Canon 1の取扱説明書

デバイスCanon 1の取扱説明書

デバイス: Canon 1
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスCanon 1の取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、Canon 1に関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書Canon 1をこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

  • フルスクリーン表示 – 説明書を(お使いのコンピュータにダウンロードすることなく)便利に表示させるには、フルスクリーン表示モードをご使用ください。説明書Canon 1のフルスクリーン表示を起動するには、全画面表示ボタンを押してください。
  • コンピュータにダウンロード - Canon 1の説明書をお使いのコンピュータにダウンロードし、ご自身のコレクションに加えることもできます。デバイス上のスペースを無駄にしたくない場合は、いつでもManualsBaseサイトでダウンロードすることもできます。
Canon 1の取扱説明書
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多くの人々は画面表示ではなく印刷された説明書を読むほうを好みます。説明書を印刷するオプションも提供されており、上記のリンクをクリックすることによりそれを利用できます - 説明書を印刷。説明書Canon 1を全部印刷する必要はなく、選択したページだけを印刷できます。紙を節約しましょう。


次のページにある説明書Canon 1の内容のプレビューは、以下にあります。次のページにある説明書の内容をすぐに表示したい場合は、こちらをご利用ください。


Version 1
Software Instruction Manual
This software is for use with Windows XP only.


Read Carefully Before Using CANON SOFTWARE LICENCE AGREEMENT IMPORTANT: READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE CLICKING “YES” AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN AND INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE. This agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal contract between you, either an individual or entity, and Canon Inc. (“Canon”) governing your use of this software program and “online” or electronic documentation, if any (collectively, the “SOFTWARE”). BY CLICKING “YES” BELOW, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEM


Read Carefully Before Using regulations, or without all necessary approvals. 5. SUPPORT AND UPDATE Neither Canon, nor its subsidiaries, dealers or distributors will be responsible for providing maintenance or support for use of the SOFTWARE. No updates, fixes or support will be made available for the SOFTWARE. 6. LIMITED WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY It is your responsibility to choose, maintain and match the hardware and software components of your computer system. Thus, Canon does not


Read Carefully Before Using SELLER, SO THE ABOVE DISCLAIMERS AND EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. 7. TERM This Agreement is effective upon your acceptance hereof by clicking “YES” below and remains in effect until expiration of all copyright interests in the SOFTWARE unless earlier terminated. You may terminate this Agreement by destroying the SOFTWARE including any and all copies thereof. This Agreement shall also terminate without notice to you if you fail to comply with any of the terms of


Contents Read Carefully Before Using ..............................................................................................2 Read This First ....................................................................................................................6 Canon camcorder compatible with DV-PC Recorder.......................................................... 6 Required Accessories .........................................................................................................


Read This First DV-PC Recorder is a software that enables you to record on the tape in the camcorder and on the computer hard disk by connecting a camcorder equipped with the DV CONTROL function to a computer using a IEEE1394 (DV) cable. This allows you to start editing the video on the computer right after recording (optional editing software required). Disclaimer ❍ While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate and complete, no liability can


System Requirements OS Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional (installation of Service Pack 1 recommended) Proper operation is not guaranteed on Windows XP that has been upgraded from a previous version. CPU Pentium III 800 MHz or more (Pentium 4 or later recommended) RAM 128 MB or more (256 MB or more recommended) Free Hard Disk Space For installation Free Hard Disk Space: 30 MB or more For video recording Free Hard Disk Space: 1 GB or more (1 minute of video recording uses 0.22 GB)


Installing the Software ❍ Do not connect the camcorder to the computer when installing DV-PC Recorder. ❍ You need to log in as an administrator before installing the software. ❍ Close any programs that are running before installing the software. 1. Start the computer and download the DV-PC Recorder installer from Canon's web site. Download the DV-PC Recorder following the instructions on the web site and double- click the downloaded installer. 2. Click [Next]. 3. Read the license agreement and c


Installing the Software 5. Click [Finish]. • Installation is complete and DV-PC Recorder starts automatically. •A dedicated driver will be installed automatically. 6. If the [Found New Hardware Wizard] window appears, select [Install the software automatically (Recommended)] and click [Next]. If a warning message regarding the installation appears, click [Continue Anyway]. 7. Click [Finish]. Installation of the driver is complete. 9


Connecting the Camcorder to the Computer 1. Set the camcorder to a recording program. 2. Activate the DV CONTROL function. For details, refer to the camcorder instruction manual. 3. Connect the camcorder to the computer using the IEEE1394 (DV) cable. •You do not need to turn off the computer. • Do not deactivate the DV CONTROL function while the camcorder is connected to the computer. • Refer to the computer manual for the location of the computer’s IEEE1394 (DV) port. • Refer to the camcorder i


Starting DV-PC Recorder You need to log in as an administrator before starting DV-PC Recorder. 1. Double-click the [DV-PC Recorder] icon on the desktop (or select [DV-PC Recorder] from the [start] menu). DV-PC Recorder starts. 2. Confirm the target folder (video folder) of the video recording and click [OK]. • If you wish to change the target folder, click [Modify folder] and select another folder. • When you remove the checkmark next to [Display this window when DV-PC Recorder is launched], thi


Starting DV-PC Recorder Main Panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 System menu Displays DV-PC Recorder’s system menu ( 13). 2 [Record] Displays the control panel for recording the camcorder picture on the hard disk ( 22). 3 [Playback] Displays the control panel for playing back recordings saved on the hard disk ( 25). 4 Camcorder information Shows the camcorder model name and the status of the tape in the camcorder. The status of the tape is indicated as follows: No tape in the camcorder Stop mode Recording Ta


Starting DV-PC Recorder System Menu Clicking on the upper left of the Main Panel (or right-clicking the [DV-PC Recorder] icon on the task bar) displays the system menu. The system menu cannot be displayed while a dialog is shown. 1 2 3 1 Close Closes DV-PC Recorder. 2 Help Topics Displays the help topics. 3 About DV-PC Recorder Displays the version of DV-PC Recorder. 13


Starting DV-PC Recorder Camcorder Screen Display The DV-PC Recorder status and the remaining recording time on the hard disk are displayed on the camcorder screen. Icon DV-PC Recorder Status Not started Stop mode Recording Frame dropping occurred ( 23). Cannot record ( 29) Check the setting of the video folder. ❍ If [ ] is not displayed, activate the DV CONTROL function of the camcorder. ❍ When the hard disk status does not allow recording (e.g. hard disk spa


Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode Select the settings such as target folder (video folder), file name and recording mode before recording the camcorder picture on the hard disk. 1. Click . 2. Click the [General] or [Record] tab. 3. Select the settings and click [OK]. The settings will be applied, and the [Option settings] window closes. 15


Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode [General] Tab 1 2 3 1 Select the video folder settings. [Video folder]: Shows the selected folder. [Performance check]: Checks whether the selected video folder can be used for saving the recordings ( 18). [Modify]: Selects a different folder. [Create sub-folder]: Creates a subfolder within the folder shown under [Video folder]. You can name the folder after the date by selecting [Use recording date] or specify a new folder name under [Specify f


Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode [Record] Tab 1 2 3 1 Select the mode for recording on the hard disk. [Standard]: A new folder will be created each time you start recording a new scene. [Sequence]: The new scene will be added to the same folder. 2 Select the size of the preview that shows the camcorder picture on the computer screen. • When you select [No preview], the camcorder picture will not be shown on the computer screen during recording. • When frame dropping occurs, sel


Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode Performance Check You can check whether the selected video folder can be used for saving the recordings before you start recording on the hard disk. 1. In the [Option settings] window, select the [General] tab, select the video folder, and click [Performance check]. 2. Click [Start]. • The performance check of the hard disk starts. •DV-PC Recorder writes data to the selected folder, evaluates the performance of the hard disk, and shows the resu


Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode • The performance check takes 30 seconds. •To cancel the performance check, click [Stop]. 3. When performance check is complete, review the result and click [Close]. •A bar below the red line indicates that frames may be dropped during recording (a part of the picture may not be written to the file). • Even if all bars are above the red line, frames may be dropped when a program accessing the hard disk (e.g. anti-virus software) is activated. 19


Recording on the Hard Disk You can record video and audio from a connected camcorder on the hard disk of the computer by operating the camcorder or the recording panel of DV-PC Recorder. ❍ Before you start recording: • Make a performance check ( 18) to make sure that the recording can be saved to the selected video folder. • Make sure that [ ] is displayed on the camcorder screen. If [ ] or [ ] is displayed, you cannot record on the hard disk. In such case, check the setting of the video folder

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