Manual de instrucciones de Bayer HealthCare CF-80

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Manual de instrucciones de Bayer HealthCare CF-80
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Continuous Flow
Seed Treater
Installation and
Operation Manual

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TOC 3.0 Table of Contents The following CF-80 manual contains General Categories installation, operation, parts list and 4.0 - Installation, General Calibration & technical drawing information. Seed Calibration Please read and understand these Calibration instructions completely before proceeding to 5.0 - Calibration & Priming the Pump install and operate the equipment. Operation Bayer CropScience reserves the right to 6.0 - Operation change specificatio

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4.0 General Introduction The CF-80 treater is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport. It can be installed in any convenient location on a temporary or permanent basis. Steps for installation: 1. Choose a level location with access to a 110-volt power source. Allow enough room for feeding the seed hopper, calibrating the machine, bagging the seed and treater maintenance. 2. The treater is self-contained and includes a two-way bagger and one tank for liquid che

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Calibration 5.0 Calibration & Pump Priming 1. Read the entire chemical label and MSDS to make sure you under stand the usage and rates to be applied. Take special note whether the recommended application rate of the chemical is given in fluid ounces per bushel or in fluid ounces per cwt. of seed. If the application rate is given in ounces, you will have to convert cc’s. To do so, multiply ounces by 29.6 cc’s = cc’s of product to be applied. The rate must be known prior to treater c

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6.0 Calibration Calibration & Pump Priming If more than the required volume of chemical is obtained, adjust the speed control knob to a lower setting and rerun the calibration check. Continue this operation until the proper rates are being measured. Operation When you’ve obtained the proper chemical-to-seed ratio, reconnect the discharge line to the fitting on the application tube. You are ready to treat seed when the proper chemical-to-seed rates are obtained. The chemical will be appl

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Maintenance 7.0 Maintenance When you are finished treating seed, disconnect the discharge tubing from the elbow fitting and place it into your original chemical container. Turn your pump ON and empty the 5-gallon premix tank. After the premix tank is empty, place the end of the discharge tubing in an empty container (example: a 5-gallon bucket). Add a small amount of clean water to the empty premix tank. Open the pump all the way and empty the premix tank. Repeat procedure until t

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8.0 Service Service Tips Visual Checklist: 1. Make sure the ball valve is in ON position 2. Be sure all filters are clean. 3. Check tightness of intake line fitting - use pliers if necessary. 5. Check discharge hose for any chemical buildup. 6. ALWAYS flush pump after use with the following guidelines: A. When using flowable type of chemical, flush with soap and water. B. When using emulsifying type chemicals, flush with water containing ammonia or detergent. Pump Checklis

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10.0 Guidelines GUIDELINES FOR HANDLING SEED-APPLIED PRODUCTS AND RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES The following are general recommendations for handling seed-applied products, equipment inspection and maintenance on most Gustafson application equipment used in commercial treating facilities. There may be situations that occur outside the scope of this document that can be addressed on a case-by-case basis by contacting the appropriate Bayer Crop- Science personn

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Guidelines 11.0 General Equipment • Check filters daily at least once. Clean rinse off as necessary. The filter assemblies are intended to keep agglomerates, plant debris and other foreign substances from going through the system and plugging lines. If an accumulation of material is found, the filter basket should be removed and rinsed free of the debris. • Clean pump and product lines frequently to avoid an accumulation of product buildup over time. • Avoid low spots or bows on

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12.0 Warranty LIMITED WARRANTY, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY & CLAIMS Bayer CropScience warrants that the Gustafson application equipment shipped hereunder shall be free of defects in materials or work- manship for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery. BAYER CROPSCIENCE MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. IN NO EVENT SHALL BAYER CROPSCIENCE BE LIABLE TO CU

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Bayer CropScience 4895 12th Avenue East Shakopee, Minnesota, 55379 USA

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