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Manual de instrucciones del aparato Apple RocketChip

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Manual de instrucciones de Apple RocketChip
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Rocket Chip Installation Manual and user’s Guide PRELIMINARY November, 1988 Bits & Pieces Technology, Inc. 31332 Via Colinas, Suite 112 Westlake Village, California, 91362

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Table of Contents Page 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 RocketChip Features 3 3.0 RocketChip Installation 3 3.1 For Apple II, II Plus, IIe 4 3.2 For Apple IIc 7 4.0 RocketChip Quick Reference and 10 Operation Guide 5.0 RocketChip Warranty 12 RocketChip is a registered trademark of Bits & Pieces Technology, Inc. Apple, ProDOS, DOS 3.3 are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Transwarp and Ramfactor are registered trademarks of Applied Engineering

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1.0 Introduction Bits & Pieces Technology is pleased to introduce you to RocketChip — the most advanced single—chip accelerator available for the Apple II, II Plus, IIe and IIc computer marketplace. It does not require cables, slots or a complicated installation procedure. RocketChip does speed up program execution from all memory locations (64k or 128k), 1.6 Megabytes of auxiliary memory, expansion ROMs, and peripheral board ROMS, while retaining normal game paddle/joystick operation and

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****************************************************************** Warning Turn OFF the AC power switch on your Apple computer. Leave the AC power cord connected to the wall outlet and the computer. Attempting to install RocketChip with the power applied can cause serious damage to your Apple computer and to RocketChip. Bits & Pieces Technology, Inc. will not assume responsibility for damage caused by improper installation or handling. ******************************************************

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Pin #1 RocketChip Pin 1 Figure 1 - Apple II, II Plus Motherboard 5

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Figure 2 - Apple IIe Motherboard STEP #4: Replacing the Apple II Expansion Boards and the cover. Install each of your expansion/peripheral boards back into the motherboard slot that it was removed from in Step #2. Replace the cover by inserting the front edge of the cover into the case and pushing it forward and then push down on the back edge of the cover to secure it STEP #5: System Check Turn on the system power. The monitor screen will be cleared and within 2 seconds you will receive the

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3.2 Rocket.~hip Installation for the Apple IIC. MAKE SURE TEAT THE COMPUTER POWER IS "OFF” STEP #1: Removing the Apple IIc cover. Turn the computer over so that the bottom side is up and the keyboard side is down, resting on the work surface. Remove the six (6) screws that are shown in Figure 3. Note that two screws (#1 & #2) are larger than the others. Save the screws that you have removed. Figure 3 - Apple IIc Bottom Side Turn the computer over so that the keyboard side is up. Use a small

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STEP #2: Folding up the keyboard. Grasp the Apple IIc keyboard assembly and gently lift the front edge (about 1/4”) and then pull it forward Out of the case (about 1/2”) to release the tabs on the back of the keyboard from the slots in the disk drive housing. Do not disconnect the flat cable that connects the keyboard to the computer motherboard. Gently fold the keyboard up and rest it on the computer as shown in Figure 4. STEP #3: Removing the 65C02 Microprocessor and Installing the Rocket

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Figure 4 - Apple IIc Motherboard Touch the disk drive housing. Remove the Rocketchip from the protective package. Look at Figure 4 and install the Rocketchip in the motherboard socket as shown. Please notice that RocketChip Pin *1 is marked and that all of the part number markings for devices on the motherboard and the Rocketchip are readable and oriented the same way. Before pushing RocketChip fully into the socket, make sure that Pin *1 is oriented correctly and that all 40

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4.0 RocketChip Quick Reference - Operation Guide General: RocketChip powers up in a standard configuration mode with expansion slots *5 & *6 running at 1MHZ and slots #1, #2, #3, #4 & #7 running at 5MHz. This configuration accommodates most Apple II, II Plus, and IIe systems with a variety of peripheral expansion boards. The RocketChip auto identifies the Apple IIc, so that it operates at its maximum speed potential. The keyboard options offer you a choice of several feature selections. Th

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4.2Keyboard Selectable Options: The following modes of operation are activated whenever the CONTROL and RESET (CTL-RESET) keys are pressed at the same time and this key sequence is followed by: ESCape RocketChip runs at 1MHz (Normal Apple speed) RETURN RocketChip returns to 5MBz or previously set RocketSpeed of 50KHz to 5MHz. Space Bar RocketChip runs immediately without changing speed. Open-Apple Cold boot (Key does not need to be held down) CONTROL-Z Cold boot for Apple II and II Plus

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Filenames (Continued) (1) APPLE.SLOT7—1 (Apple speed of 1MHZ for selected slot) (1) ROCKET.SLOT7—1 (RocketChip speed for selected slot) (2) CACHE.SLOT7—1 (Accelerate Peripheral card ROM:$Cn00—$CnFF) (2) CACHE.EXP.ROM7-l (Accelerate Expansion ROM: $C800-$CFFF) (2) NOCACHE.SLOT7—l (NO ROMS or cannot accelerate slot ROMs) Notes for PrODOS: (1) Dir = SLOT.SPEEDS (2) Dir = SLOT.CACHING 6.0 RocketChip Warranty 6.1.Bits £ Pieces Technology, Inc. RocketChip Warranty Bits & Pieces Technology, Inc. (herea

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Rocketchip is an accelerator-on-a-chip for the Apple® II, II Plus, IIe and IIc. Requiring no slot, the 40-pin DIP package replaces the 6502 or 65C02 microprocessor, consumes less power than existing accelerator products, accesses expanded memory and lets your Apple II run up to five times faster. Compatibility RocketChip will run virtually all Apple II s

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