Manual de instrucciones de LG Electronics 500G

Manual de instrucciones del aparato LG Electronics 500G

Aparato: LG Electronics 500G
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Manual de instrucciones de LG Electronics 500G
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User Manual
P/N: MFL67222901 (1.0)
Printed in China

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Bluetooth QD ID B016785

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LG500G User Guide This guide will help you understand your new mobile phone. It will provide you with useful explanations of features on your phone.Some of the content of this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.

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Getting to Know Your Phone Soft Keys Earpiece (Left Soft Key / Right Soft Key) • These keys perform the function indicated at the Main LCD bottom of the screen above each key. Send Key • Makes a call to a Menu Key / OK Key phone number and • Selects menu options answers incoming and confirms actions. calls. • In standby mode: Shows the Call log. End Key • Hold down to turn the phone on and off. • End or reject a call. Alpha Numeric Keys Navigation Keys 2

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Handstrap Hole t the Charger/USB Port at the Volume Keys TIP: Please ensure en • In standby mode: the phone is Controls the ringer powered on , the volume. microSD card is • During a call: inserted and the ns Controls the earpiece ns. phone is in standby volume. mode before • W hen playing music: connecting the Controls the volume USB cable for Mass for the music. Storage. the Headset Port 3

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Installing the SIM Card and Charging the Battery Ca Installing the SIM Card Mak When you subscribe to a cellular network, you are provided with a SIM card 1 Us loaded with your subscription details, such as your PIN, any optional services ph available and many others. pr Important! The SIM card can be easily damaged by scratches or bending, so be careful when handling, inserting or removing the card. Keep all SIM 2 Pr cards out of the reach of small children. 3 To Ilustrations 1 Remove th

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ery Calls TIP! You can change the settings on your phone to answer your Making a Call calls using Answer Mode from Call Settings. 1 Use the keypad to enter the s phone number. To delete a digit, Speed Dialing press CLR. o be SIM You can assign a speed dial 2 Press to initiate the call. number to a contact you call 3 To end the call, press . frequently. To access Speed Dials, select Menu TIP! To enter + when making an international call, press and from the Home screen. Then select

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• Call Waiting - Be alerted when • Minute Minder - Set the Minute Add you have a call waiting. This Minder to Don’t Use, 30 Seconds, 1 Fro depends on your network 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, M provider. Set Time Manually to hear a tone ch during a call. • Fixed Dial Numbers - Choose 2 Pr a list of numbers that can be • BT Answer Mode - Choose how Ne called from your phone. You will to answer a call when using a 3 En need your PIN2 code from your Bluetooth headset. Select Hands- i

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te messages into one intuitive mode Adding a New Contact nds, that is easy to switch between. The 1 From the Home screen, press s, default setting for the message Menu, then select Contacts and one editor is text messages. choose Names. 3 Enter your message. 2 Press Options and select Add w New Contact. 4 Choose Options and then Insert to add an Image, Video Clip, 3 Enter all the contact information nds- Sound Clip, Schedule, Business in the fields provided and select Card, Note,

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Multimedia Message, Voicemail, 123 Mode Sou and Service Message. Press the keys that correspond with The the digits you want to enter. defa reco My Folder Message Folders dow You can store any kind of media From the Home screen, press you file on your phone’s memory Menu and select Messages. The or se to give you easy access to all of folder structure used on your your images, sounds, videos, etc. Vid LG500G is fairly self-explanatory. You can also save your files to a The Inbox - All

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ail, Sounds Video The Sounds folder contains Recording a Quick Video default sounds, your voice 1 From the Home screen, press recordings and sound files Menu and select My Folder. downloaded by you. From here a you can manage and send sounds, 2 Select Video to open the video or set them as ringtones. camera application. c. 3 Point the camera lens toward the Videos a subject of the video. The Videos folder shows the list f 4 Press Rec. to start of downloaded videos and videos u r

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3 Select to pause the song. 1 From the Home screen, press 1 Fro Menu, select Tools, and choose M 4 Select to skip to the next song. Alarm Clock. 2 Se 5 Select to skip to the previous 2 Press Options and select Add Ad song. New. 3 Se 6 Select Back to stop the music and 3 Configure your alarm and select ad return to the All Tracks list. Done. lev 4 Sa Voice Recorder Using the Calendar and se Use your Voice Recorder to record adding an event voice memos or other sounds. When you enter t

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1 From the Home screen, press 1 From the Home screen, press se Menu and choose Tools. Menu, select Tools, then choose Calculator. 2 Select To-Do List and choose d Add. 2 Press the numeric keys to input numbers. 3 Set the date for the To-Do item, ect add notes and select a priority 3 For simple calculations, select level: High, Medium or Low. the function you require (+, –, ×, ÷) using the Navigation Keys 4 Save your To-Do List item by followed by =. selecting Done. 4 For more complex ca

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city, press Options and select se Date Finder Add City. Bl Date Finder is a handy tool to help you calculate what the date will 3 Scroll down the list or enter the 2 C h be once a certain number of days first letter of the city. You can fo have passed. also select Map and choose a city • My from the map. wh Converting Units 4 Press Select to add the city to dev You can use the Converter your city list. • My application to convert many for measurements into the unit you want. can Web 1

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select Connectivity and choose 3 Your LG500G will search for Bluetooth. devices. When the search is complete, Add and Refresh will he 2 Choose Settings for the appear on the screen. following options: city 4 Highlight the device you want to • My Device Visibility - Choose pair with, select Add. whether to show or hide your o device to others. 5 Enter the passcode or verify that it matches the passcode on the • My Device Name - Enter a name other device by selecting Yes. for your

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3 You can change all of the tones, • Lock If SIM is Changed - Locks Ac the phone when the SIM card is its volumes and alert options changed. from this menu. Vario • Change Codes - Allows you to belo Using Flight Mode change your PIN Code, PIN2 Code, or Security Code. Char Use this function to activate and deactivate Flight Mode. You will not Viewing memory status be able to make calls, connect to the You can use the memory manager Internet, or send messages when to determine how eac

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Accessories Various accessories are available for your mobile phone. These are detailed below. e, or Charger Battery ger y is is mon nal ou ns e NOTE • Always use genuine LG accessories. Failure to do so may invalidate your warranty. • Accessories may be diff erent in diff erent regions. Please check with our regional service company or agent for further information. 15

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Sym Troubleshooting Charg This section lists some problems that you might encounter while using your phone. Some problems require that you call your service provider, but most of problems you encounter are easy to correct yourself. Symptom Possible causes Possible Corrective measures No connection to Signal is weak or you’re outside of Move to a window or open space. the network the carrier network. Check service provider coverage map. Num perm Codes do not match When you want to change a Cont

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Symptom Possible causes Possible Corrective measures Charging error Battery totally empty. Charge battery. Contact problem. Check power supply and connection to the phone. Check the battery contacts, of clean them if necessary. No power from outlet. Plug in to a different socket or check voltage. Charger defective. es Test with another charger. Wrong charger. Only use original LG accessories. Battery defective. ap. Replace battery. Number not The Fixed Dial Number function Check the Settings

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in malfunction, damage and/or • Do For Your Safety catastrophic failure. • Do vib Important Information Be careful when using your phone • Th near other electronic devices. RF This user guide contains important da emissions from your mobile phone information on the use and operation wr may affect nearby in adequately of this phone. Please read all the • Us shielded electronic equipment. You information carefully for optimal the should consult with manufacturers performance and to preve

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