Instruction d'utilisation Motorized Aqua-Vu Aqua-Vu MAV

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Motorized Aqua-Vu Aqua-Vu MAV

Dispositif: Motorized Aqua-Vu Aqua-Vu MAV
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Instruction d'utilisation Motorized Aqua-Vu Aqua-Vu MAV
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Users Manual
1480 Northern Pacific Road
Brainerd, MN 56401
218 825 0733

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T Ta ab blle e o off C Co on ntte en ntts s The MAV System Page 2 Become an Underwater Explorer Page 3 About Your Aqua-Vu MAV Page 3 In Your Aqua-Vu MAV Package Page 3 Mounting Tips Page 4 Installing Your MAV Page 6 Operating Your MAV Page 8 MAV Features Page 8 MAV Monitor Control Panel Page 10 MAV Viewing Tips Page 11 Viewing Tips-- While Fishing Page 12 Caring for Your MAV Page 12 Frequently Asked Questions Page 13 Trouble-Shooting Page 14 Warranty Info Page 15 How to Obtain Service Page 15

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Copyright © 2006 Nature Vision, Inc. All rights reserved. NatureVision, Inc. 1480 Northern Pacific Road Brainerd, MN 56401

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T Th he e M MA AV V S Sy ys stte em m M MA AV V On-screen displays of depth and water temperature 10.4-inch LCD Daylight-Viewable Monitor Camera Secure Strap Aqua-Vu Rubber Cam with Spectral Response (SR) lighting Camera PowerSpool with Quick-Detach Base Auto-Up Mode Hands-free SR light control Footpad and 25-feet of cable Nature Vision, Inc. © 2006, Pg 2

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BECOME AN UNDERWATER EXPLORER Congratulations! Your new Aqua-Vu MAV underwater viewing system allows you become an aquatic explorer without getting wet! You now hold in your possession perhaps the most profound piece of fish- ing technology ever devised. While a depth-finder provides depth and a “representation” of the terrain below the boat, MAV actually shows you a fish-eye view of the underwater world—like scuba diving without the limitations of an oxygen tank, depth concerns, or even wor

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MOUNTING TIPS When selecting mounting positions for the MAV Monitor, Power Spool and Footpad, carefully consider your personal fishing preferences. Are you a back-trolling walleye angler? A panfisherman? A tourna- ment bass angler? Muskie nut? Saltwater flats fisherman? Do you typically fish from your boat’s front casting deck? Or do you prefer to sit and fish from the boat’s console. Other logical MAV placement considerations include mounting space at the bow versus the console, and wid

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Mounting continued Bass Boats: For any angler who spends the majority of the time fishing from the bow of the boat, we recommend mounting the MAV Monitor, Footpad and 2 PowerSpool in the front (bow). This lets you easily view the MAV monitor 1 while also running the trolling motor and casting. The footpad is posi- 3 tioned near the trolling motor foot control (if applicable)-- in a front deck BASS BASS location that allows for quick foot access. In this case, the PowerSpool can either be moun

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Installing your MAV Before starting the mounting process (drilling holes, etc.), map out the precise location of each compo- nent, as well as how cables will be run from plug to plug. Set up each component (Monitor, PowerSpool, Footpad) temporarily in its prospective location to assure that it will be fully functional and accessible, without interfering with adjacent items such as trolling motors, sonar, rod holders, etc. Once you’ve determined that each component will be fully functional and

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Installing your MAV continued (4) Connecting to Battery: MAV is powered by your boat’s 12-volt battery system. NOTE: The power cable is protected with a 12-volt 15-amp circuit breaker to guard against unit failure should a short occur in your 12-volt system. In most cases, we recommend attaching the MAV power cable direct- ly to the boat’s main starting battery, which is constantly recharged through the alternator. In the case of smaller outboard motors (less than 50 HP), it may be advisabl

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Operating your MAV To begin operating your MAV unit, (1) release the camera housing from the PowerSpool by unhooking the rubber strap located on end of PowerSpool. 2 2 11 In order to turn the unit on and begin viewing, it is not necessary to turn on the MAV LCD Monitor. Instead, simply press the main Power button (2), which is located on the left side of PowerSpool panel. The red Power status light should be illuminated, indicating that the unit it ON and ready to deploy. Simply press th

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MAV Features continued Depth-Tech - This on-screen feature displays depth of the MAV camera. Viewing fish and structural -elements in relation to their exact depth greatly enhances the fishing experience. PowerSpool Camera Control Switch – In addition to using the Footpad, the MAV camera can also be lowered or raised using the UP and DOWN switch on the side of the PowerSpool. This allows you to manipulate the camera by hand. NOTE: This is especially handy when you are outside the boat, but

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MAV Monitor CONTROL PANEL Your MAV LCD Monitor operates on a simple 4-button control panel— POWER, MENU, + and - . As mentioned previously, it is not necessary to press the Monitor POWER button to use the MAV. The Monitor screen is turned on automatically when the MAV camera is deployed. However, if the Monitor fails to light up when the camera is lowered, check to make sure the GREEN LED indicator shows on the upper right of Monitor. If it shows RED, press the POWER button once to tu

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MAV VIEWING TIPS Begin underwater viewing by lowering the MAV camera to within 1 to 2 feet of the bot- tom. The bottom provides a solid point of reference that helps you perceive sizes of fish and objects below. The MAV camera is set up to view horizontally, so you can see bottom and fish all around your position. Typically, anglers slowly move along, eyes glued to the monitor’s ever-changing picture of the underwater terrain. You can also view vertically —studying bottom and fish straight b

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VIEWING TIPS — WHILE FISHING Your Aqua-Vu MAV is an invaluable fishing tool — a giant leap beyond mysterious flashes and unidenti- fied “fish” on a depthfinder. Aqua-Vu enables you to actually “see” the real picture! Fish and view simultaneously. The MAV is the first ever hands-free viewing system. Note these huge Aqua-Vu MAV advantages: • View bottom structure and distinguishing features. Observe weedlines and weed characteristics, sand versus muck, big rocks versus small rocks, and transi

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Frequently Asked Questions How far can I see? Naturally, the clearer the water, the farther you can see. As a general rule, the camera can see twice as far in water as the human eye. Generally, if you can see 3 feet down in the water, you will be able to see approximately 6 feet in front of the camera. However, water bodies vary in water clarity and other characteristics. For studying underwater structure, 2 feet of visibility is sufficient for viewing, though in very clear water, it is possib

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Can I connect my Aqua-Vu to a larger monitor or to a hand-held camcorder? Yes. You can attach a separate monitor or video recording system to your MAV PowerSpool via the video out socket. Is Aqua-Vu legal? To our knowledge there are no restrictions that regulate the use of Aqua-Vu underwater viewing sys- tems. Aqua-Vu is an approved pre-fishing tool in B.A.S.S. and P.W.T. events, and for other tournament trails across the country. TROUBLE-SHOOTING NOTHING HAPPENS (POWERSPOOL WILL NOT OPERA

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One Year Limited Warranty Nature Vision, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and work- manship for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty applies to customers who properly fill out and return the warranty card included with this manual. Failure to com- plete and return the warranty card voids the warranty. Nature Vision, Inc. will, at its sole discretion and without charging the customer, repair or replace any components that fail in normal use. Failures d

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 18

Service continued Nature Vision, Inc will not be responsible for lost or damaged accessories. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days prior to calling on the status of your repair. Nature Vision, Inc. 1480 Northern Pacific Road Brainerd, MN 56401 RA#____________ Canadian customers please return to: FTN C/O Nature Vision Inc. 7075 Ordan Drive Mississauga, ON L5T 1K6 RA#____________ Nature Vision, Inc. © 2006, Pg 16

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A As s s se ee en n o on n U Un nd de er rw wa atte er r V Viie ew wiin ng g S Sy ys stte em ms s

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 20 Copyright © 2006 Nature Vision, Inc. All rights reserved. NatureVision, Inc. 1480 Northern Pacific Road Brainerd, MN 56401 Printed in USA

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