Instruction d'utilisation FujiFilm FinePix S3100

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif FujiFilm FinePix S3100

Dispositif: FujiFilm FinePix S3100
Dimension: 4,69 MB
Date d'addition: 2014-03-05 15:18:11
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Instruction d'utilisation FujiFilm FinePix S3100
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Résumé du contenu de la page N° 1

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( ) Warning For customers of FinePix S3100 EC Declaration of Conformity To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. We : ( ) to correct the interference by one or more of the following Name Fuji Photo Film Europe G.m.b.H. For customers in the U.S.A. measures: Address: Heesenstrasse 31 Tested To Comply — Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. 40549 Dusseldorf, Germany With FCC Standards — Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. — Connect

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Contents ............................................................. ............................................................ ............................... A WHITE BALANCE (SELECTING THE LIGHT SOURCE) 42 Warning 2 Camera parts and features 8 ................................................................................................................ ‹ APERTURE-PRIORITY 42 .................................................... ..................... IMPORTANT 2 Example of screen text di

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Preface Accessories included ■ Test Shots Prior to Photography ■ Notes on Electrical Interference h 16MB, xD-Picture Card™ (1) h LR6 AA-size alkaline batteries (4) For important photographs (such as weddings and If the camera is to be used in hospitals or aircrafts, Included with: Anti-static case (1) overseas trips), always take a test shot and view the please note that this camera may cause interference image to make sure that the camera is working to other equipment in the hospital or aircraf

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✽ Refer to the pages in parentheses for information on Camera parts and features using the camera parts or features. Example of screen text display Power switch Mode dial Manual (P.31) ■ Photography mode Scene position (P.30) Photography mode (P.20) EV (Exposure compensation) Playback mode (P.26) AUTO (P.30) Quality mode Self-Timer Power-OFF (P.13) Movie (P.54) Macro (close-up) Number of available frames Flash Battery level warning Shutter button Photography mode AF warning Flash

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Getting Ready ATTACHING THE LENS CAP / STRAP / 1 Getting Ready ADAPTER RING LOADING THE BATTERIES Pull the lens cap cord through a strap mount. Compatible batteries 1 h AA-size alkaline batteries (4), or AA-size Ni-MH batteries (sold separately) (4). ! Please use the same brand and grade AA-size alkaline batteries as those supplied with the camera. ● How to use the batteries ◆ ◆ h Never use the following types of batteries, as this could cause serious problems Outer casing ● ! Attach the lens

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Getting Ready 1 12 13

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 8

Getting Ready CORRECTING THE DATE AND TIME / CHANGING THE DATE ORDER 1 1 1Press “d” or “c” to move to option 2 and then press “a” or “b” to select “DATE/TIME”. 2 2Press “c”. Correcting the date and time Changing the date order 1Press “d” or “c” to select the date order. 2Press “a” or “b” to set the order. Refer to the table below for details of the settings. 3Always press the “MENU/OK

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Using the Camera BASIC OPERATION GUIDE 0 Changing between the viewfinder (EVF) and the monitor (LCD) 0 g button Pressing the “EVF/LCD” button toggles between the viewfinder and the LCD monitor. Use whichever Photography: d button Turns Macro ( ) on and off. mode is best suited to your shot. c button Sets the flash ( ). Playback: Change frame or movie frame advance. 0 ( a ) , ( b ) / Zoom button Photography: Press “T” to zoom in (telephoto). Press “W” to zoom out (wide-a

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Using the Camera PHOTOGRAPHY MODE ( ) TAKING PICTURES B AUTO MODE Press the shutter button down fully. When a Beep INDICATOR LAMP DISPLAY noise is heard, the camera records the image. 9 Beep Display Status ! There is a slight delay between the shutter button being ● Lit green Ready to shoot pressed and the picture being taken. Play back the shot to check the image. Blinking green AF/AE in progress, camera shake warning or AF warning (ready to shoot) ! When pressing the shutter button down fully

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Advanced Features PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS d FLASH x Auto flash Slow synchro c Use this mode for ordinary photography. The flash fires as This is a flash mode that uses a slow shutter speed. This required by the shooting conditions. allows you to take pictures of people at night that clearly show both your subjects and the night time backdrop. To avoid camera shake, always use a tripod. h Slowest shutter speed ! If pressing the shutter button while the flash is charging, the picture will ● be taken

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Advanced Features ✽ Displaying the menus (➡P.37) PHOTOGRAPHY MENU PHOTOGRAPHY MENU SELF-TIMER PHOTOGRAPHY y QUALITY SETTINGS IN PHOTOGRAPHY MODE * Choose from 5 settings. Using the table below as a The self-timer is used in situations where the guide, select the setting that best suits the aims. photographer is included in the shot. 1 When setting the self-timer to “ON”, “*” appears on the screen. In this mode, a timer runs for roughly 10 seconds ● !

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