Instruction d'utilisation Sony 4-106-868-11(1)

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Sony 4-106-868-11(1)

Dispositif: Sony 4-106-868-11(1)
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Instruction d'utilisation Sony 4-106-868-11(1)
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Résumé du contenu de la page N° 1

LCD Digital Colour TV
Operating Instructions
Instructions on “Installing the Wall-Mount Bracket” are not supplied in the
form of a separate leaflet with this TV. These installation instructions are
included within this TV’s instructions manual.
For useful information about Sony products
© 2008 Sony Corporation 4-106-868-11(1)
Printed in Spain
KDL-40W4500/KDL-46W4500/KDL-52W4500 KDL-40W4500/KDL-46W4500/KDL-52W4500
4-106-868-11(1) 4-106-868-11

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Table of Contents Start-up Guide 4 Safety Information............................................................................................................................ 9 Precautions..................................................................................................................................... 11 Remote and TV Controls/Indicators ............................................................................................. 12 Watching TV Watching TV..................

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 4

Start-up Guide Before Use 1: Attaching the stand (for KDL-46W4500/ To check the accessories KDL-40W4500) Mains lead (1) 1 Open the carton box and take out the stand and the screws. Remote RM-ED011 (1) 2 Place the TV set on the stand. Take care not to interfere with cables. Size AA batteries (R6 type) (2) Stand (1) and screws for stand (4) (KDL-46W4500/KDL-40W4500 only) To insert batteries into the remote Push and lift the cover to open. 3 Fix the TV to the stand according to the ~ arrow mar

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 5

Start-up Guide 2: Connecting an aerial/Set 3: Preventing the TV from Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD toppling over recorder) Connecting a Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) with SCART A V 2 ( SMARTLINK ) Scart lead Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) 1 Install a wood screw (4 mm in diameter, not supplied) in the TV stand. Connecting a Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. 2 Install a machine screw (M6 x 12, not DVD recorder) with HDMI supplied) into the screw hole of the TV. 3 Tie the wood screw

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 6

4 Press F/f to select the country in which you will operate the TV, then press . 5: Performing the initial set- up Country Select country. - 2 United Kingdom Ireland Nederland België/Belgique Luxembourg France Italia 1 If the country in which you want to use the TV does not appear in the list, select “-” instead of a country. 5 Press F/f to select the location type in which you will operate the TV, then press . ~ Select “Home” for the best TV settings to use the TV in the home. Location Se

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 7

Start-up Guide If a message appears for you to confirm To tune the TV for Cable connection the aerial connection 1 Press . No digital or analogue channels were 2 Press F/f to select “Quick Scan” or “Full found. Check all the aerial/cable Scan”, then press . connection and then press to start auto- tuning again. “Quick Scan”: channels are tuned according to the cable operator 8 When the “Programme Sorting” menu information within the broadcast signal. appears on the screen, follow the step

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 8

3 GUIDE Plus+ Data Download. Adjusting the Viewing The initial download may take some time, so do not press any buttons on the TV or Angle of the TV remote while proceeding. Once you have This TV can be adjusted within the angles received the first download of TV listings shown below. data, all future downloads will be done Adjust the angle left and right (swivel) automatically. Top view 20° 20° 20° 20° Front ~ When adjusting the angle, hold the Table-Top Stand with one hand to avoid sli

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 9

Ventilation s Never cover the ventilation holes or insert anything in the Safety cabinet. s Leave space around the TV set as shown below. s It is strongly recommended that you use a Sony wall-mount Information bracket in order to provide adequate air-circulation. Installed on the wall Installation/Set-up 30 cm Install and use the TV set in accordance with the instructions below in order to avoid any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/or injuries. 10 cm 10 cm Installation s The TV

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Mains lead If the following problems occur... Handle the mains lead and socket as follows in order to avoid any Turn off the TV set and unplug the mains lead immediately if any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/or injuries: of the following problems occur. – Connect the TV set using a three-wire grounding type mains Ask your dealer or Sony service centre to have it checked by plug to a mains socket with a protective earthing connection. qualified service personnel. – Use only mains

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Disposal of the TV set Precautions Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment Viewing the TV (Applicable in the European s View the TV in moderate light, as viewing the TV in poor light Union and other European or during long period of time, strains your eyes. s When using headphones, adjust the volume so as to avoid countries with separate excessive levels, as hearing damage may result. collection systems) This symbol on the product or on its packaging LCD Screen indicates that t

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 12

Remote and TV Controls/Indicators Button Description 1 "/1 (TV Turns the TV on and off from standby mode. 1 standby) 2 (Subtitles) Press to display the subtitles on current 2 programme if TV channels broadcast such information (in digital mode only) (page 44). 3 3 AUDIO In analogue mode: Press to change the dual sound mode (page 36). 4 In digital mode: Press to select the audio language (page 44). 5 4 / (Input In TV mode: Selects the input source from select/Text equipment connected to the

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 13

Button Description ws qa PROG +/–/ In TV mode: Selects the next (+) or previous wa / (–) channel. In Analogue Text mode (page 16): Selects w; the next ( ) or previous ( ) page. ql qs (Previous Returns to the previous channel watched (for channel) more than five seconds). qk qd % (Mute the Press to mute the sound. Press again to sound) restore the sound. qj ~ � In standby mode, if you want to turn on the TV without sound, press this button. qh qf 2 +/– Press to adjust the volume. (Volume) qg

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 14

12 3 4 5 HOME 68 7 9 0 Button Description 1 HOME (HOME) Displays the TV Home menu. 2 / (Input select/OK) In TV mode: Selects the input source from equipment connected to the TV sockets (page 25). In TV menu: Selects the menu or option, and confirms the setting. 3 2 +/–/ / In TV mode: Increases (+) or decreases (–) the volume. In TV menu: Moves through the options right ( ) or left ( ). 4 PROG +/–/ / In TV mode: Selects the next (+) or previous (–) channel. In TV menu: Moves through the options

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 15

Watching TV Watching TV 1 Press 1 on the TV to switch on the TV. Watching TV When the TV is in standby mode (the 1 (standby) indicator on the TV (front) is red), press "/1 on the remote to switch on 1 the TV. 2 Press DIGITAL to switch to digital mode or ANALOG to switch to analogue mode. The channels available vary depending on the mode. 3 Press the number buttons or PROG +/– to select a TV channel. To select channel numbers 10 and above using the number buttons, enter the second and thi

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 16

When a broadcaster provides a dedicated Zoom* Digital Text channel, select this channel to Displays access Digital Text. cinemascopic (letter To navigate through Digital Text, follow the box format) instructions on the screen. broadcasts in the To exit Digital Text, press RETURN. correct proportions. To move around, press F/f/G/g. 14:9* To select items, press and the number buttons. Displays 14:9 To access shortcuts, press the coloured broadcasts in the buttons. correct proportions.

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 17

Watching TV * Using GUIDE Plus+™ System and the Digital Electronic ** Programme Guide (EPG) * condition you can setup this feature: – in UK, Italy, France, Germany or Spain. – you can receive digital broadcasting. – when “Antenna” is selected in step 7 of “ 5: Performing the initial set-up.” ** This function may not be available in some countries/regions. Using GUIDE Plus+ Use GUIDE Plus+ system to find the show that you want to watch. The feature allows you to search for shows by programme c

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 18

To Do this Set a programme to be displayed Press F/f/G/g to select a future programme you want to watch, then automatically on the screen when it press the green button. starts ~ – Reminder � To cancel a reminder, use “Schedule” on the menu bar. � If you switch the TV to standby mode, it will automatically turn itself on when the programme is about to start. Menu bar Press F repeatedly to access the menu bar. Press G/g to select area. (“Grid”, “Search”, “My TV”, “Schedule” and “Set-up”) You c

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 19

Watching TV To Do this Configure the GUIDE Plus+ system 1 Highlight “Set-up” on menu bar. according to your personal situation 2 Press F/f for you to select below items you want to configure. – Set-up “Personal Preferences”: You can change the on screen language, change reminder timing and set overnight download. “Start Installation Sequence”: This feature provides an easy way to restart your installation from scratch. This will delete all your current TV Listing data. “Manual Data Download”:

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 20

Using the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) ** 1 In digital mode, press GUIDE. All Categories Fri 16 Mar 11:35 Today 11: 30 12: 00 12: 30 13: 00 2 Perform the desired operation as shown in 001 BBC ONE Homes Under the Hammer Neighbours Afterlife 002 BBC TWO Ready Steady Cook Extraordinary People: Britains Iden... CSI: Crime Scene Inv... the following table or displayed on the 003 ITV1 Dancing On Ice Exclusive Cracker 004

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