Instruction d'utilisation Sony MV-101

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Sony MV-101

Dispositif: Sony MV-101
Dimension: 0,35 MB
Date d'addition: 2014-05-18 15:46:43
Nombre des pages: 36
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Instruction d'utilisation Sony MV-101
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Warning Welcome ! You are cautioned that any changes or Thank you for purchasing this Sony DVD modifications not expressly approved in this Player. You can enjoy its various features even manual could void your authority to operate more with: this equipment. •DVD/Video CD/Audio CD playback. •Support DTS/Dolby digital through optical digital output terminal. •MP3 file playback. CAUTION • CD-R/CD-RW which can have a session The use of optical instruments with this added can be played (page 5). pro

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Precautions About this manual To avoid the risk of injury or accident, read the Conventions following precautions before installing and •Instructions in this manual describe how to operating the player. use this player by using the controls on the supplied wireless remote commander. For driver's safety •The icons below are used in this manual: Comply with your local traffic rules and regulations. Icon Meaning •While driving Indicates a DVD function. — The driver must not watch or operate the pla

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Note on PBC (Playback Control) (Video CDs) Terms for discs This player conforms to Ver. 1.1 and Ver. 2.0 of DVD structure Video CD standards. You can enjoy two kinds of playback according to the disc type. Disc Title Disc type You can Chapter Video CDs without Video playback (moving PBC functions pictures) as well as music. (Ver. 1.1 discs) Video CD/Audio CD structure Video CDs with • Interactive software Disc PBC functions with menu screens (Ver. 2.0 discs) displayed on the Track monitor (PBC P

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•You cannot play 8 cm (3 in) CDs. •Before playing, clean the discs with a Notes on discs commercially available cleaning cloth. Wipe each disc from the center out. Do not use •To keep the disc clean, do not touch the solvents such as benzine, thinner, surface. Handle the disc by its edge. commercially available cleaners, or antistatic •Keep your discs in their cases or disc spray intended for analog discs. magazines when not in use. Do not subject the discs to heat/high temperature. Avoid leavin

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Notes • With formats other than ISO 9660 level 1 and About MP3 files level 2, folder names or file names may not be displayed correctly. MP3 (MPEG 1 Audio Layer-3) is a standard • When naming, be sure to add the file extension technology and format for compressing a “.MP3” to the file name. sound sequence. The file is compressed to • If you put the extension “.MP3” to a file other than MP3, the player cannot recognize the file about 1/10 of its original size. Sounds outside properly and will gen

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The playback order of the MP3 files The playback order of the folders and files is as follows: Folder 1 (album) 1 MP3 file (track) 2 2 3 3 4 5 4 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 3 Tree 4 Tree 5 (root) Tip To specify a desired playback order, before the folder or file name, input the order by number (e.g., “01,” “02”), then record contents onto a disc (The order differs depending on the writing software). 9

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Location of controls POWER DISC IN MV-101 POWER DISC IN RESET MV-101 Refer to the pages listed for details. 1 POWER (on/off) button* * Warning when installing in a car To turn on/off the player, press and hold without an ACC (accessory) position the POWER button until the green light of on the ignition key switch the button is turned on/off. Be sure to press and hold the POWER 2 DISC IN light button (1) on the player until the green When a disc is in the player, the DISC IN light of the button i

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Card remote commander RM-X135 DISPLAY POWER The corresponding buttons of the card SEARCH remote commander control the same 12 3 functions as those on the player. CLEAR Instructions in this manual describe how to use 45 6 the player by mainly using the card remote commander. 7 890 TOP MENU SUBTITLE Tip Refer to “Replacing the lithium battery” for details MENU ANGLE on how to replace the battery (page 29). ENTER AUDIO Cautions about the POWER (on/off) button (9) • To turn off the player, press and

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Getting Started Resetting the player Before operating the player for the first time, or after replacing the car battery, or after changing the connections, you must reset the player. Open the front panel and press the RESET button with a pointed object, such as a ball- point pen. RESET button 12

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To Do this DVD/Video CD/ 1 Stop playback Press x* CD Player Eject the disc Open the front panel, then press Z on the player. This chapter describes how to play a disc. 2 Pause Press u * Resume playback Press u DISPLAY POWER after pause POWER SEARCH Go to the next chapter, Press > 12 3 SEARCH track, or scene in CLEAR Number continuous play mode 45 6 buttons Go back to the preceding Press . 78 9 0 TOP MENU SUBTITLE chapter, track, or scene in continuous play mode MENU ANGLE ENTER Fast forward Pres

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Searching a chapter/title/track Turning off this player directly Press (POWER) to turn off this player. 1 During playback or pause, press (SEARCH) to display search screen. •DVD Each time you press (SEARCH), the search screen toggles between Title and Chapter. •Video CD (only when PBC is off)/Audio CD The track search screen appears. 2 Press the number buttons to enter the desired chapter/title/track number. 3 Press (ENTER). Note You cannot set “0.” Resume playback 1 During playback, press x to

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MP3 file playback with the Displaying running time menu display If you have set “SMART NAV” to “WITH MENU” (page 28) and play a CD containing You can display the running time of DVDs, MP3 files, the menu display for folder names Video CDs and Audio CDs. and MP3 file names will appear. You can easily search the desired MP3 file with the “SMART NAV” menu display. DISPLAY POWER DISPLAY 1 Insert a CD containing MP3 files in this SEARCH player. 12 3 CLEAR The “SMART NAV” menu display appears. 45 6

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• Video CD (when PBC is set to OFF)/CD 1 Press (DISPLAY) while the running Changing the subtitle time is displayed. 2 Each time you press (DISPLAY), the language display changes as follows: Some DVDs have recorded subtitles in one or more languages. You can turn the subtitles on SINGLE ELAPSED or off, or change the subtitle language on such 00:00:12 DVDs. SINGLE REMAIN 00:04:45 DISPLAY POWER TOTAL ELAPSED 00:06:32 SEARCH 12 3 CLEAR TOTAL REMAIN 45 6 00:41:15 78 9 0 TOP MENU SUBTITLE OFF SUBTITL

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Changing the audio Changing angles language Some DVDs have multiple audio languages Some DVDs have multiple alternative angles you can choose from. recorded for certain scenes. If you have set “ANGLE MARK” to “ON” (page 21), a notice appears for 3 seconds at the scene. If “ANGLE DISPLAY POWER MARK” is not set to “ON,” the notice does not appear at the scene. SEARCH 12 3 CLEAR 45 6 DISPLAY POWER 78 9 0 SEARCH TOP MENU SUBTITLE 12 3 CLEAR MENU ANGLE 45 6 ENTER AUDIO 78 9 0 AUDIO TOP MENU SUBTITLE

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Changing the audio output Using the PBC (playback control) function You can select the desired audio output from During playback of a PBC compatible Video “STEREO,” “L-MONO,” “R-MONO,” or “MIX- CD, you can display the PBC menu and select MONO”during Video CD or Audio CD the item from the menu. playback. DISPLAY POWER DISPLAY POWER SEARCH 12 3 SEARCH CLEAR 12 3 Number 45 6 CLEAR buttons 45 6 78 9 0 TOP MENU SUBTITLE 78 9 0 TOP MENU TOP MENU SUBTITLE MENU ANGLE ENTER MENU ANGLE AUDIO ENTER O AUDI

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3 Press M or m repeatedly to select “ANGLE MARK,” then press ,. Changing Setup -- GENERAL PAGE - - ANGLE MARK ON You can set up and adjust this player using the CAPTIONS OFF on-screen setup menu. Most settings need to SCR SAVER be set when you first use this player. MAIN PAGE DISPLAY POWER SEARCH 12 3 CLEAR 45 6 TURN ANGLE MARK ON 78 9 0 TOP MENU SUBTITLE 4 Press M or m repeatedly to select “ON.” ENTER MENU ANGLE ENTER AUDIO M/m

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