Blizzard Ski Automobile Accessories Blizzard Power Plowの取扱説明書

デバイスBlizzard Ski Automobile Accessories Blizzard Power Plowの取扱説明書

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Blizzard Ski Automobile Accessories Blizzard Power Plowの取扱説明書
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2003 Assembly & Operation Manual
® ®
Blizzard Power Plow Snowplow
Model 810SS


Introduction Table of Contents Congratulations on purchasing the most advanced all-season skid steer snowplow attachment available! The Blizzard Power 01 Snowplow Accessories Plow Model 810SS is clearing new trails for innovative design, rugged durability, 02 Warning! quality craftsmanship and superior per- 03 Snowplow Operation formance. Our exclusive products are manufactured and tested in Michigan’s Assembly Instructions Upper Peninsula, the snow capital of the 04 Unpacking & Inspection Midw


Snowplow Accessories All of the accessories pictured below are currently offered for your snow- plow. See your local authorized Blizzard Dealer for pricing and availability. Visit our web site at to view new snowplow accessories and our latest Blizzard snowplow wearables. Auxiliary Control Harness Rubber Snow Deflector P/N 62162 P/N 61241 Integrate all snowplow controls into Plow safer and easier with our your skid steer using an optional custom rubber snow deflector. auxil


Warning! WARNING: Prior to operating your Power Plow snowplow, review the WARNING! label at the passenger’s side rear of the moldboard (shown below). CAUTION: Note: Read and understand all warnings indicated in this manual prior to operating the snowplow. Warnings and cautions in the manual are indicated by the icons shown to the left. WARNING 1. Properly mount the snowplow attachment prior to moving the skid steer. 2. Always inform persons to stand clear of the snowplow and skid steer attachmen


Snowplow Operation Your Blizzard Power Plow snowplow is the most advanced and versatile snowplow on the market. The easy to use controls allow you to automat- ically adjust the plow blade and wings into an infinite number of plowing positions. Review the illustrations below to determine the best position for your plowing needs. A. Compact Position (8' Blade Width) •Primary position when transporting the snowplow •For use in heavy snow conditions with poor visibility, initial clearing and tight


Assembly Instructions Unpacking & Inspection Date of Purchase Your Blizzard Power Plow snowplow has been packaged to withstand transit and weather related damage. Fully inspect all components upon receipt of your plow. In the event of shipping damage or missing parts, Dealer/Distributor immediately contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-680-8600. Begin unpacking and inspection in the following order: Telephone Number 1. Remove the shipping document from the end panel of the pallet wrap


Moldboard Assembly 1. Begin the moldboard assembly by first removing each dust cap from both of the SLIDE BOX CYLINDERS located at the center/rear of the MOLDBOARD. Attach one 7/16"-20 x 9/16"-18 MALE O.R.B. CON- NECTOR to each of the retract ports (#7 & #10) and one 9/16"-18 x Printed 9/16"-18 MALE O.R.B. CONNECTOR to each of the extend ports (#8 Label & #9). Review the diagram below. Note: All of the hydraulic adapters can be found packaged with the manifold assembly. Reference the table on p


A-frame Assembly 9/16" 9/16" For your convenience, the MANIFOLD and ANGLE CYLINDERS have Male O.R.B. Connector Adapter been secured to the A-FRAME at the factory; however, each contain (Port #1, #2, #8 & #9) several components you will need to install. 1. Begin the assembly by first removing the A-FRAME COVER. Remove each of the 3/8"-16 x 1-1/2" hex cap screws and washers from the 7/16" 9/16" cover to gain access to the hydraulic manifold. 2. Each of the 6 HOSE PORTS receive a HYDRAULIC ADAPTER


Be careful not to overtighten the hose connections. Complete the hose installation by running each hose through the access holes in the A-frame to their respective manifold ports. 4. The PRESSURE & TANK HYDRAULIC HOSES attach to the ports on the side of the manifold labeled “P” and “T”. Verify that the 3/4" x 78" hydraulic hose with the 1-1/16"-12 female swivel is attached to the 1-1/16"-12 x 1-1/16"-12 MALE O.R.B. CONNECTOR ADAPTER located in the pressure port (“P”). The 3/4" x 78" hydraulic


810SS Pistol Grip Control Functions 4. Complete the assembly by attaching the A-frame cover. Align the holes in the cover with those on the A-frame and secure it with There are three switches that operate all of the 3/8"-16 x 1-1/2" hex cap screws and 3/8" washers. 810SS Power Plow blade functions: (A) DRIVE. BOX: UP-Extend, DOWN-Retract Congratulations! You have just completed building the finest snowplow (B) ANGLE: UP-Left, DOWN-Right skid steer attachment available! However, the snowplow’s


Mounting & Dismounting Instructions Prior to operating your Power Plow, review the Mounting & Dismounting Instructions label at the driver’s side rear of the moldboard (shown below). SKID STEER MOUNTING & DISMOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS MOUNTING DISMOUNTING 1. Position the skid steer close to the snowplow attachment and align the mount 1. Lower the attachment on a flat, level surface and turn the engine off. points on the skid steer plate to those on the plow attachment plate. 2. Disconnect the electri


Maintenance Schedule Maintenance Performed Date Regular Maintenance Your Blizzard Power Plow snowplow has been designed for years of rugged, dependable service with low maintenance. To ensure proper working condition, follow the maintenance guidelines below and on the next page. CAUTION: Always follow the maintenance guidelines in a timely fashion. Failure to observe maintenance guidelines may result in poor snowplow operation, increased component wear or possibly lead to part failure. Routinely


Annual Fluid Replacement Type & Quantity of Fluid Replaced Date Storing Your Snowplow Placing Your Plow In Storage 1. Position your plow on a flat, level surface for storage. Follow the dis- mounting procedure illustrated on page 9. 2. Pressure wash and dry the entire snowplow prior to placing in storage. 3. Apply a liberal amount of white lithium grease to the male and female electric connectors on the pistol grip wire harness. 4. Lubricate all exposed hydraulic cylinder rod ends with liquid wh


Plow Specifications Moldboard Cylinders Length ......................................................................................8' Angle Cylinders ................................................................................2 Thickness ....................................................................12 Gauge Stroke ............................................................................................10" Height .....................................................................


Torque Specifications Grade Identification Marking for J429 - Grade 5 Bolt Grade Identification Marking for J429 - Grade 8 Bolt • Material: Medium carbon alloy steel:quenched and tempered • Material: Medium carbon steel: quenched and tempered • Minimum Proof Strength: 85,000 psi • Minimum Proof Strength: 120,000 psi • Minimum Tensile Strength: 120,000 psi • Minimum Tensile Strength: 150,000 psi • Core Hardness Rockwell (min.): C33, (max.): C39 • Core Hardness Rockwell (min.): C25, (max.): C34 •


MODEL 810SS PARTS LIST Ref. Part Qty. Part Description No. Number Moldboard & Wing Assembly Parts Note: The reference numbers listed 1 52074 1 Moldboard Weldment identify parts shown in the illustration 2 61170 1 Label, WARNING! (BLZ 1013) on pages 16-18. These numbers are 3 61082 1 Decal, Center Moldboard (BLZ 1000) specific to these illustrations only and 4 61171 1 Label, Skid Steer Mounting & Dismounting Instructions (BLZ 1014) 5 61292 1 Cutting Edge (1080), Moldboard do not correspond with o


MODEL 810SS PARTS LIST Ref. Part Qty. Part Description No. Number Pivot Beam & A-frame Assembly Parts (Continued) 67 61366 2 Grommet, 1-15/16" I.D., 2-5/8" O.D. Black Rubber, 60 Durometer 68 61275 7 U-Nut, 3/8"-16 69 61085 1 Decal, Blizzard Snowplows, 2-1/4" x 13-7/8" (BLZ 1003) Hydraulic Manifold Assembly Parts 70 60086 1 Hydraulic Hose, 3/4" x 78" - 1-1/16"-12 Female Swivel/ 3/4"-14 Male Pipe Str.aight, Pressure Port “P” 71 60087 1 Hydraulic Hose, 3/4" x 78" - 1-1/16"-12 Male O.R.B.90˚ Swivel/


6 5 2 46 45 44 3 40 4 41 43 42 35 39 15 18 50 51 37 8 50 17 47 49 9 14 16 13 48 12 52 11 49 53 12A 54 10 55 56 67 ® ® 2003 Blizzard Power Plow Snowplow Assembly Schematic - Model 810SS Blizzard Corporation reserves the right, under its Continuous Improvement Policy, to change construction or design details and furnish equipment when so altered without reference to illustrations or specifications. Blizzard Corporation offers a one-year limited warranty for all snowplows and accessories. Blizzard


26 25 24 20 23 22 19A 21 30 19 1 33 32 31 7 34 35 29 36 28 27 37 38 39 7 61 60 86A 59 48 71 57A 54 55 58 57 62A 87 86 49 4 62 56 89 7 70 69 68 50 60 88 65 50 50 66 88A 65 64 90 49 61 72A - SEE DETAIL ON PAGE 18. 60 60 63 63 49


18 Diagram - Hydraulic Manifold Detail 79 81 82 79 78 78A 80 78 77 83 85 76 76 78 78 72 73 77 76 76 74 84 84 75 79 78 38 36 75

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