Instruction d'utilisation Arcus 300

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Arcus 300

Dispositif: Arcus 300
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Instruction d'utilisation Arcus 300
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arcus Premium Class
Digital Audio Recorder 300


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D ear arcus Customer, The “arcus” brands stands for technically well-designed, highly innovative products. arcus opens up new perspectives which you simply have to experience for yourself. We congratulate you on the purchase of a product from our company. Your arcus Team Table of Contents I N TRODUCTI ON CHAPTER 8 Basic functions 13 CHAPTER 1 1. Turning the DAR300 on and off 13 Safety instructions 1 2. Play 14 Legal notice on copyright 2 CHAPTER 9 CHAPTER 2 The DAR300 menu

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Chapter 1 Safety instructions E lectrical appliances should be kept out of the reach of children. Never allow children to use electrical appliances unsupervised. Batteries can be life threatening if swallowed. Ensure therefore that the appliance and batteries are kept out of the reach of children. In the event of a battery being swallowed, immediate medical attention must be sought. The device may only be operated in dry rooms. Do not drop any objects onto or spill any liquids in

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In the event of damage or a suspicion that the device is not functioning properly, immediately remove the mains plug and have the device checked by a technical service centre. Should you place the appliance on delicate furniture, we recommend that you place a neutral pad under it to avoid staining from the base. The device stores music and photos on an internal hard drive. Hard disks are subject to a certain amount of wear. To prevent data loss, you should regularly backup your data

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Chapter 2 Notice on environmental protection P rofessional Recycling Batteries and packaging materials do not belong with household waste. Batteries must be taken to a collection point for old batteries. Separate disposal of packaging material helps the environment. This product cannot be disposed of as normal household rubbish at the end of its life. It should be taken to a collection point for recycling electrical appliances. The symbol on the product, the instructi

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Chapter 3 Introduction to the front panel keys 1 2 3 4 5 1. CD tray 2. Control panel 3. Controller 4. Display 5. Remote window 4

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Chapter 4 Connections and controls on the rear panel German English S-Video S-Video Scart-Buchse für Anschluss an TV Scart connection to connect to a TV Video (FBAS) Video (FBAS) Analoge Ein- und Ausgänge Analogue input and output Digitale Ein- und Ausgänge Digital input and output Ethernet-Buchse für Anschluss an PC oder Ethernet connection to connect to a PC or Netzwerk-Hub network hug USB-Anschluss USB connector Netzschalter Mains plug Netzanschluss Mains connect

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Chapter 5 Remote control 6

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German English Ein/Standby On/Standby Nummern- / Buchstabenblock Number/letter block Zurück zum Main Menu Return to the main menu Info Info z.Zt. noch nicht mit Funktion belegt No function Statusfenster aufrufen Call up status window OK / Auswahl bestätigen / eine Ebene Tiefer OK / enter / one level deeper Seitwärts-Scrollen / Im Menü zum Scroll horizontally / Go to previous/next initial Vorherigen/nächsten Anfangsbuchstaben springen Auswärts- / Abwärts-Scrollen Scroll up / down Zur

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Chapter 6 Installation You should always switch off the DAR300 and your other systems when working on the wiring! To make sure that the DAR300 is working correctly, you should check the time settings immediately after you first switch it on and correct if necessary. Use Cinch cables to connect the analogue inputs and outputs of the DAR300 to your Hi-fi amplifier. If using an amplifier with digital input and output, use an appropriate cable to connect one of the digital inputs an

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Chapter 7 The DAR300 in a network Connecting to a individual computer If you want to connect the DAR300 to a PC directly via Ethernet, please use a cross-over cable. Connecting to a network Use a standard Ethernet cable to connect the DAR3000 to the switch or router in an existing network. You can also connect the DAR300 to a WLAN wireless network using the USB WLAN adapter. Plug the USB WLAN adapter into the USB connection on the rear panel. ! Note: The USB WLAN adaptor is not pa

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Under Windows (the example shows Windows XP) Open "Network Connections" in the Control Panel. Right click on "Local Area Connection" and select "Properties". The "Local Area Connection Properties" dialog box appears. The "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" points in the middle box must be visible and enabled (checkmark). Now select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click on "Properties". Select "Ob

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Accessing the DAR300’s hard drive on the network Of the various options for accessing the DAR300's hard drive from a PC, perhaps the easiest way is by using the "Browse computer" function. In the Control Panel, click on “Search” and then select “Computers or people”. Enter “DAR300” as the computer name and then click on “Search”. The DAR300 is displayed on the right side after a few seconds. Double-click on the "DAR300" icon in the results window to display the content of the DAR300

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Moving music and photos between the computer and the DAR300 You can easily copy individual audio and picture files, as well as folders (incl. subfolders) to the DAR300 “Music” or “Photo” drive by drag-n-drop. No special software is required. Of course, you can also copy files from the DAR300 back to the PC or listen to audio files or view picture files saved on the DAR300 on the PC. ! The DAR300 stores music and photos on an internal hard drive. You should regularly back up your files to

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Chapter 8 Basic functions 1. Turning the DAR300 on and off The central mains switch is located on the rear panel above the mains plug. Turn the switch to ON (symbol I) after connecting all your components. The red button on the remote control and the On/ Standby button on the DAR300 are used to turn the device on or off, as well as to go into standby mode. There are three operating states: 1) Off – The DAR300 uses no power. 2) On – The DAR300 is ready to play music and/or show pictu

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2. Play 2.1 Using the remote control: Play: Press . The selected song or songs contained in the selected album, genre, etc. are played. Pause: Press . Play is interrupted. Press again. Play continues. Index forward/fast forward: Briefly press during play. The next music file is selected. Briefly press more than once to select the desired title (page forward). Press and hold during play. Fast forward (scan mode) is enabled. Index reverse/fast rewind: Briefly press d

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Briefly press more than once to select the desired title (page back). Press and hold during play. Fast rewind (scan mode) is enabled. Stop: Press longer during play. Important: To prevent data loss, always turn the device off by pressing the button for a few moments before you disconnect it from the mains supply by pressing the mains switch (on the back of the housing). 2.3 Play modes You can toggle between the play modes Normal, Scan, Repeat All, Shuffle Repeat, Repeat Sin

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Chapter 9 1. The DAR300 menu structure Music CD Photo Web Radio Tools Options Playlist Tracks Thumbnail View Favourites Copy CD Photo Albums Photo Explorer Recent Stations Backup Webradio Artists Photo CD Station List Restore Record Songs Extenal Devices Suchen Format ext. Device Screensaver Genres Enter URL Rebuild Music-DB CD-Import Search Get Stations Rebuild Photo-DB CD-Database Musik Explorer Statsistic Languages Externe Devices Show Versions Time / Date Record Update Software Network

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2. The menu functions 2.1.1 Using the remote control: Scroll: Scroll up or down using and . Go to the next / previous initial using and (if you are in a list sorted alphabetically). OK/enter/one level deeper: Press OK. Back / one level higher: Press . Calling up the context menu: Press . Hiding the context menu: Press again (or press ). Return to the main menu: Press M. 2.1.2 On the DAR300 directly: Scroll: Turn the control knob to the right to scroll down or right. T

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2.2.2 On the DAR300 directly: Turn the control knob to select the respective entry. Press the control knob. The cursor is under the last field of the entry. Press to delete fields from right to left. Press longer to delete the entire entry. Select letters or numbers for the field you are in by turning the control knob. When the cursor is under the last field: Press the control knob to insert a new field at the end of the entry. When you are done: Press . Press OK to confirm the

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