 12

Parts List Y12 Assembly Part Part Quantity Check Key No. Number Description in Carton List 1 8934 Ramp 1 2 9367 Front Floor Frame 2 3 8936 Rear Floor Frame 2 4 9338 Right Rear Wall Angle 1 5 9366 Door Track 2 6 5287 Splice Post 3 7 9339 Left Rear Wall Angle 1 8 6001 Left Gable 2 9 6000 Right Gable 2 10 9203 Side Floor Frame 4 11 5288 Corner Post 4 12 9341 Left Side Wall Angle 2 13 9340 Right Side Wall Angle 2 14 9365 Front Wall Channel 2 15 7311 Door Jamb 2 16

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 13

Assembly by Key No. Y13 25 26 27 18 24 20 28 22 9 23 18 12 34 22 11 22 18 23 4 8 17 22 19 28 16 24 22 13 19 6 22 7 17 22 18 17 19 8 16 5 17 25 22 16 34 19 13 27 17 16 9 35 31 19 11 21 17 19 6 31 11 33 3 5 17 12 30 17 21 14 10 15 33 17 6 17 21 21 29 3 15 10 17 16 32 21 14 10 31 2 11 17 32 1 31 21 16 10 2 13

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 14

●●●●● 8934 Ramp (1) ● Parts Needed For ● ●●●●● 9367 Front Floor Frame (2) ●●●●● 8936 Rear Floor Frame (2) Step 1 Floor Frame Assemblies ●●●●● 9203 Side Floor Frame (4) G14 The front floor frame is made up of three pieces. The side floor frames 9367 and the rear floor frame are made up of two pieces. The holes in these 8934 pieces will align when the pieces are positioned with correct amount of overlap. The illustrations below show 9367 the proper overall length for the sides, rear and front. Pro

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 15

●●●●● 9338 Right Rear Wall Angle (1) ● Parts Needed For ● ●●●●● 9339 Left Rear Wall Angle (1) Step 2 ●●●●● 9340 Right Side Wall Angle (2) Frame Assemblies ●●●●● 9341 Left Side Wall Angle (2) Y15 The main frame pieces reinforce the walls. These piece will later be in- stalled at the top edge of the side walls and the rear wall. Proceed as follows: 1 Overlap the right and left rear wall angle pieces as shown in the figure STEP and fasten them together with one 1 bolt in the center hole. 2" 5 cm 2

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 16

● Parts Needed For ● ●●● 10470 Roof Beam (8) ●● Step 3 Roof Beam Assemblies D16 The roof beams join the two gables 10470 and support the roof panels. The main roof beam is made up of four pieces overlapped back to back at the cen- 10470 ter. The left and right roof beam as- semblies are made up of two pieces. Hint: These pieces are force-fitted, Roof Beam 91 7/8" 2,3m so you may have to press hard to join them together. STEP 1 Place the end of one roof beam 1 inside a second roof beam so th

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 17

● Parts Needed For ● ●●●●● 6403 Door Track Splice (1) ●●●●● 9366 Door Track (2) Step 4 Door Track Assembly A17 NOTE: Door Track Splice (painted part) The door track assembly supports the sliding doors and reinforces the front wall. It is made up of three pieces. 6403 1 Using the door track splice, (painted), join the door track (galvanized) pieces end-to-end as shown. 66242 2 Insert four screws from the under- 9366 9366 side only. Long Leg on Top STEP STEP Hint: The holes in the top side of the

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 18

FRONT ●●● Front Floor Assembly (1) ●● ● Parts Needed For ● ●●● Side Floor Assembly (2) ●● Step 5 ●●● Rear Floor Assembly (1) Floor Frame ●● G18 RIGHT REAR 9203 STEP 1 Assemble the four corners of the 8936 floor frame using two screws at each 1 corner as shown. At the front corners fasten bolts through from the bottom with nuts on top. RIGHT FRONT 9203 9367 2 Measure the floor frame diago- When Diagonal Measurements nally. When the diagonal measure- are Equal the Floor Frame ments are equal, the

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 19

FRONT Door Track Assembly Left Right ●●● 5288 Corner Post (4) ●● ● Parts Needed For ● ●●● Door Track Assembly (1) ●● ●●● Rear Wall Angle Assembly (1) ●● Step 6 Posts/Top Frames ●●● Side Wall Angle Assembly (2) ●● Y19 NOTE The remainder of the building assembly requires many hours and more than one person. Do not continue beyond this point if you do not have enough time to com- plete the assembly today. A partially REAR 5288 5288 assembled building can be severely damaged by light winds. The top

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 20

FRONT FRONT ● Parts Needed For ● ●●●●● 5287 Splice Post (3) ●●●●● 7311 Door Jamb (2) Step 7 Splice Post/Door Jamb Y20 STEP 1 The door jambs reinforce the door opening and provide an attractive ANGLED END OF SPLICE POST MUST trim. The splice post supports the BE ON TOP wall. 5287 5287 1 Position splice post at the center of the rear wall and fasten using 4 bolts and nuts into rear wall angle and 2 screws into rear floor frame. Hint: Measure or count holes to de- termine if post is centered on

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