Instruction d'utilisation Avaya AWH-55

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Avaya AWH-55

Dispositif: Avaya AWH-55
Catégorie: Kit mains libres à fil
Fabricant: Avaya
Dimension: 0.65 MB
Date d'addition: 5/30/2014
Nombre des pages: 15
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION OVERVIEW GENERAL Thank you for selecting the AWH54/AWH55 When using your telephone equipment these basic safety precautions and warnings Wireless Office Headset System from Avaya. You have should be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons. made the right choice for comfort and versatility. • Read and follow all instructions and warnings and instructions prior to using the product. The symbol identifies and alerts the user to the pre

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COMPONENTS OF BASE COMPONENTS OF HEADSET Base & Charging Unit Cordless Headset Front View 14 Microphone Boom Talk Button 16 1 Charge Cradle 15 Listen Volume/ Mute Control 2 Talk Headset 9 Charge 20 Indicator 17 Talk Indicator Light Speaker Indicator (Green) Outside View Capsule (Amber) Power 3 IntelliStand 10 Indicator 18 Microphone Switch (Red) Battery Contacts Telephone Speak Back View Inside View 19 4 13 Volume Configuration Dial Fine Tune WEARING OPTIONS 11 Listen Volume Master Underside

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AWH55 SETUP 1 AWH55 SETUP 2 with AVAYA 2420, 4610SW, 4620, with AVAYA 2410, 5410, 6416 D+M and 6424 D+M Telephones 4620SW, 4621SW, 4622SW, 4625SW, 4630SW 5420, 5610 and 5620 Telephones 1 7 26 5 1 7 24 24 4 27 25 24 configuration 27 4 dial set to 1 28 25 24 configuration 28 25 dial set to 3 {see pages 4 and 5 for callout of components} 6 7

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AWH54/AWH55 SETUP 3 CHARGE YOUR HEADSET with other AVAYA Telephones Dock the headset into the charge Caution: It is important for correct and safe operation cradle (1). The amber charge that the base cord is installed into the proper jack of your indicator (9) will flash during telephone. Follow these instructions carefully, especially if 1 charge. your telephone has two jacks where the handset was attached. Be sure to note or mark which jack was used for If charge indicator does not go on, 9

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SELECT YOUR HEADSET WEARING OPTION MAKE A TEST CALL To place a test call press the talk button on the headset. Important: If your telephone has a S M L receive volume Earloop control ensure it is set no higher than Headset with Tri-Pod Optional Uniband Headset mid-range–too high a setting could cause audio problems. COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR TELEPHONE It is very important that the configuration dial (4) is positioned correctly. Audio problems may be experienced if this is incorrectly set. If yo

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If they cannot hear you SPEAK VOLUME at all, try changing your telephone configuration dial on the base to another one of its 4 positions until you hear them and they hear you. Volume adjustments can be made separately as described in the next step. A: Adjust the Speak Volume (how you sound to others) until the level is comfortable for your co-worker. B: If you cannot find a comfortable Speak level, try different LISTEN VOLUME settings on the Speak Volume Master Switch (A-D) until a satisfactory

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ENABLE/DISABLE INTELLISTAND™ PLACE A CALL USING YOUR HEADSET When the AWH54/AWH55 Wireless Headset System is used in conjunction with a To place a call using the headset, the system must be in Hookswitch Control Cord or an AVAYA headset mode and dial in the normal way. You will then be Telephone Handset Lifter, you can enable the able to talk through your headset. When the call is complete, IntelliStand feature. return the AWH54/AWH55 to the handset mode. The IntelliStand senses when the headset

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Recharge the Headset FEATURES To recharge the headset, place it into Out of Range Warning the charge cradle in the base unit. As you walk away from the base unit you will eventually reach During charging, the charge indicator on the base unit will flash amber. the system operating range limit. When in headset mode a warning alert of two beeps will sound in the headset shortly When the headset is fully charged, the before you meet the range limit. charge indicator on the base unit will stop On

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TROUBLESHOOTING SYMPTOM SUGGESTION Receive sounds distorted. •Move the AWH54/AWH55 base unit further SYMPTOM SUGGESTION away from telephone or computer. •If your telephone has a receive volume I cannot hear caller/dial tone. • Check that all cords and jacks are 15 control, lower your telephone volume connected correctly. until the distortion disappears. 2 • Check that the base has power •Lower the listen volume (15) control on (power indicator (3) is red) and the headset. If the distortion

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SUBSCRIPTION SYMPTOM SUGGESTION I can hear too much • Lower the speak volume fine tune The headset and base unit are supplied echo or sidetone. (13) on the base unit. subscribed to each other. However, if • If the volume is still too high, lower you wish to use a replacement headset the speak volume master (12) setting. with the base unit, then the units must be re-subscribed as follows: My handset lifter operates • Disable the IntelliStand function 1. Return the headset to the headset

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S C I N O R T N A L P OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES SYSTEM RESET & REPLACEMENT PARTS To recover from some fault conditions (refer to the DESCRIPTION Troubleshooting Section) you may need to perform a system reset. Telephone Handset Lifter To perform the system reset follow this procedure: 1. Press both the talk button (14) and the mute control (15) button on the headset for 5 seconds. On-line Indicator 2. When the talk indicator light (17) on the headset blinks, release both buttons. 3. Press the talk

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FCC REQUIREMENTS OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES FCC Requirements—Part 15 & REPLACEMENT PARTS This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1.This device may not cause harmful interference, and DESCRIPTION 2.This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Earloops–pack of 3 Class B digital device, pursuant to Par

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US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. The digits represented by ### are the REN without Caution: Users should not attempt to make such connection themselves, but the decimal point. (For example, 03 represents a REN of 0.3.) For earlier pro- should contact the appropriate electric inspection authority, or electrician, as ducers, the REN is separately shown on the label. appropriate. If this telephone equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the tele- RSS 210 phone company will notify you in advance that tempo

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 15 © 2005 Plantronics, Inc. All rights reserved. IntelliStand is a registered trademark of Plantronics, Inc. US patents 5,210,791; 6,735,453; D492,667 and D496,029; EM 69109; Patents Pending Printed in China 63915-03 (5-05)

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