Instruction d'utilisation Sony DVPSR510H

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Sony DVPSR510H

Dispositif: Sony DVPSR510H
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Date d'addition: 2014-05-18 15:46:43
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Instruction d'utilisation Sony DVPSR510H
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Résumé du contenu de la page N° 1

CD/DVD Player
Reference Guide
© 2012 Sony Corporation

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 2

outlet, even if the player itself – Reorient or relocate the has been turned off. receiving antenna. WARNING � Do not install this player in a – Increase the separation between confined space, such as a the equipment and receiver. bookshelf or similar unit. – Connect the equipment into an To reduce the risk of fire or � Install the player so that the AC outlet on a circuit different from electric shock, do not expose power cord can be unplugged that to which the receiver is this apparatus

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apparatus combination to avoid � MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed injury from tip-over. from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson. � Windows Media is either a registered trademark or 13)Unplug this apparatus during trademark of Microsoft lightning storms or when Corporation in the United States unused for long periods of and/or other countries. This product contains time. technology subject to certain 14)Refer all servicing to qualified intellectual property rights of

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Menu list Playback Item Item Name, Function TITLE/SCENE/TRACK Control Menu display CHAPTER/INDEX Use the Control Menu to select a function and TRACK to view related information. Selects the title, scene, track, chapter, or index Press DISPLAY. to be played. To change the Control Menu display, press DISPLAY again. TIME/TEXT Checks the elapsed time and the remaining playback time. Input the time code for picture and music search ( ) 1 2 2 7 PLAY ( ) 1 8 3 4 DVD VIDEO (DVD only). T 1 : 3

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PARENTAL CONTROL CUSTOM PICTURE MODE Set to prohibit playback on this player. Selects the picture quality that best suits the PLAYER t: Playback of some DVD VIDEOs program you are watching. can be limited according to a predetermined STANDARD: Displays a standard picture. level such as the age of the users. Scenes may be DYNAMIC: Produces a bold dynamic picture blocked or replaced with different scenes by increasing the picture contrast and the color (Parental Control). intensity. PASSWORD t

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 6

◆Items for DATA files The player automatically returns Item Item Name, Function to standby mode ALBUM If any button on the player or remote is not Selects the album that contains music and photo pressed for more than 25 minutes, the player files to be played. automatically returns to standby mode. FILE To play VIDEO CDs with PBC Selects the photo file to be played. functions ALBUM When you start playing a VIDEO CD with Selects the album that contains the video file to PBC (Playback contro

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 7

SCREEN SETUP Viewing a high quality slide TV TYPE: Selects the aspect ratio of the show (PhotoTV HD) connected TV. If you have a Sony TV that is compatible with “PhotoTV HD,” you can enjoy the best 16:9 quality images. “PhotoTV HD” is activated when the player is connected to a TV by an HDMI cord and “JPEG RESOLUTION” in “HDMI SETUP” is set to “PhotoTV HD” (page 8). 4:3 LETTER BOX CUSTOM Menu 4:3 PAN SCAN You can adjust various settings. Press DISPLAY when the player is in stop SCREEN S

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 8

MULTI-DISC RESUME: Switches the Multi- JPEG RESOLUTION: Selects the type of disc Resume setting on or off. Resume playback JPEG resolution so that you can enjoy a high can be stored in memory for up to 6 different picture quality via HDMI connection. DVD VIDEOs/VIDEO CDs. If you start the This setting is effective only when you set “TV settings again, the resume point is cleared. TYPE” to “16:9.” You cannot select this when (DVD VIDEO/VIDEO CD only) “HDMI RESOLUTION” is set to “720×480p.” “

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The player does not operate properly. Information c When static electricity, etc., causes the player to operate abnormally, unplug the player. “C:13:**” appears on the screen. Troubleshooting c Clean the disc with a cleaning cloth or check If you experience any of the following its format. difficulties while using the player, use this troubleshooting guide to help remedy the There is no picture/sound when connected problem before requesting repairs. Should to the HDMI OUT jack. any problem

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� The player will recognize a maximum of Specifications 200 albums and 600 files. It can recognize up to 300 music files and 300 photo files System when “PHOTO (MUSIC)” is selected. Laser: Semiconductor laser � The player may not play a combination of two or more video files. Inputs/Outputs � The player cannot play a video file of size � LINE OUT L/R (AUDIO): Phono jack more than 720 (width) × 576 (height)/2 GB. � DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL): Phono jack � Depending on the file, playback may not b

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LANGUAGE CODE LIST 1 page 7 Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language 1027 Afar 1183 Irish 1347 Maori 1507 Samoan 1028 Abkhazian 1186 Scots Gaelic 1349 Macedonian 1508 Shona 1032 Afrikaans 1194 Galician 1350 Malayalam 1509 Somali 1039 Amharic 1196 Guarani 1352 Mongolian 1511 Albanian 1044 Arabic 1203 Gujarati 1353 Moldavian 1512 Serbian 1045 Assamese 1209 Hausa 1356 Marathi 1513 Siswati 1051 Aymara 1217 Hindi 1357 Malay 1514 Sesotho 1052 Azerbaijani 1226 Croatian 1358 Maltese 1515

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4-400-834-31(1) Printed in China

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