Samsung 700Tの取扱説明書

デバイスSamsung 700Tの取扱説明書

デバイス: Samsung 700T
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスSamsung 700Tの取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、Samsung 700Tに関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書Samsung 700Tをこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

  • フルスクリーン表示 – 説明書を(お使いのコンピュータにダウンロードすることなく)便利に表示させるには、フルスクリーン表示モードをご使用ください。説明書Samsung 700Tのフルスクリーン表示を起動するには、全画面表示ボタンを押してください。
  • コンピュータにダウンロード - Samsung 700Tの説明書をお使いのコンピュータにダウンロードし、ご自身のコレクションに加えることもできます。デバイス上のスペースを無駄にしたくない場合は、いつでもManualsBaseサイトでダウンロードすることもできます。
Samsung 700Tの取扱説明書
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多くの人々は画面表示ではなく印刷された説明書を読むほうを好みます。説明書を印刷するオプションも提供されており、上記のリンクをクリックすることによりそれを利用できます - 説明書を印刷。説明書Samsung 700Tを全部印刷する必要はなく、選択したページだけを印刷できます。紙を節約しましょう。


次のページにある説明書Samsung 700Tの内容のプレビューは、以下にあります。次のページにある説明書の内容をすぐに表示したい場合は、こちらをご利用ください。


Digital Photo Frame
User Manual
The color and the appearance may differ depending on the product,
and the specifications are subject to change
without prior notice to improve the performance.


English Safety Instructions 1 경 고 주 의 These safety instructions must be followed to ensure your safety and prevent property damage. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and use the product in the correct manner. 경 고 주 의 Failing to follow the precautions marked with this sign, may Warning 경 고 result in a serious injury or even a fatality 주 의 . Failing to follow the precautions marked with this sign, may Caution 경 고 주 의 result in a personal injury or property damage. Do not perform. Mu


English 경 고 주 의 Caution 경 고 주 의 2 When unplugging the Make sure to use only the power plug from the wall power cord supplied by outlet, make sure to hold our company. In addition, it by the plug and not by do not use the power the cord. cord of another electric appliance. •  Otherwise, it may result in electric shock or fire. •  Otherwise, it may result in electric shock or fire. 경 고 주 의 Installation Related Warning 경 고 주 의 Avoid installing the product Keep the power cord and at an easil


English 경 고 주 의 Caution 경 고 주 의 3 When installing the product Do not place the product on a console or shelf, face down on the floor . make sure that the front •  This may damage the of the product does not panel of the product. protrude out of the console or shelf. •  Otherwise, this may cause the product to fall off and result in a malfunction or injury. •  Make sure to use a cabinet or shelf suitable to the size of the product. 경 고 주 의 Usage Related Warning 경 고 주 의 If the product


English Avoid turning the product When a gas leak occurs, upside down or move the do not touch the product product holding only the or the power plug and 4 stand. ventilate immediately. •  This may cause the •  A spark may result in an product to fall resulting in explosion or fire. damage to the product or injury. Avoid dropping an object Avoid inserting metal over the product or cause objects such as a 100 impact to the product. chopsticks, coins or hairpins, or inflammable  •  Otherwi


English Watching the product from too close a distance continuously may damage 5 your eyesight. •  It is important to give your eyes some rest (5 minutes every hour) when viewing the product screen for long periods of time. This will alleviate any eye strain. Cleaning Related When cleaning the product, Since using a surfactant, do not spray water directly which contains a large over the product parts. amount of alcohol, solvent Avoid spraying cleansing or other strong chemicals, agen


English Product and Components 6 Please check to make sure that all of the following items are included in Components your delivered package before using the product. Digital photo Power cable USB cable Digital frame Quick Start Guide Cleaning User frame /adaptor stand / Warranty Cloth Manual * Not available in all locations Touch one of the operating Name and function of each part buttons lightly. Touch button Description Turn the frame on; Turn the frame off (touch and hold) Access menus


English Set up your digital frame ! 700T can be used by connecting to a PC via 7 the USB cable (along with the auxiliary power cable). However, it may not operate properly if the power supply in your PC is unstable. In this case, connect the power adapter. USB Cable Auxiliary power Screw the digital frame stand until it is fixed  cable completely to the frame. Using the Digital Frame Pictures saved in the product’s internal memory or an external Viewing pictures memory device can be viewed


English Firmware update 8 Download and install the latest firmware from the Samsung  ! Electronics homepage. Preparations for firmware 1 Log on to and enter the model name update in the search field. (700T) •   Digital photo frame Download and decompress the appropriate firmware.  2 •   Firmware file for update •   USB memory or SD card 3 Copy the decompressed ***.isp file to the SD card or USB  memory device and connect to the digital frame. 4 Select  - 


English 9 < Slideshow Transition> Sets the slide show effects. •   Sets the slide show speed. •   Images of large file sizes may not be displayed at the currently configured  slideshow speed. •   Sets the slide show order. Photos •


English Troubleshooting 10 Check the below table first when a malfunction is suspected. Symptoms and questions Causes and corrections The power won’t switch on. Ensure that the power cable is correctly connected. Spots which look like light leaking can be Black LCD panel screens by nature can have this effect, which is not seen on the edges of the clock screen. a defect. The current time setting can be erased if the power adaptor is The time setting is wrong. disconnected for a prolonged perio


English The 700T has 2 USB connectors. You must connect the USB The digital frame is not recognized as a connector [ ] because the digital frame will not be recognized removable disk when I connect it to a PC as a removable disk if only the auxiliary power (DC 5V) connector is  with the USB cable. 11 connected to a PC. Product Specifications Classification Details Model name 700T Panel Type 7”  TFT  LCD Resolution 800 x 600 Supported format JPEG (Progressive or CMYK type pictures are not sup


Contact SAMSUNG WORLD-WIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center. SWEDEN 0771 726 7864 (SAMSUNG) North America U.S.A 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) SWITZERLAND 0848 - SAMSUNG (7267864, CHF 0.08/min) ch, CANADA 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) com/ch_fr (French) MEXICO 01-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) U.

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