Manual de instrucciones de Airstream NTERSTATE

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Manual de instrucciones de Airstream NTERSTATE
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INTRODUCTION 2007 INTERSTATE The Owners Manual for your new Airstream Motorhome is designed to respond to the most frequent inquiries regarding the operation, function and care of the many systems that make modern motor homing a joy. The Airstream Interstate Motorhome is integrated into a Sprinter Van, designed and manufactured by Daimler/Chrysler. Operation of the Sprinter, its engine, power train, and other related components are discussed in the Sprinter Operator’s Manual and other lite

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INTRODUCTION Important Safety Precautions WARNING indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. You’ll find many safety recommendations on this page and throughout this manual. The recommendations on the next two pages are the ones we consider to be the most CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, important. Most are covered in depth in later sections of this manual. could result in minor or mode

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INTRODUCTION 2007 INTERSTATE to above and used in the construction of recreational vehicles. Trace levels of Tire Safety (See pages C-3 through B-11 and the Tire Safety Manual Addendum) formaldehyde are also released from smoking, cooking, use of soaps and detergents such as carpet shampoos, cosmetics, and many other household products. Some Properly maintained tires improve the steering, stopping, traction, and load-carrying people are very sensitive to formaldehyde while others may not h

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INTRODUCTION Medical Advice If you have any questions regarding the health effects of formaldehyde, please consult your doctor or local health department. NOTICE: Your Sprinter Van Operator’s and Warranty Manuals contain important cautions, warnings, operational, and warranty information on the Sprinter and its components. All information in the Sprinter manual should be reviewed and followed for your safety. The Airstream Interstate Owner’s Manual may provide addition information and tips

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TABLE OF CONTENTS A. WARRANTY AND SERVICE E. EXTERIOR H. ELECTRICAL Battery Disconnect Warranty Cleaning Power Center Warranty Explanation Roadside Exterior Features 12-volt Operation Service Curbside Exterior Features Interior Lights Reporting Safety Defects Awning Monitor System Maintenance Schedule TV Antenna F. INTERIOR FURNISHINGS Entertainment Center B. DRIVING AND ACCESSORIES Satellite System Telephone Jack Loading Lounge, Dinette Weighing Vinyl Flooring I. 110-Volt System Safety Check

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WARRANTY AND SERVICE AIRSTREAM LIMITED WARRANTY spective manufacturer and is administered separately from this Limited Warranty; (3) Any part or component of the motorhome that was not manufactured or installed WARRANTY COVERAGE by Airstream; A (4) Normal deterioration due to wear or exposure, including but not limited to rust and Airstream, Inc. (“Airstream”) warrants that it will repair or replace defects in material or cosmetic blemishes; workmanship in any components of a new Airstream mot

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WARRANTY AND SERVICE DISCLAIMER OF INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES AIRSTREAM, INC. 419 West Pike Street Airstream hereby disclaims any and all incidental and consequential damages arising P.O. Box 629 A out of or relating to the vehicle, including expenses such as transportation to and from Jackson Center, Ohio 45334-0629 vehicle dealerships and Airstream repair facilities, loss of time, loss of pay, loss of Attention: Owner Relations Department use, inconvenience, commercial loss (includi

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WARRANTY AND SERVICE CHANGES IN DESIGN Tele: 937-596-6111 Fax: 937-596-6539 Airstream reserves the right to make changes in design and improvements upon its E-mail: A products from time-to-time, without imposing upon itself any obligation to install ad- ditional features in your motorhome. WARRANTY EXPLANATION CONSUMER ARBITRATION PROGRAM Along with your new Airstream motorhome, you have purchased the Airstream Limited Warranty. Read your Limited Warranty carefully. It con

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WARRANTY AND SERVICE of this nature becomes the dealer’s or your responsibility upon acceptance of the Chemical Gassing motorhome. GLASS BREAKAGE, whether obviously struck or mysterious, is always accidental and covered by most insurance policies. Chemical gassing is not a “Defect” in your recreational vehicle and is not covered by A the Limited Warranty. Please follow the recommendations in this manual to address Abuse this concern. Lack of customer care and/or improper maintenance, includin

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WARRANTY AND SERVICE SERVICE CONSUMER ARBITRATION PROGRAM Before leaving the factory, each and every vital part of the motorhome is tested for Airstream, Inc. participates in the consumer Arbitration Program for Recreational A performance. Each test is signed and certified by an inspector. After the motorhome Vehicle (CAP-RV). This third-party dispute resolution program is available, at no charge arrives on your dealer’s lot all of these vital parts and systems are again tested. When to you, to

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WARRANTY AND SERVICE REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTS MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE If you believe that your vehicle has a defect, which could cause a crash or could cause Living Area A injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in addition to notifying Airstream, Inc. WARNING: FAILURE TO MAINTAIN YOUR COACH CAN CAUSE PREMATURE AND UNEXPECTED PARTS BREAKAGE AND/OR ERRATIC If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if i

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WARRANTY AND SERVICE EVERY YEAR or 12,000 miles LP Tank Clean, neutralize and coat terminals with A petroleum jelly. Seams Check and reseal, windows, lights and vents if necessary. Reseal with Bostik urethane sealant or equivalent as needed. APPLIANCES Appliances have maintenance schedules and advice in their respective Owners/ Operation Manuals. These manuals are included in the owner’s packet given to you by your dealer. Please become familiar with and follow all info

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DRIVING LOADING Do you really want to carry 300 pounds of water to a RV park 1,000 miles away and then hook up to a city water supply? Even if you’re going to the “boondocks”, you can Below is a sample of the weight information chart provided in all Airstream vehicles. usually fill your water tank shortly before entering the area. Just reducing your load by This information can be found in your vehicle on the back of a wardrobe door about 10 gallons of water lets you carry an awful lot of fishi

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DRIVING SAFETY CHECK LIST 10. Keep tires at recommended inflation pressure. Your Airstream motorhome should be given a thorough safety check before a trip. INTERIOR CHECK LIST (BEFORE DRIVING OFF) Regular use of the following list will provide safe operation of your motorhome and will help you spot any malfunctioning equipment and correct the problem as soon as 1. It is important that all doors be completely closed during travel. possible. The list is to help you and may not be all-inclusive.

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DRIVING 12. Check that front passenger’s seat is locked in position - both fore and aft adjust- ment and swivel mechanism. WARNING: Children must be secured in a Federally Approved Child Restraint Device. Failure to use proper restraints while in transit can result in 13. The freedom of movement of the brake and accelerator pedals must not be severe or fatal injuries. Never place an infant seat that faces to the rear on the impaired in any way front passenger seat. Never place an unbelted i

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DRIVING TRAILER TOWING AND DRIVING TIPS Vehicle and Trailer Weights and Ratings (Partial excerpts from Sprinter Operators Manual) Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum permissible weight of the mo- torhome. WARNING: Failure to use proper equipment and driving technique can result in a loss of vehicle control when towing a trailer. Improper towing or failure Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): comprises weight of vehicle including fuel, tools, spare B to follow the instructions contained i

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DRIVING Since this vehicle is designed and intended primarily as a load-carrying vehicle, towing a trailer will affect handling, durability and economy. Maximum safety and satisfaction When towing trailers, motorhome tires should be inflated to the highest pressures depends upon proper use of correct equipment and avoiding overloads and other shown on the information plate on the side of the driver’s seal mounting plate. The abusive operation. Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) of this vehicle is r

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