Instruction d'utilisation Sony DVP S9000ES

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Sony DVP S9000ES

Dispositif: Sony DVP S9000ES
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Date d'addition: 2014-05-31 15:46:32
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Instruction d'utilisation Sony DVP S9000ES
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DVD-Video/CD/SACD Player
Technical Notes
The standard prices shown in this catalog consumption tax and expenses of transportation, installation, connection and adjustment.

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New Generation Prestige DVD Player, DVP-S9000ES Now opening a new field in playing back DVD of extremely pure images and high quality sounds 2

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For videophiles, equipment reviewers and consumer electronics professionals, the launch of a new, top-of-the-line Sony DVD player is always an occasion. In 1997, Sony’s original DVP-S7000 was acclaimed as the “Reference Standard.” In 1998, the second-generation DVP-S7700 took DVD playback to a new level of accuracy. Now the Sony DVP- S9000ES DVD-Video/CD/SACD player redefines the category. The player is a comprehensive redesign that represents three significant firsts: • The world’s first DV

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 4

second. The “B” field contains the even numbered lines and lasts 1/60 A Major New Opportunity second. This system can be abbreviated 525/60i or simply 525i In 1997, Sony’s original DVP-S7000 helped launch the DVD- (when discussing the line rate) or 60i (when discussing the picture Video format and was quickly acclaimed as the “Reference rate). The 525i solution is a compromise that doubles the picture rate Standard.” In 1998, the second-generation DVP-S7700 took but halves the vertical resol

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 5

Video DVD Technical Notes Of course, the choice of film or video ultimately depends on The 24P encoding of film-originated DVDs means that 3-2 individual production budgets and artistic intent. And important pulldown must be performed in the DVD player before the variations occur. A growing number of theatrical releases are picture can be displayed on a conventional television. The ® shot on video. And Sony’s latest HDCAM high definition video exact pattern of 3-2 pulldown can have a subtle

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 6

1. High accuracy film detection with FFRF. Dedicated Microprocessor with Motion Detection 2. Dedicated microprocessor for motion detecting. 3. Separate 3-2 reverse conversion algorithms for video and film- The FFRF signal is designed to be present in all film-originated originated DVDs. DVDs — and absent from all video-originated DVDs. Yet even 4. Full 3-2 reverse conversion. in the most extreme case, where a film-originated DVD contains no FFRFs at all, Sony’s dedicated microprocessor with

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Video DVD Technical Notes devices are not sophisticated enough to detect and maintain this High-quality Progressive Output from Film integrity. Here again, a well-designed DVD player surpasses One potential way to cut corners in 525P output is to adopt most outboard devices. relatively inexpensive frame memory. However, simple frame memory systems can expose the signal to motion blur on two out High Performance MPEG Image Processor of every five frames. This becomes clear when we review the 3

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 8

Sony’s Motion Adaptive Field Noise Reduction uses new differential luminance (Y) signals, is analyzed in blocks one technology to overcome the old compromises. Thanks to the pixel high by 8 pixels wide. The Hadamard transform converts new circuit, the DVP-S9000ES can achieve very high signal-to- the noise into an easily processed frequency distribution. To noise ratio, very high resolution and very accurate motion reduce errors, eight operations are performed for each pixel. The — all at the

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 9

Video DVD Technical Notes border as the Vertical Correlation Coefficient Area. A larger area, extending five pixels to the left and right of the border is the Activity Calculation Area. Small, random-seeming changes at the border are determined to be legitimate variations in the signal. These are not changed. Moderate changes arranged in a line along block borders are deter- mined to be block noise and are corrected. However, when the image hardly changes within five pixels of the border and u

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 10

this, DVD players have offered a choice between frame pause Horizontal Sharpness +/- 20 steps or field pause. Frame pause maximizes vertical resolution, but Vertical Sharpness +/- 20 steps blurs whatever motion may be present in the image. Field Block Noise Reduction stages 0 to 7 pause gets rid of motion blur, but sacrifices vertical resolution, Luminance (Y) Noise Reduction stages 0 to 7 just like a VCR. Chrominance (C , C ) Noise Reduction stages 0 to 7 B R Chroma Delay 2 sta

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Video DVD Technical Notes more accurate rendition of colors and gray scale from the deepest Custom Memory / Playback Memory black to the brightest highlights. Many of the video equalizer adjustments exist to tailor perform- ance for individual DVDs. That’s why the DVP-S9000ES can In addition, the converter employs video oversampling similar to store your favorite settings for instant recall. Custom Memory the oversampling near universal in audio CD players. To capture lets you store five stan

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Video DVD Technical Notes Carefully Selected Parts Wide Pitch Component Output More than a labor of technology, the DVP-S9000ES represents Sony engineers even anticipated the videophile-grade output the enthusiasm that Sony engineers share with high-end cables likely to be used with the DVP-S9000ES. For this reason, videophiles. That’s why the player incorporates a variety of the engineers deliberately spaced the Y/C /C output jacks B R carefully selected resistors, inductors, semiconductors a

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Audio DVD Technical Notes Laser wavelength 780nm 650nm A Listening Experience Beyond All Expectations Lens numerical 0.45 0.60 The DVP-S9000ES is more than just a cutting edge Sony aperture (NA) DVD-Video player. It’s a Sony high fidelity component of Playback frequency DC — 20,000 Hz DC — >100,000 Hz the first order. This is the very first DVD player to be range (theoretical) part of Sony’s acclaimed ES Series, the Elevated Standard in Dynamic range 96 dB (audible More than 120 dB audio/video

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TM Direct Stream Digital Encoding: The Digital Equivalent of Straight Wire with Gain A Foundation for the Future The DSD analog-to-digital converter produces a one-bit pulse For nearly 30 years, digital audio has been based upon Pulse train that appears remarkably analog. In this manner, DSD encoding Code Modulation (PCM) technology — and nobody knows PCM combines the better than Sony. We’ve used it to develop everything from advantages of digital Compact Disc and DAT to professional DASH reco

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Audio DVD Technical Notes DSD Decorder 96 kHz / 24-bit capable Current Pulse D/A Converter ( for all discs ) Organizing the data into left and right pulse streams is the job of the DSD decoder. A Sony-built LSI, the DSD decoder first reads Conventional D/A converters generate pulse height from the voltage the invisible watermark — a key anti-piracy feature — and then power supply — a method that can expose the signal to subtle decodes the incoming data. Data on the disc originate as power supp

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Audio DVD Technical Notes 27 MHz. For a further reduction in noise, the power supply to purity. A straight path carries the signal directly from the D/A any unused clocks is automatically turned off. converter input to the output terminals on the back panel. As an added precaution, extra-thick low-impedance jumper cables eliminate patterning between the main ground of the audio board and the main ground of the digital block. Fig. 19: Contrary to common practice, the DVP-S9000ES subdivides the

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Construction DVD Technical Notes while the bottom plate is 2 mm thick. The chassis corners Audiophile Parts benefit from stiffening boards that add strength and diffuse the The same insistence on high-performance parts that marks the natural resonant frequencies. In this way, materials of different video section of the DVP-S9000ES can be found throughout the shapes and thicknesses combine to suppress vibration. In audio section, as befits a fully qualified member of Sony’s ES addition, copper

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 18

Construction/ Conveniences DVD Technical Notes BMC Mechanical Deck Performance Meets Refinement The base unit is mounted on a subchassis called the mechanical Thoughtful touches and operating refinements make the deck. On the DVP-S9000ES, this is a self-contained box formed DVP-S9000ES a pleasure even before playback begins. of Sony’s Bulk Molding Compound (BMC). Long a fixture in Sony anti-resonant design, • Thick aluminum front panel. The DVP-S9000ES has serious, BMC is carefully down-to-

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 19

Specifications DVD Technical Notes DVP-S9000ES Specifications Audio Characteristics Frequency Response DVD(PCM 96kHz): 2Hz to 44kHz (-2dB; – 1dB at 44kHz) CD: 2Hz to 20kHz (– 0.5dB) SACD: 2Hz to 100kHz (-3dB; – 1dB at50kHz) Signal-to-noise Ratio More than 115dB (DVD) Harmonic Distortion DVD: Less than 0.0015% CD: Less than 0.002%" SACD: Less than 0.0015% Dynamic Range More than 103 dB(DVD/SACD) More than 99 dB(CD) Wow and Flutter Beneath the limits of measurement (– 0.001% weighted peak) Gener

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Printed in Singapore Specifications, photos and related data are intended for design purposes and may be different from those of the product.

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